The Prisoner of Azkaban- Diaries - Fred and George

Day One:
Fred: Egypt was amazing.
George: Especially the pyramids.
Fred: And the monuments we sneaked into. Now we're back and Ron shows off with the newspaper article of our visit to Egypt.
George: Harry has grown.
Fred: He's become quite cute.

Day Two:
George: Neville Longbottom has grown quite a lot over the summer vacations.
Fred: in every respect.

Day Three:
George: Because Harry is so cute,
Fred: we gave him the Marauder's Map.
George: But he has forgotten something.
Fred: We had told him that now he is playing with the big boys.
George: But he ran off to Hogsmeade without playing with us.
Fred: We're going to make up for it tonight. But we'll have to be careful that Ron will not find out,
George: or he is going to kill us.

Day Four:
Fred: Harry was surprised, but then he found it ok to play with us.
George: Quite eager, actually.

Day Five:
Fred: Flint is ok
George: For a Syltherin
Fred: Met him alone in the showers
Fred: That was fun

Day Six:
George: We did Dean Thomas today
Fred: Flint was better

Day Seven:
Fred: Had some fun with Seamus Finnigan today
George: He's ok

Day Eight:
Fred: The year is over
George: we still did not shag everyone at school.
Fred: yes, about ten students are still on our to do list
George: I'm so looking forward to next year

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