Prisoner of Askaban Diaries - Gregory Goyle

Day One:
This year I decided to be more daring: I WILL show Draco my poems. I really want to know whether he thinks they are good. I mean, the worst thing that could happen is that he laughs at me, but he anyway does that most of the time. By the way, over the vacations I've found a new author; I mean he is not new, but he was a Muggle, so I did not know him before: William Shakespeare. He really wrote fantastic plays! And his sonnets! I've written some sonnets in his style, those I am going to show Draco.

Day Two:
I did not show the poems yet to Draco; the train ride was so scary that I forgot all about it. There was a Dementor searching the Hogwarts Express for Sirius Black. When he came into our department, it got all cold and dark. But I was not only shivering of the cold, but also of fear. It was as if I would never be happy again. Scary.

Day Three:
Draco was attacked by a hippogriff today! Actually it was his own fault: he was so jealous at the hippogriff because Harry Potter was only paying attention to it, that he started offending it, and Hagrid had told us before never to offend a hippogriff. Anyway, to cheer Draco up, I gave him my poems to read.
But his reaction was strange: when I gave him the parchments, he looked as if he was going to laugh out loudly, but then he got all pale and did not talk to me anymore.

Day Four:
Draco has taken to avoiding me. Instead of me a nameless Slytherin has become his bodyguard. I do not understand that. Have my poems been that bad?

Day Five:
I asked Crabbe what is up, and he said Draco is just shocked to find out after years that I am not quiet and dumb, but quiet and secretly intelligent. I really do not know whether I should laugh or cry about it.

Day Six:
It is really interesting watching Draco from a distance for a change. He is so clumsy in his attempts at catching Harry Potter's attention. Makes me wonder why the hell Potter does not notice that Draco has a crush on him, it is so obvious. Of course, Potter is not really the brightest. Oh, and the new DADA professor, Lupin, obviously is a werewolf. Though, it also makes me wonder that apparently I am the only one in class who figured it out.

Day Seven:
I start to secretly enjoy it that everyone thinks I am dumb. It makes it much easier to figure out everyone's secrets. That Granger girl, she seems to be at several places at the same time... I wonder whether she has a time-turner (I read about time-turners somewhere). Maybe McGonagall has given her one so that she can visit more courses. Which gives me an idea... there are so many courses I'd be interested in but cannot do because they take place at the same time, maybe if I ask McGonagall whether I can have a time turner, too?

Day Eight:
Professor McGonagall won't give me a time-turner, but she was totally shocked that I had found out about Granger's. To make sure that I won't tell anyone, because giving students a time-turner is interdicted, she promised to give me better marks in transfiguration.

Day Nine:
I knew it, Lupin IS a werewolf!
And I have an Outstanding in transfiguration.

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