Rani Imandi

In this web page. I want to tell the world, who I am, where I am from, what are my goals and aims to be fulfilled.

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This is Rani Imandi

I was born in Srikakulam, AndhraPradesh, a southern state in India. Interested in drawing and painting since childhood, I always use to draw outdoors. My parents encouraged me to learn some traditional art called "Muggu" and hand embroidary. My Mom and my aunt taught me how to put "Muggu" and how to do "Hand Embroidary". Later on my parents encouraged me to learn different kinds of paintings like, nib painting, glass painting, oil painting,pot decoration, doll making and lots of others crafts.

Family Photo's

This is my family left is Rani Imandi, right my husband Prasad Imandi and in the middle my son Pranay Imandi

  1. Bachalor of Arts (Dehradun, India)

  2. Interior Designing (Bangalore, India)

  3. Certification in Embroidery and Machine Embroidery (Dehradun, India)

  4. Had a Art School (Bangalore, India)

  5. Doing an Associate Degree in Information systems at Durham Tech Community College, NC, USA

  6. Doing a Visual Basic Certification at Durham Tech Community College, NC, USA

Hobbies Collection Favorite Things
Paintings Coins Saree
Embroidery Dolls Jewelry
Making crafts Gems Stone idols Shopping


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