The Prisoner of Azkaban Diaries - Draco Malfoy

Day One:
That oaf Hagrid got a job as teacher of Care of Magical Creatures. He showed us a hippogriff today.
That was so frustrating: a few seconds earlier I had all of Harry's attention, but when he saw the hippogriff he forgot all about me! Harry even rode it! How I wished I was that hippogriff. In my anger and frustration I strode forward and shouted at the hippogriff, whereupon it got angry and lashed at me.
It hit my arm with its claws, but that did not hurt as much as being totally forgotten by Harry.
Even worse: later, in the infirmary, Gregory Goyle gave me some of his poems to read. And they were really good! I always thought he was stupid! He was only pretending to be stupid. Now _I_ always feel stupid when I'm near him. I better keep away from him, there are enough nameless Slytherins who want to take his place!

Day Two:
Dad is angry. Not so much at the hippogriff but at me. He says I should get my infatuation with Harry Potter out of my head, and to show me the consequences of acting out of passion, he will make sure that the hippogriff dies. Actually, Dad's been in a very bad mood ever since Dobby is free. He says the new house-elf is not as good in polishing the whips and chains. Dad still does not want to tell me, why he and Uncle Severus need whips and chains. I bet Goyle would know.
Guess it will be better for my image if I pretend in front of others that I want the hippogriff to die.

Day Three:
Crabbe, some other Slytherin and I were in Hogsmeade, visiting the Shrieking Shack. I can tell you, it really IS a haunted place.

Day Four:
I'm worried. This Sirius Black managed to sneak into Hogwarts. Dad told me he is out to kill Harry Potter. Merlin, I hope they'll catch him soon! Oh, and I drew a picture for Harry, but he did not seem to appreciate it.

Day Five:
Dad is really serious, they are going to kill the hippogriff. Too bad.
I was boasting in front of Crabbe and some other Slytherin, when Harry, Weasel and Granger came. Granger got really angry and hit me. Reminded me of mum, so I run away.

Day Six:
Sirius Black escaped, but at least he did not kill Harry.
And imagine, Professor Lupin is a werewolf! Goyle had such an odd "I knew it"-expression on his face when it came out.

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