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Day One:
My second year at Hogwarts started. It is nice to see Vincent and Draco again. I have written a lot of poetry over the summer holidays, but I think I will be too shy to show them to anyone. I do not understand that, when it comes to writing poetry, or essays, or short stories, the words just so flow out of me; but when I am supposed to talk...
I think I am just afraid that people might think the things I have to say are stupid, so I do not talk at all. And exactly my silence makes people believe that I am a Moron. It's a visious circle, and I have no clue how to get out of it.

Day Two:
The chamber of secrets has been opened. Filch's cat has been petrified. Poor kitty, I really love animals. I can really sympathise with the pain Filch must feel. But fortunately the mandrakes Professor Sprout raises can provide a cure for it. Draco says he does not know who opened the Chamber

Day Three:
I watched Draco the last couple of days, and I have no doubt anymore: he is in love with Harry Potter. I wonder whether I should talk to Draco about it and warn him that Ron will kill him if he tries anything.

Day Four:
That ridiculous new teacher Gilderoy Lockhart started a dueling club. He introduced Professor Snape as his assistent and made some jokes about not going to hurt Snape. As if a dunce like Lockhart could hurt the head of our house! As expected, Professor Snape just so smashed Lockhart off the table.
I really adore Snape. Most of the poems I've been writing lately were about him.
And Draco fancying Harry gets more and more clear to see. Maybe I should talk to him and tell him to be a bit less obvious.

Day Five:
Crabbe and I found some flying cakes in the Hallway today. Though it is not unusual to see cakes flying at Hogwarts, I wondered whether it was wise of Crabbe and me to eat them. My worries were not without reason: they were filled with sleeping draught.
When we later met Draco he told us that we had been behaving strangely. I have two possible explanations for that: either we were sleepwalking, which is unlikely, or, more likely someone has brewed the Polyjuice Potion Professor Snape mentioned in class a few weeks ago, and they have taken Crabbes and my shape while we were sedated.

Day Six:
A lot of things happened during the last couple of days. Maybe I will write a novel about it over the summer holidays. However, the chamber is shut again, and we are save at Hogwarts.
And I am glad to relate that Mrs Norris and the others are no longer petrified. I like that cat, she is so cute.

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