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Rear Admirals

Adams, Brian Lee, AO 2003 (AM 1997); b. 26 Jun. 1952; joined RAN as junior recruit 1968, served as seaman officer in patrol boats, landing craft and destroyers; on exchange with RN 1980-81 (amphibious warfare duties in HMS Intrepid, with Royal Marines, & instr in RN Coll. Britannia); CO Tarakan, Tobruk; Comdt. Creswell 1993-94; Dir. Def. Force Resource Policy; Dir. Naval Warfare, Maritime HQ; grad. Aust. Coll. Def. & Strat. Studies; Comdt Aust. Def. Force Academy 1998-2000; Head Joint Educ. & Training 2000 (prom. Rear-Adm); Dep. Chief of Navy 2000-02; Head Def. Personnel Executive, Dept. of Def. 2002-

Bayliss, Geoffrey James Alexander, AM 1982; b. 14 Sep. 1937; educ. Brisbane Boys Coll. & Qld Univ. (MB, BS); joined RAN 1958; served in Sydney (incl. Vietnam); Fleet MO in Melbourne 1974-76; MO-in-Charge RAN Hosp. Cerberus 1976-79; MO-in-Charge Naval Support Comd. Hosp. at Penguin 1980-87; Head of RAN Med. Branch (as Rear-Adm) 1987-89 (retd.)

Becher, (Otto) Humphrey, CBE 1961 DSO 1951 DSC 1940, 1944; b. 13 Sep. 1908 Harvey, WA; entered RAN Coll. 1922; Midshipman 1926; 1939-45 War (HMS Devonshire 1939-40, Napier 1940-42, Quickmatch 1944-45, MID 1946); CO Sydney 1948-50; Korea (CO Warramunga 1950-51, US Legion of Merit 1954); Dep. Chief of Naval Staff 1952-54; CO Vengeance 1954-55: Imperial Def. Coll. 1956; CO Melbourne 1957-58; Dep. Chief of Naval Staff 1959-61 (prom. Rear Adm. 1960); Head, Aust. Joint Services Staff London 1962-63; Flag Officer Comdg. Aust. Fleet 1964-65; Flag Officer-in-Charge East Aust. Area 1965-66 (retd.); Dir-Gen. Recruiting 1966-69; d. 15 Jun. 1977 Sydney

Bennett, George Angus, OBE 1966; b. 24 Mar. 1926 Myrtleford, Vic; educ. Geelong Coll.; entered RAN Coll. 1940; Midshipman 1943; Naval Research & Developmnet Officer for Ikara guided missile 1960; Supt. Refit Planning Garden Is. Dockyard 1966; Asst. Chief of Naval Tech. Services (Design & Construction) 1967; Chief Staff Officer (Tech.) Aust. High Comm. London; Dir. of Dockyards; Gen. Mgr. Williamstown Dockyard 1975-78; Chief of Naval Tech. Services 1979-81 (retd.); d. 24 Mar. 1996 Guyra, NSW

Berlyn, Nigel Richard Benbow, AO 1987 (AM 1978); b. 26 Aug. 1934; joined RN 1952, on exchange to RAN 1964-65 as Practical Training Co-ordinator at Nirimba; joined RAN 1965; MEO Vampire 1966-67; Snr. Project Planner Garden Is. Dockyard 1967-70; MEO Melbourne 1971-72; Joint Services Staff Coll. 1973; Programming & Planning Mgr. DDL Project; Dir. Dir. Guided Missile Frigate Acquisition Project 1973; Gen. Mgr. Garden Is. Dockyard (as Rear-Adm) 1984-87? (retd.)

Bonser, Marcus Frederick, AO 2003 CSC 1994; b. 7 Aug. 1952 Sydney; educ. Manly Boys High Sch and Macksville High Sch; entered RAN Coll. 1971, grad. 1973; recd. trg with RN in UK; served in various HMA ships (CO Aware 1980-82) before sent to Princ. Warfare Offr. course in UK 1982; on exchange with RN in HMS Antrim and Glamorgan 1983-85; on return, served in Perth and Torrens (Exec. Offr.); Comdr Ops at Maritime HQ, Sydney, 1988-90; served in Brisbane as Chief Staff Offr. to RAN Task Gp Comdr. during Gulf War 1990-91 (Meritorious Unit Citation, Commendation for Distinguished Service); attended Jt. Svces Staff Coll. 1991; CO Sydney 1992-93; Chief Staff Offr. Ops, then CSO C3I, Maritime HQ, 1993-95; Dir. Combat Force Devel. (Sea), HQ ADF, 1996-97; CO Anzac 1997-99; Comdr. Northern Comd. 1999-2000; Dir-Gen. Comd & Support Systems, Def. Materiel Orgn. 2001; Dir-Gen. Coastwatch, Aust. Customs Service 2001-02 (as Rear-Adm); Comdr. Aust. Theatre 2002-04; Comdr. Aust. Def. Coll. 2004-

Bracegirdle, Sir Leighton Seymour, KCVO 1947 CMG 1935 DSO 1916; b. 31 May 1881 Balmain, Sydney; educ. Sydney High Sch; joined NSW Naval Brigade 1898, Midshipman 1900; served in Boxer Rebellion with China Field Force 1900-01, Boer War as Lieut. in South Africa Irregular Horse 1902 (wounded); entered RAN as Lieut. 1911; District Officer at Newcastle 1911-14; 1914-19 War (AN&MEF 1914-15, CO 1st RAN Bridging Train 1915-17 (wounded, MID three times)); District Naval Officer Adelaide 1918-21, Sydney 1921-23; Dir. Naval Reserves 1923; Mil. & Official Sec. to Gov-Gen. 1931-47; retd. from RAN 1945 as Rear-Adm; LO with BHP Ltd. and company dir.; d. 23 Mar. 1970 Sydney

Briggs, Peter Douglas, AO 1997 (AM 1986) CSC 1993; b. 23 Feb. 1945 Lismore, NSW; educ. Lismore High Sch; entered RAN Coll. 1961; CO Oxley, Otway 1975-79; Dir. Submarine Warfare Systems Centre 1981-85; Comdr. Aust. Submarine Sqdn 1986-87; Dir. Submarine Warfare 1988-89; CO Stirling 1991-93; Cmdre Training 1993; Flag Officer Naval Training Comd 1993-96; Head Strategic Comd Div. 1997-99; Head Submarine Capability Team 1999-2001 (retd.)

Buchanan, Herbert James, CBE 1953 DSO 1940; b. 10 Mar. 1902 Fitzroy, Melbourne; educ. Scotch Coll. Melbourne; entered RAN Coll. 1916; Midshipman 1920; qualified in gunnery HMS Excellent 1928; advanced gunnery course RN Coll. Greenwich 1929; CO Gunnery Sch Cerberus 1932; Sqdn Gunnery Officer Canberra 1937-38; tech. & staff courses UK 1938-39; 1939-45 War (Exec. Officer HMS Diomede, CO HMS Valentine (lost in ops off Flanders coast May 1940), evac. of Dunkirk May-Jun. 1940 (MID), CO HMS Vanity, Asst. Dir. of Plans RAN 1941-43, CO Norman 1943-44, Napier & 7th Destroyer Flotilla 1944, Brit. Pacific Fleet off Japan Jun.-Aug. 1945 (MID)); Dep. Chief of Naval Staff 1945-46; CO Shropshire 1946-47, Australia 1947-48; Imperial Def. Coll. 1949; Cmdre Supt. of Training, Flinders Naval Depot 1950-52; CO Sydney 1953; Chief of Naval Personnel 1953-55; Flag Officer-in-charge East Aust. Area 1955-57 (acting rank of Rear-Adm); retd. 1957 as Hon. Rear-Adm; company director; d. 15 Mar. 1965 Point Piper, Sydney

Calder, Ronald Rex, AO 1986 (AM 1979); b. 18 Aug. 1930; joined RAN 1949; Adelaide Univ. (BE 1950); served in Sydney, Tobruk & Voyager 1952-62; Asst. Supt. Weapons Engr Garden Is. 1962; Asst. Naval Attache Washington & Staff Officer for Guided Missile Destroyer Project (construction phase) 1963-68; Weapons Elect. Engr Brisbane 1968-70; Supt. Engr Weapons 1970-72; Dir. Naval Equipment Production; Dir. Naval Industrial Policy; Dir. Naval Weapons Design; Dir-Gen. Naval Production 1980-83; Chief of Naval Engineering 1983-87 (retd.)

Campbell, David John, AM 1992; b. 16 Aug. 1945 Brisbane; entered RAN Coll. 1961; Mil. Sec. & Comptroller to Gov-Gen. 1979-83; Dir. Naval Supply Res. 1983-84; Sec. to Maritime Comdr. 1984-85; Sec. to Chief of Naval Staff 1985-88; Naval Attache Washington & Naval Advsr Ottawa, UN New York & CO Waratah 1989-91; Dir-Gen. Int. Ops, Def. Int. Orgn 1992-93; Dep. Chief of Naval Staff 1994-95; Flag Officer Naval Support Comd 1995-97; Head Strategic Logistics HQ ADF 1997 (retd.); CEO Campbell Governance Pty Ltd. 1997-99; Dep. Dir. Defemce, Kellogg Brown & Root Asia Pty Ltd. 1999 (Dir. 2000, Vice-Pres. 2002- )

Carr, William James, CBE 1937; b. 30 Jan. 1883 Skipton, Yorks., Eng.; educ. Marlborough and Trinity Coll., Cambridge (BA 1904, BC 1908); studied at Cambridge and London Hosp.; joined RAN 1912; served Melbourne 1913-17, Australia 1917-18, Sydney 1918; med. offr at RAN Coll., Jervis Bay, 1920-23; on exchange in Eng. 1925-27 (with RN Hosp. Haslar); on hosp. staff at Flinders Naval Depot 1927-32; Dir. of RAN Medical Services 1932-46 (retd. as Surgeon Rear-Adm); d. 16 May 1966 Frankston, Vic.

Carwardine, Anthony Michael, AO 1990 (AM 1986); b. 25 Mar. 1938; educ. Newington Coll. Sydney; entered RAN Coll. 1954; CO Banks 1961-62, Gull 1966-67, Swan 1976-78; Dir. Surface & Air Weapons 1978-80; Dir. Naval Combat Data System Centre 1980-83; Comdr. 2nd Destroyer Sqdn & CO Adelaide 1983-85; Cerberus & NO Vic Area 1986-88; Asst. Chief Naval Staff (Personnel) 1988-89; Def. Attache & Head Aust. Def. Staff Washington 1989-93; Comdt Aust. Def. Force Academy 1993-95 (retd.); farmer and consultant; Member, Vets' Review Bd. 1998-

Castles, Bryan James, CBE 1971; b. 22 Jul. 1915 Swan Hill, Vic; educ. Swan Hill, Melbourne and UK; Chief Elect. Engr. with mining co. 1937-41; joined RAN 1941; 1939-45 War (HMS Ophelia 1941, HMS Elm 1942, HMS Argonaut 1942, HMAS Shropshire 1942-45); served in HMS Excellent 1946-48, HMS Collingwood 1948-49, HMAS Sydney 1951-52; OC RAN Elect. Sch. 1952-53; Asst. Naval Attache Washington 1954-56; FOCAF Staff in Melbourne 1956-58; Command Elect. Officer, GOS1 & Command Engr. Officer 1958-62; Snr. Officers' War Course & special courses 1962; Defence Tech. Rep. London 1962-66; Asst. Chief Naval Tech. Service 1966-69; Third Naval Member ANB & Chief Naval Tech. Services 1969-72 (retd.); Principal, B. J. Castles & Assocs., Consulting Engrs; d. 11 Jun. 2006 Gold Coast, Qld.

Cayley, Henry Priaulx; b. 29 Dec. 1877 Bristol, Eng.; educ. Eastman's Naval Academy; entered RN 1891, Lieut. 1899; posted to Aust. Stn 1909 as Inspector of Warlike Stores, resigned 1912; joined RAN, prom. Lieut.-Comdr 1913; 1914-18 War (transport officer on troopship Euripides 1914, HMS Isis 1915-17, second-in-comd. Sydney 1917-19); CO Sydney 1919; Capt.-in-charge Flinders Naval Depot 1922-23; Acting Chief of Naval Staff Feb.-Apr. 1925; Second Naval Member ANB 1925-27; CO Melbourne 1927; Capt.-Supt. in Sydney 1927-29; Naval Rep. on staff of Aust. High Comm. London 1929-31 (retd. as Rear-Adm); d. 31 Dec. 1942 Chelsea, Eng.

Clark, Charles Carr, CB 1958 OBE 1945 DSC 1945; b. 22 Aug. 1902 Warwick, Qld; educ. Toowoomba Gram. Sch, Qld; entered RAN Coll. 1916, grad. 1919; specialised in engineering at RN Engr Coll. Devonport 1923-24, and Greenwich; 2nd Asst. to Engr. Mgr. Garden Is. Dockyard 1929-32; Flotilla Engr. Officer in Stuart 1936; 1st Asst. at Garden Is. 1938; 1939-45 War (Engr. Officer Australia 1943-45); Gen. Mgr Naval Dockyard Williamstown, Vic, 1945-50; Naval Engr Officer, Aust. High Commission London 1950-53; prom. Engr. Rear-Adm 1953; Third Naval Member ANB and Chief of Naval Construction 1953-59 (retd.); Dir. BHP, Aust. Iron and Steel, Aust. Wire Industries, Tas. Electrical Metallurgical Co., Comwlth Aircraft Corp.; d. 29 Jan. 1965 Richmond, Melbourne

Coates, Nigel Stephen, AM 2003; joined RAN 1975, grad. initial trg 1978; ADC to Gov-Gen.; trained as Air Intercept Controller and PWO; served in Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane; on staff, Maritime HQ 1991; Exec. Offr Darwin; Sen. Mil. Instr & then CO Corps of Offr Cadets, ADFA; CO Canberra 1996-97; Comdr Sea Trg, Maritime HQ 1998-99; attended US Naval War Coll. 1999-2000; CO Anzac (Op Slipper) 2001-02; Chief of Staff to CDF 2002-03; Chief of Staff, HQ Aust. Theatre 2003-05; Dir-Gen. Navy Pers & Trg 2005-07; prom. RAdm & Fleet Comdr 2007-

Coplans, Robert Michael, CBE 1969; b. 22 Apr. 1911; educ. St. Paul's Sch London, Middlesex Hosp., London Univ.; Surg. Lieut.-Commdr, RN 1939-48; joined RAN 1948; MO-in-charge RAN Sch. Air Med. 1949-55, 1957-58; Fleet MO Melbourne 1956-57; MO in charge RAN Hosp. Cerberus 1958-62, Penguin & Command MO East Aust. Area 1962-63; Med. Dir-Gen. RAN (as Surgeon Rear-Adm 1965) 1964-71 (retd.); consultant to W. D. & H.O. Wills Aust. Ltd. 1973-83; d. 5 May 1989

Cotsell, John Arthur Basil, AO 1976; b. 19 May 1916; educ. King's Coll. Hosp, London; MO-in-C Flinders Naval Hosp. 1964-68, Penguin 1968-70; Med. Dir-Gen. RAN (Surgeon Rear-Adm 1972) 1970-76 (retd.); d. 16 Nov. 2006 Canberra

Crabb, Gordon John Branstone, CBE 1967 DSC 1946; b. 5 Jul. 1917 London; settled in Aust. 1920; educ. Melbourne Gram. Sch; entered RAN 1932; Midshipman 1936; 1939-45 War (Sydney 1939-41, Arunta 1943-44, Napier 1944-45); Exec. Officer Albatross 1951-53; CO Anzac 1954-55, Voyager 1957-59; Asst. Head, Joint Services Staff London 1959-61; Dep. Chief of Naval Personnel 1961; Imperial Def. Coll. 1964; CO Sydney 1964-55 (incl. Vietnam); Head Aust. Joint Service Staff Washington 1966-68; Flag Officer Comdg. Aust. Fleet 1968-70; Flag Officer-in-Charge East Aust. Area 1970-71; Fourth Naval Member ANB 1972-73 (retd.); consultant to Philips Industries; d. 16 Jul. 2001 Sydney

Crawford, Ian McLean, AO 2002 (AM 1985); b. 30 Dec. 1931 Sydney; educ. Nth Sydney Boys High Sch; served in various ships 1950-73; Aust. Naval Staff Washington 1962-64; Aust. Naval Staff London 1969-72; Sec. to Chief of Naval Staff 1973-77; Dir. Naval Logistic Planning 1977-78; Def. & Naval Attache Paris 1978-81; Dir-Gen. Supply Navy 1981-84; Chief of Supply, Dept. of Def. 1984-88 (retd.); Exec. Dir. Very Fast Train Progress Grp 1989-96; Member Aust. War Memorial Council 1998; consultant

Crossley, William James, AO 1986 (AM 1983); b. 10 Apr. 1930; educ. Brisbane Gram. Sch; joined RAN 1954; Weapons Engr. Officer Melbourne 1971-72; CO Watson 1973-75; Project Dir. Naval Supply Centre Zetland, Sydney 1976-77; Dir-Gen. Naval Manpower 1978-80; Dir-Gen. Navy Facilities 1981-83; Chief of Naval Personnel 1984-86 (retd.)

Davidson, John, AO 1980; b. 20 Aug. 1924; educ. St. Edward's Sch, Oxford; joined RN 1943, RAN 1956; Sec. to Flag Officer Comdg. Aust. Fleet 1963-64; Sec. to Chief of Naval Staff 1965-67; Dir. of Admin. Planning 1968-69; Imperial Def. Coll. 1970; Naval Consultant to Kerr Committee of Inquiry into Services Pay 1971; Chief Staff Officer (Admin.) Fleet HQ 1973; Chief Naval Supply and Works (Member of Naval Board) 1975-76; Dir-Gen. Logistics-Navy 1976-77; Flag Officer Comdg. East Aust. Area 1977-79; Head of Aust. Def. Staff Washington 1979-82 (retd.);

de Laat, Karel, CSC 2004 RFD 2004; b. ?; joined RAN Reserve as Lieut. 1978; served Dir. of Psych-Navy; prom. Lt-Comdr 1986; Div. Offr. Recruiting, Brisb. Port Div., 1988; consulting assignments in Canb. 1990-95; Snr. Res. Psych. 1995; Dir., Res. Utilisation Pol.; Chrmn, Force Mix Review Bd. Working Gp. 1997; Dir-Gen. Reserves-Navy 1998; prom. Comdre 2001; Snr. Offr., Navy Community Engagement Strat. 2005-07; Dir-Gen. Aust. Navy Cadets 2007; Head, Cadet Pol. (as Rear-Adm) Dec. 2007-

Doolan, Kenneth Allan, AO 1991; b. 15 Jan. 1939 Sydney; entered RAN Coll. 1953, grad. 1956; attended RN Coll. Britannia, Dartmouth UK; navigation sub-specialist; Mil Sec. & ADC to Gov-Gen. 1964-65; Vietnam (in Perth 1970-71); CO Tobruk 1980-81, Brisbane 1984-85; grad. Canadian Forces Staff Coll.; Aust. Naval Attache Washington 1987-89; Asst. Chief of Naval Staff (Development) 1989; Dep. Chief of Naval Staff 1989-90; Maritime Comdr. Aust. 1990-91; Asst. Chief Def. Force (Development) 1991-93 (retd.)

Dovers, William Anthony George, CSC 1991; b. 19 Sep. 1951; entered RAN Coll. 1970; served in Melbourne, Anzac, Vendetta and Duchess, along with USS Cochrane; to UK for Ops & Weapons courses; Navig. Officer in Swan; Exec. Officer Lombard; Staff Officer to Dep. Chief of Naval Staff; to UK 1978 for Principal Warfare Officer training, then exchange duty with RN (incl. Gunnery Officer in HMS Norfolk); on staff RAN Tac. Sch; on staff of Dir. of Naval Officers Postings; Exec. Officer Hobart; grad. Joint Serv. Staff Coll.; CO Adelaide 1989-90;

Dovers, William John, CBE 1969 DSC 1945; b. 12 Feb. 1918 Eastwood, Sydney; educ. Wollongong High Sch, N. Sydney High Sch; entered RAN Coll. 1932; Midshipman 1936; 1939-45 War (Canberra, Nestor, Quickmatch 1939-44, CO Swan and S.O. Wewak Force 1945); CO Barcoo, Gladstone, Arunta, Voyager, Sydney, and Supply; CO RAN Coll. 1958-59; Imperial Def. Coll.; Comdr, Royal Malayan Navy 1960-62; Dep. Chief of Naval Personnel 1966-67; Rear-Adm 1967; Second Naval Member ANB 1967; Dir. Joint Service Plans, Dept. of Defence, 1968-71; Flag Officer Comdg. Aust. Fleet 1971-72; Dep. Chief of Naval Staff 1973-75 (retd.); Chief Proj. Offr for Aust. Def. Force Academy; d. 4 Oct. 2007 Canberra

Doyle, Alec Broughton, CBE 1937; b. 5 Oct. 1888 Invermien, Scone, NSW; educ. Scone Gram. Sch, King's Sch Parramatta, Univ. Sydney (BE 1911); entered RAN 1912; Sqdn. Engr. Officer 1929-32; Engr. Mgr, Garden Is. Dockyard and Gen. Overseer Naval Shipbuilding & Repair 1933-42; Dir. Eng. (Naval) 1942-43 (as Engr. Rear-Adm. 1943); Third Naval Member ANB and Chief of Construction 1943-48 (retd.); d. 30 Jun. 1984 Boggabilla, NSW

Doyle, Peter Hogarth, AO 1980 OBE 1970; b. 27 Sep. 1925 Lithgow, NSW; educ. Caufield Gram. Sch, Melbourne, and Trinity Gram. Sch, Sydney; entered RAN Coll. 1939; Midshipman 1943; 1939-45 War; specialised in navigation 1949; Navigating Officer HMS Loch Glendhu and HMS Pelican, and Bataan, Anzac (Korean War, MID), Tobruk, Sydney and Melbourne; CO Quickmatch 1961-62; Fleet Ops. Officer 1964; Chief Staff Officer to Flag Officer Comdg. Aust. Fleet 1964-66; CO Perth (Vietnam, MID) 1966-68; Dir. Naval Int. 1968-70; Royal Coll. Def. Studies 1971; Chief of Naval Materiel 1977-78; Chief of Joint Ops & Plans 1978-80; Flag Officer Comdg. Aust. Fleet 1980-81; Dep. Chief of Naval Staff 1981-82 (retd.); d. 2 May 2007 Melbourne

du Toit, Allan Kendall, AM 2004; b. Durban, South Africa; joined SA Navy as Midshipman 1975, grad. SA Mil. Acad. 1979, Princ. Warfare Offr; moved to Aust. 1987, joined RAN; Dep. Comdr, Aust. Mine Warfare & Clearance Diving Forces 1988-89; Exec. Offr HMAS Tobruk 1990-92; Dir., Mine Warfare & Clearance Diving 1992; Proj. Offr., Minehunter Coastal Proj. 1993-96; CO HMAS Tobruk 1998-99; Comdr, Aust. Amphib. & Afloat Support Force Element Gp 2000-01; Comdr, Aust. Amphib. TF (Arabian Gulf) 2001-02; Dir., Navy Strat. & Futures 2003; Dir-Gen. Navy Capability, Perform. & Plans 2004-05; Dir-Gen. Jt. Ops & Plans 2005-06; Dir-Gen. Mil. Strat. Commitments 2006-07; Comdr, Coalition TF 158 (Arabian Gulf) 2007-08; Comdr, Border Protection Comd 2008-

Farncomb, Harold Bruce, CB 1945 DSO 1942 MVO 1935; b. 28 Feb. 1899 N. Sydney; educ. Gordon Public Sch and Sydney Boys High Sch; entered RAN Coll. 1913; Midshipman 1917; served in HMS Royal Sovereign; Gunnery Officer in Stalwart 1921-22; on flagship staff in Melbourne 1922-23; grad. RN Staff Coll. Greenwich 1924; Imperial Def. Coll. 1930; Exec. Officer Australia 1933-35; attached to Naval Int. Div., Admiralty, 1935-37; CO Yarra 1937-38; 1939-45 War (CO Perth 1939-40, Canberra 1940-41, Australia 1941-44 (incl. at Coral Sea (MID) and Guadalcanal), HMS Attacker 1944 (twice MID), Cmdre Comdg. Aust Sqdn 1945 (wounded Lingayen Gulf, awarded US Navy Cross 1945, US Legion of Merit 1946); Flag Officer-in-charge NSW 1945; Cmdre Supt. Training at Flinders Naval Depot 1945-46; Flag Officer Comdg. Aust. Fleet 1946-49 (Rear-Adm 1947); Head Aust. Joint Service Staff and Naval Attache Washington 1950; retd. 1951; qual. as barrister and solicitor, became a Judge's Associate with NSW Supreme Court; d. 12 Feb. 1971 Darlinghurst, Sydney

Farquhar-Smith, Charles; b. 29 Jan. 1888 Taree, NSW; educ. Sydney Boys High Sch; trained RN Coll. Portsmouth, Eng.; 1914-18 War (incl. at Heligoland, served in Sydney 1916-19); Asst. Chief of Naval Staff 1927; Chief Exec. Officer Australia; prom. Capt. 1930; Flag Capt. in Canberra 1931-33; Second Naval Member ANB 1933-35; with RN 1935-38; Dir. Naval Reserves 1938-39; District Naval Officer WA 1939-42; Naval Staff Officer Hobart 1942 (retd.); d. 17 Jun. 1968 Sydney

Feakes, Henry James, CBE 1933; b. 16 Mar. 1876 London; entered Thames Nautical Training Coll. as cadet, admitted to RN Reserve; worked in merchant marine, incl. P & O Steam navigation Co.; joined Comwlth Naval Forces 1906 (Sub-Lieut. 1907); brought Parramata to Aust as Lieut.-in-comd 1910; to UK 1912 for navig. course, served in HMS Orion; Navig. Officer Sydney 1913-14; 1914-18 War (CO Psyche 1915-17); Exec. Officer Australia, Melbourne; Supt. Flinders Naval Depot 1925-27; Naval LO London 1927-29; CO Albatross 1930-31; Supt. Naval Estabs Sydney and Capt.-in-charge NSW 1931-33; also Second Naval Member ANB 1930-33 (retd.); prom. Rear-Adm on retirement; d. 24 Apr. 1950 Sydney

Forrest, Murray Bruce, AM 1995; b. 3 Feb. 1942 Sydney; educ. Sydney Tech. High Sch & Canberra High Sch; entered RAN Coll. 1958 (grad. 1960); staff of Flag Officer-in-Charge East Aust. Area 1964-65; Dep. Supply Officer in Hobart 1965-68 (incl. Vietnam 1967); Training Officer in Supply Sch, Cerberus 1968-70; Supply Officer Anzac 1970; staff of Fleet Comdr 1972-73; staff of Chief of Naval Personnel 1973-75; Supply Officer Hobart 1975-76; Dep. Fleet Supply Officer 1976-79; Officer-in-Charge Supply Sch, then Supply Officer in Cerberus 1979-81; Supply Officer Stalwart 1983-84; Chief Staff Officer (Admin) to Naval Support Comdr 1984; Asst Dir-Gen. Supply-Navy 1988-89; staff of HQ ADF 1989; Dir-Gen. Naval Logistics Policy 1990-92; Dep. Naval Support Comdr and Chief of Staff 1992-95; Asst Chief of Naval Staff (Personnel) 1995-97 (retd.)

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