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My book Asclepius' Staff is currently not for sale.  During the brief time I had it for sale, over 230 printed copies were bought by customers who never complained about it, and over a million copies of various edits were downloaded from web-sites I allowed to share it; then, I found a useful criticism on Reddit.  You can download a free version at the website address above.  Other versions had more sections with more information, but I'm moving away from this project for personal reasons even though I believe in it.   


My book ASCLEPIUS' STAFF has sold more than 200 copies. The book is one result of three years of reading the existing literature in the specialization of non-chemo approaches to treating cancer, a topic I learned when I was helping my dad.

Watch this radio interview regarding an earlier edit of my book!


Banana Chan Books

For content related to my original anime series scripting project called Banana Chan, and other technical writing and creative writing, etc, projects, please visit my other web-site:  http://bananachan.neocities.org 



For more up-to-date information on these things, go to my main web-site at http://bananachan.neocities.org -- Currently, I'm working on revisions of novels, plays, teleplays, technical stuff, whatnot.