A poet from the village of Muslims near Haifa , Husain first worked as a schoolteacher , but was dismissed by the Israelites for his political beliefs .

 An organizer of the al-ard  party in Israel which was founded in 1958 and later banned , he spent many years in Israeli prisons . he became an editor of the Arab journal al-fajr  ( The Dawn ) , which was banned in 1962 . he translated selections from hayyim Bialik poetry from Hebrew into Arabic and translated Palestinian folk songs into Hebrew after the June 1967 war , he chose exile and lived in poverty  in New York CITY , dying in a fire in his apartment , husain poetry is mainly concerned with the predicament of the Palestinians under siege both in Israel and in the diaspora . he has three collections , the last of which “ I Am The Land . Don’t  Deprive me of the rain  “












I am  against my country’s revolutionaries

Wounding a sheath of wheat

Against the child

                    Any child

Carrying a hand grenade


I am against my sister

Feeling the muscle of a gun

Against it all

And yet

What can a prophet do . a prophetess

When their eyes

Are mad to drink

The sight of the raiders’ hordes ?


I am against boys becoming

                           Heroes at ten

Against the tree flowering


Against branches becoming scaffolds

Against the rose-beds turning to trenches

Against it all

And yet

When fire cremates my friends

                         My youth

                    And country

How can I

Stop from poem becoming a gun ?