The Chamber of Secrets - Diaries - Dobby

Day One:
Dobby met Harry Potter today and warned him.
Bad Dobby!

It did not help, the Wheezies rescued him later. Harry Potter will return to school despite everything Dobby did to save him!
He is so nice, no wonder that young Master Draco has a crush on him. Wheezy will kill him if he tries something. Dobby so hopes that Master Draco will try something!

Oh no, Dobby has wished something bad to happen to Master Draco, now Dobby has to punish himself!

Day Two:
Dobby has smashed his head repeatedly against the wall for wishing Master Draco no good. Now Dobby has a terrible headache.

Day Three:
Dobby has tried to save Harry Potter by stopping him from going through the barrier, but Harry Potter and his Wheezy just took the car. Harry Potter really makes it hard for Dobby to save his life.

Day Four:
Dobby has hexed the bludgers to save Harry Potter's life.
The Slytherins lost the match, Master Lucius is very angry. Fortunately Master Lucius's friend Severus Snape was there, so Master Lucius did not have to take out his anger on poor Dobby.
Dobby wonders what Mr Snape has done to deserve punishment whenever he meets Master Lucius. Dobby always has to polish the chains and whips when Mr Snape comes for a visit.

Day Five:
Harry Potter is still in danger. Dobby spanked himself for not saving Harry Potter's life yet.

Day Six:
Harry Potter defeated the danger. Even more, he set Dobby free! Dobby threw Master Lucius through the hallway when he tried to attack Harry Potter, that was really fun.
Maybe Dobby will go back to the Malfoy Mansion and hex the family. Dobby suddenly has the wish to punish himself for writing that.

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