Find us in channel: "Public Chat Ram" at Battle.Net
We are in our 6th year as a Clan!
The Ram Clan was formed in February of 1998 at AOL's Engage Gaming Site.  Since then, we have gamed at The Zone, Heat, Kali, and we are now spending most of our time at Blizzard's
We usually keep our membership at around 10-15 active members.  In the Warcraft community, we are well known for our fair, non-hacking gaming abilities without trash talking...something we are proud of.  Our members range from teenage students to mid-forties professionals (Dentists, Engineers, Consultants, Brokers, Clergy, etc.)
RAM, here's the Game Voice Chat software so you can talk to other RAMs during a game, instead of typing to them.  You'll need a microphone for this to function properly.
Join the RAM CLAN's Tournaments.  This is a series of 2v2 matches among RAM CLAN members and friends of RAM.

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