These are some modifications for GTA 3. Most of them come with installers. But, all of them come with Readme's so you can install them yourself if you want to. This page is actually a Mods + Tools page. So... Enjoy!

GTA3 No Sink Mod

This mod does exactly what its name is! You don't sink when you fall into the water! This is a good mod for all of you clumsy people who always fall into the water. Install this mod, fall into the water, and you will be placed back on land. And, you'll get some money for an perfect insane stunt bonus too!

Created by: cpmusick

Installer-35 Kb

BF Injection Mod

Tired of looking for that damn BF Injection? Yes, it's another cheesey, Rappo-made mod. But, this may come in handy too. All this mod really does is make the BF Injection appear in the game much more often. When I put this on my game, I saw two BF Injections around every corner.

Created by: Rappo

Installer/Uninstaller-75 Kb

Collision Editor

You can make anything in GTA 3 solid so you can walk on it or change the shape of modified cars. I, for one, do not know how to use this thing! It is a bit confusing. Don't mess around unless you know what you're doing

Create by: Alper Saracoglu

Collision Editor.exe-870 Kb

GTA 3 Mapper 2.6

This is probably the best mapper out there for GTA3. Make sure you back up everything. And don't edit unless you know what you're doing. Gta 3 does CRASH!! (if you're not careful).

Created by: KCow

GTA 3 Mapper.exe-471 Kb


This program lets you edit any car, person, etc. in GTA 3. This one is also a must have for any modder. It's kind of confusing, so I don't recommend you editing anything unless you know what you're doing (I can't even edit cars).

Created by: Oleg

ZModeler.exe-1.3 Mb

GTA3 ResHack

You can import and export any texture from the game. You can open open up files such as hud, txd, and much more in the GTAIII\models folder. This is a must have for any modder!

Created by: I really don't know

GTA 3 ResHack Beta.exe-493 Kb


The picture you see is just what it looks like when you fall from Skyville, not the thing itself. But, this is fun mod. It's an entire city in the sky. I haven't seen any cars, but there is one point in the highway where cars fall from the sky. Anyway... there are some people there, but besides that, it's just parts from the game rearranged in the sky. There's an entrance near the Shorside Vale hideout where you can find the Patriot do a mission.

Created by: Lewesk

Installer-37 Kb

Ultimate Stunt Park-Park

This is a very fun map mod! There are vert ramps, loops, a greenhouse to jmp through, and much, much more. This park is located near the highway that connects Portland with the other islands (near 8 ball's garage). It's hard to miss!

Created by: Odie

Installer/Uninstaller-851 Kb

Funky Colors Mod

Well, this is my first mod. It's a bit corny, cheesey, etc. Don't be disappointed by how much it sucks if you download it. But, this is what it is anyways: all of the cars' colors change to funky ones. This mod won't change the color of any downloaded car... so, ya, don't worry (your pretty cars are safe and the others are turned to corny ones). That's all I can really say.

Created by: Rappo

Installer-41 Kb

DMagic 1 Wheel Mod

You need this mod to install most of the cars on this website and almost all other sites.

Created by: DMagic 1

Installer-33 Kb

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