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Dwitiya Sopan Requirements
1.  PIONEERING : Tie and show the uses of Timber Hitch, Rolling Hitch, Marline Spike/Lever Hitch, Figure of Eight Knot, Sheer Lashing, Sqare Lashing and Diagonal Lashing. Demonstrate the uses of Four Camp Tools.

2.  FIRE : (i) Lay and light a wood fire in the open with not more than two match sticks and light a kerosine / gas stove.
     (ii) Demonstrate any three of the following :
            (a) Safety precautions with regard out fire.
            (b) Bucket Chain method of putting out fire.
            (c) How to tackle dry grass fire.
            (d) Precautions in case of Gas Leak.

3.  COOKING : Cook in the open, two simple dishes, enough for two persons and make tea / coffee for one Patrol over wood fire or stove.

4.  COMPASS : (i) Demonstrate practical use of a compass and know the sixteeen points.
     (ii)  Be able to find North by atleast two constellations.
     (iii) Have knowledge of paces, bearing and map sketches.

5.  FIRST AID : (i) Demonstrate St. John's sling and
    (ii)  Improvised stretcher
    (iii) Throw a life-line for 10 metres.
    (iv) Render First Aid for :
              (a)  Burns and Scalds.                  (b)  Sprains.
              (c)  Stings and Bites.                     (d)  Bleeding from Nose.

6.  Satisfy your S.M. / G.C. that your behavior at home and at school is Good.

7.  ESTIMATION : With the help of improvised apparatus, estimate two distances / width of not more than 100 metres.

8.  Participate in a Troop / Company Wide Game.

9.  Know and demonstrate Semaphore Or Morse Signalling by any one of the methods - Flag/disc/Buzzer.

10.Qualify for Any One of the following Proficiency Badge.
        1. Cook  2. Debator  3. Friend to Animals  4. Gardener  5. Cyclist  6. Handyman / Handywoman  7. Laundrer / Laundress.

11.Participate Troop/Patrol sustained activity organised by the Scout Master / Guide Captain for a month in your community making use of Scout / Guide skills.

12.Complete any two of the following :
      (a)  Collect information on our heritage and culture and prepare a log.
      (b)  Undertake a development project in your School with your Patrol in consultation with the Head of the Institution.
      (c)  Participate in a Social Service Camp.
      (d)  Serve in a community Fair or Mela.
      (e)  Discuss with your parents and neighbours about a Pollution Problem in your locality and make a report of it.

13.Serve as a Pratham Sopan Scout / Guide for atleast Nine Months.
Dwitiya Sopan
   Dwitiya Sopan is the third stage of development for an Indian Scout. One has to work as a Pratham Sopan Scout atleast for Nine Months and has to qualify the following requirements to become a Dwitiya Sopan Scout. I became a Dwitiya Sopan Scout on December 20, 2000.
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