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If it is the most intriging skins and disorienting levels you crave, go no further! Here is were I have kept the infamous Cornturd you most likely have heard so much about. Also, I have a few choice pwads on the menu for you to taste. A delightful array of entertainment indeed! And now, without further delay, on to the downloads!

Late-breaking news! Lib.wad has been updated, repaired and inproved!
Download the new version now!

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Miscallenous Add-ons

- This is a simple little creature replacement created specifically for EDGE. It contains the lovable, huggable forest beast that has eluded man for centuries! You can choose to have him either for you or against you, based on how you want to edit the ddf files that are in the zip. I modeled him in the very-fine Spatch smooth-bezier, wire-frame editor. I traced him in POV-Ray, adding some bumpiness to create the effect of hair. Very realistic. He walks around and punches people from the start, so most of the enemies are dead before you can even say hello. Oh, shucks.


Coadjutor to the Stars (New!) - A classic, 1994-style space-base map with a bunch of secrets. I tried to put in some more complex ideas to solve problems I encountered in some areas. Though, they all just seemed to make the level better! This may not be an aesthetically marvelous phenomenon, just something a bit challenging, if you cannot find the secrets!

Squaw (Also New!) - A small deathmatch map, similar to the type of Museum, but designed with wooden decor. Very much fun, plus I finally decided to include a three-dimensional bridge. How exciting...

Library et. al. - This a a medium sized deathmatch-only level that is a realistic interpretation of an existing library and several other public buildings in Randolph, Ohio. Much blood, tears and sweat was spent to make this level as detailed and complicated as possible. So, when you're not fighting another, you will be having a good time just being in the stage! A short deathmatch demo of myself and a fellow DooM connoiseur is available..........here.
Some terms I've come to know and love whilst playing this level:

Super Blue Stuff - An attempt by the opponent to obtain the blue armor in the small closet near the back of the community centre.
Dumpster Diver - A person that relays to the dumpster for refuge and revigor during or directly after an intense battle in the parking lot.
Bathroom Bitch - A person who hides in the bathrooms the entire time, and has a spectacular ambush point because of it. Blow their ass away.

Der Wahnsinn - This map is quite difficult and time consuming on the harder skill levels. Large monsters make up the majority and a few bosses can be found laying around. Tricks and traps await, along with a great challenge and eye-catching design. A demo of Opulent playing my level can be had here.

Sinalbin - A classic DooM feel with coop play in mind, it is relatively easy if done correctly. Check my demo that comes neatly packaged with it to see the best way to win. All the lava and rocky goodness of the hardest DooM ][ Stages. A slew of secrets exist for you to find. I know I will twick you. I will use twickewy.

Todhaus - A nazi deathcamp with a way to get anywhere from, uh, anywhere else. Spectacular deathmatch experience.
"Simply mind-blowing" - New York Times

House - A masterpiece coming directly from my subconsious, this dream of a giant mansion with exquisite details and blank rusty-hexagon rooms is sure to please and surprise.

Museum - You may have seen it on the old Cajunbot pages as wad of the month. Well, it should be! Quite small and fast-paced.

TP-trash - A trailer park that is inhabited by "dem darn munsters!" Takes place at night with some strategically placed lamps and spotlights. Unbelievable DM-ing.

NOTE: This level _should_ be used with an advanced source port that features increased visible planes. This level crashes using normal Doom as soon as the level starts. Doom 95, though, does not. Oh well.

OE - A city-type scene with high-rises and dank catacombs. May present a challenge to us of lower skills! A fun, large deathmatch level also.


These skins will work with Doom Legacy and Zdoom, specifically.

1. Cornturd
2. T-1000
3. Stone Cold Steve Austin
4. Undertaker
5. Bikini Imp
6. Camoflaged Space Marine
7. Scream Baddie
8. Takeshi Kaga - Iron Chef!
9. Clint Eastwood - "Kelly"
10. Hitler

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