The Chamber of Secrets - Diaries - Albus Dumbledore

Day One:
Severus says I favour the Gryffindors. I don't think he is right. Ron Weasley and Harry Potter have broken several school laws at their first day, but is that a reason to expel them?

Day Two:
The new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher seems to have taken interest in Severus. Can't blame him, if I was fifty years younger...

Day Three:
For the second time during my time as teacher at Hogwarts the Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Am worried.

Day Four:
Interesting, I noticed that during the meals Draco Malfoy spends an amazing amount of time staring at a certain boy at the Gryffindor table. Sweet, maybe Slytherins and Gryffindors can become friends after all. Then again, Ron Weasley will kill him if he tries anything.

Day Five:
Gryffindor lost at Quidditch, Harry Potter got hurt and Colin Creeves petrified.
But what most worries me is Lucius Malfoy. He has a strange effect on Severus.
If I bought a walking stick with a snake head like the one Lucius Malfoy has, I wonder whether Severus then would see more in me than just a fatherly friend?

Day Six:
I was right being worried about Lucius Malfoy. He got me suspended, without any doubt so that I won't stand between him and Severus.

Day Seven:
All's well, got my job back, Harry and Ron saved the school, and Lucius Malfoy lost his house elf. Deserves him right!

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