The Chamber of Secrets - Diaries - Draco Malfoy

Day One:
I met Harry today at Flourish and Blotts. It still hurts that Harry did not want to be my friend. I wanted to give back some of the hurt by sarcastic remarks, but Dad told me to behave.
I really hope I will look as good as Dad when I'm big.

Day Two:
I wish I could tell Crabbe and Goyle about my feelings for Harry Potter. Everyone thinks I hate him because I spend so much time offending his friends, but I am really just frustrated because Harry does not like me. Should I tell him about my feelings?

Day Three:
The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, just like Dad said would happen. I hope Hermione Granger will die, that would be one person less to stand between me and Harry.

Day Four:
It still feels weird that I have to call my godfather Professor Snape in class. Severus took me aside after class and warned me that Ron will kill me if I make a move on Harry. I never thought my feelings are so obvious; then again, Severus knows me since I was a baby.

Day Five:
The Quidditch match was exciting, I was so close to Harry most of the time. The Gryffindors won, and Dad is angry with me because I fell off the broom.
Oh, and Dad warned me that if I try anything regarding Harry Potter, Ron Weasley will kill me and Dad will disown me.

Day Six:
Parseltongue is such a sexy language. I wanted to beg Harry on my knees to go on speaking in Parseltongue, but that would have been beneath my dignity. Maybe I should more often attack him with the Serpensortia, but then again, that might not be wise, because Harry could just tell the snake to attack me.

Day Seven:
Crabbe and Goyle were behaving very strange today, as if they were two completely different persons. I wonder what got into them!

Day Eight:
Goyle told me today that he thinks I should try to be less obvious in my interest in Harry. Oh my, if even a dunce like Goyle notices...

Day Nine:
Dumbledore has been sacked! My Dad is a genius. I so hope I will be like him one day.

Day Ten:
I'm so glad Harry survived his fight with the monster in the Chamber of Secrets. I am not glad that he freed Dobby. Dad is very angry about it, he says he does not know who shall polish the whips and chains the next time Severus is coming for a visit.
I don't understand what Dad and Severus need whips and chains for, but Dad doesn't want to tell me when I ask him.

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