Artificial Vagina and Fake Pussy

The Vulcan - Vibrator

It's only $15. Compare that to a Fleshlight that runs around four times the cost. We ship worldwide!

It even has a bullet vibrator that makes this toy, its realistic, soft skin waiting for your cock.

This is actually the more expensive one (because of the vibrator), if you want one three bucks less, check out the Vulcan in the right column.

Tenga Eggs

These are cheaper yet! They average half the price (around $7.50 each), but they come in a 6-pack.

They're great if you want something disposable, but they're fine if you want to reuse them. They're easy to clean!

The Vulcan - Wet

At $12, you can't beat this deal! It comes pre-lubricated and ready to go.

They're great if you want something disposable, but they're fine if you want to reuse them. They're easy to clean!


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Ok, Still here???

My motto : Do whatever you feel you want to - as long as it doesn't hurt, or impinge on the rights or liberties of other living creatures or the environment. Be good to yourself and everyone else (Not do unto others....;)

One day while surfing the web, I found some ideas which I merged together to create what I feel is the best, and cheapest way to masturbate with the feel of a real vagina.

Never be embaressed by girls making this sign to you again!!! Cause we know better....

So, enjoy this idea, try to be environmentally friendly and clean & re-use your glove, share it with others (NOT THE GLOVE!!!!!), and let me know how you go with it...

What you'll need

- 1 disposable latex glove - stretchy type available in bulk boxes (surgical not necessary)
- 1 tea towel - please don't use your mother's! buy your own.
- water-based lubricant/moisturiser like "sorbolene" (my lube of choice) (ditto above, hers probably cost a lot of money). If you're really desparate, I've tried shampoo or conditioner which seem to work quite well.
- rubber bands (optional)
- piece of furniture with cushions located at a suitable height

Firstly, take your tea towel, and fold it twice lengthways as shown

Next, take the glove, placing it carefully as shown on the end of the teatowel.

Now, the next step is open to interpretation. The manner in which you roll up the glove depends on the size of whatever you want to put into it, and the manner in which you like to use the device.
You can experiment with different folds as you get more experienced.

Once you get to the end, you can apply optional rubber bands around the outside to provide extra tension.

Then pull the glove out of the end slightly, and fold the glove back over the end. Hmmm, This seems to create an interesting looking opening...

You can then add some realistic looking moisture:

Click here for a serving suggestion...

If you're worried about your mother seeing lube/sperm on the matress, then you can use an old shirt first between the bed, and then put the device in the shirt. Your matress may also be too heavy to enter the device, so just roll up a shirt or something using it as a spacer. Just move it back and forward to get the perfect grip.



Update 01/04 --- Some creative glove fucker sent me a quickie set of directions. It looks for all the world like one of those cards you find in the plane seat pocket!!! haha, I've had emergencies like that.... Thanks, "E".