The Chamber of Secrets - Diaries - Severus Snape

Day One:
Another school year. The kids are as horrid as always. Especially Harry Potter and his friend Ron Weasley, they had the nerves to fly to school with a car, were seen by six Muggles, and they damaged the Whomping Willow. Not that I like that tree very much, I have too many bad memories connected with it.
Harry Potter everyday looks more like James. And he is just as stupid and arrogant as he was. *Sigh * I really miss the Marauders.
I can't believe what I have just written. Of course I don't miss the Marauders. I mean, I never said no whenever they asked me to shag with them, but that does not mean I miss them!

Day Two:
I noticed in class that Draco Malfoy seems to have a crush on Harry Potter. Ron Weasley will kill him if he tries something. And Lucius will disown him. I will have to talk with Draco.

Day Three:
The chamber of secrets has been opened. Who could be the heir of Slytherin? Maybe Harry Potter? No, I just want to think that because I don't like him. I am worried for the future of the school.
The new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher seems to fancy me. That is really scary.

Day Four:
Slytherin lost the Quidditch Match. Lucius was here to watch the match; he was very angry when his son fell of the broom. I took Lucius to my private quarters where he could refuel his anger into more creative channels. That man really knows how to use that big stick of his.

Day Five:
Why on Earth did I volunteer to the Duelling Club? This Lockhart guy is so disgusting. However, I guess no one could miss that I am the better wizard by far.
Harry Potter speaks Parseltongue. Very intriguing.

Day Six:
Bad news. Dumbledore has been sacked and a girl has been kidnapped.

Day Seven:
Harry Potter was not the heir of Slytherin. He saved the day. I still hate that boy.
Guess I am going to visit Lucius over the holidays.

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