The Prisoner of Askaban Diaries - Harry Potter

Day One:
I blew up my aunt, travelled with an odd bus, but did not get in trouble with the ministry. That's really strange.

Day Two:
I met Ron and Hermione today. They were fighting again. I don't think they would be friends at all if there was not me.

Day Three:
On the train was a Dementor. It was terrible and I fainted, but at least the new DADA teacher is nice.

Day Four:
In Hagrid's first lesson I was riding a hippogriff, but Draco Malfoy did not stand seeing me happy and offended the hippogriff. Serves him well that the hippogriff attacked him, but I'm worried about Hagrid.

Day Five:
Professor Lupin's first lesson was great, but why did he not want me to fight the boggart? And why is he afraid of the moon?

Day Six:
Now Prof Lupin gives me private lessons. And he knew my parents and he said they were nice.

Day Seven:
The twins gave me a present: the marauders map. It not only shows every room and corridor in Hogwarts, but also who is where. With it I could escape to Hogsmeade. At first it was funny: I frightened Draco and his friends (why was Goyle not with him?), but then I found out that Sirius Black was a friend of my parents and that he had betrayed them.

Day Eight:
I must have misunderstood the twins. I thought when they said I was playing now with the big boys they were just joking. It was interesting, though.

Day Nine:
Hermione and Ron are fighting again. What would they do without me?

Day Ten:
A lot of things happened today:
Hermione hit Draco Malfoy, we went to Hagrid, found Scabbers there, who is not Scabbers but Peter Pettigrew. Sirius is innocent and Pettigrew is the traitor. Oh, and Professor Snape really does not like Sirius and Prof Lupin, judging from the way they were shouting at each other. Then Lupin turned into a werewolf, Pettigrew escaped and Sirius and I almost got killed by Dementors. Then Hermione and I travelled back in time, saved Buckbeak, Sirius and me and helped Sirius escape. Why do always so many things happen at the end of each school year?

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