The Chamber of Secrets - Diaries - Gilderoy Lockhart

Day One:
The Hogwarts crew must have believed the nonsense I wrote in my autobiography, I got the job as teacher of the Defence against the Dark Arts. Sounds like a safe job, where I won't have to show whether I really know anything about all the things I've written about.

Day Two:
I got onto the front page of the Daily Prophet today, because I got photographed with Harry Potter. Met him at Flourish and Blotts, when I was signing copies of my autobiography. A very successful day.

Day Three:
I arrived at Hogwarts and met the other staff members. The Potions Master is in a strange way fascinating...
With my charming smile and my golden curls I should get into his bed in no time at all.

Day Four:
I gave my first lesson today. I was charming as ever, thoough I kind of messed up with the pixies.
Still did not get into the Potions Master's bed.

Day Five:
It is amusing to watch the first tender feelings awaken in the second year students.
Draco Malfoy seems to have a crush on Harry Potter. Ron Weasley will kill him if he tries anything.
By the way, the chamber of secrets has been opened.
Still did not get into the Potions Master's bed.

Day Six:
A boy has been found petrified briefly after the Quidditch match.
Still did not get into the Potions Master's bed.

Day Seven:
I should be more careful to keep reality and fantasy apart. For a moment I believed that I am a good dueller and opened up a duelling club. I was hoping to impress Severus with my ability, but Severus just blew me off the stage.
I hope that he will come to my quarters later this evening to apologize.

Day Eight:
Severus did not come last night. I really don't know how he can resist me!

Day Nine:
A girl has been kidnapped and now they expect me to fight evil. I'm packing.
Day Ten:
It is really interesting what I read here. My diary I suppose, I must have been terribly annoying. No wonder that I never made it into the Potions Master's bed!

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