Telefunken Capriccio 50 with FM part UKW 1C (Pendler)
Telefunken Capriccio 50 with UKW
1949 in Germany

Case: black bakelite, with FM adapter installed at the backside with a large bakelite tuning wheel

Size: (w/h/d) 41 x 27 x 21cm

Loudspeakers: 1

Antennas: ferrite

Frequencies/Bands: LW, MW, 3 x SW, FM thru adapter feeding into NF

Power: 110/125/220/240 V AC

Tubes/Semicond.: steel tubes: UCH 11, UBF 11, phallus type UCL 11, magic eye UM 11, UCF 11 (or ECF 11) in the FM part

Originally priced:

Condition: excellent, power cord missing

Comments: One of the first sets with UKW add-on, maybe this set was originally sold including the adapter.

Philetta 1950 WEGA Jubilar 
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