The Chamber of Secrets - Diaries - Lucius Malfoy

Day One:
It still hurts to see Arthur. I'll never forgive him that he married Molly 25 years ago.
My revenge will be terrible. I succeeded to smuggle Tom Riddle's diary into the pocket of Arthur's youngest daughter.
By the way, I met Harry Potter. Don't know what people think is so special about him.

Day Two:
I was at Hogwarts to watch the Quidditch Match Slytherin against Gryffindor. It was terrible. Slytherin lost and my boy fell off his broom. Can Draco not once do something right?
To make things worse, Draco seems to have a crush on Harry Potter. I told him Ron Weasley will kill him and I will disown him, if he tries anything.
I am so glad that Severus had some time for me, because I really needed someone on whom to let out my anger. Good that I had my big stick with me.

Day Three:
My plans are developing perfectly. That oak Hagrid is in Azkaban and the Muggle-loving Albus Dumbledore has been suspended. Weird, when I was in Hagrid's so-called hut to tell Dumbledore to leave Hogwarts, I had the indistinct feeling of being watched.

Day Four:
I hate that Potter boy! He defeated my Lord a second time, and even worse, he freed Dobby! Who shall polish the whips and chains now when I'm expecting Severus for a visit?

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