T32A total view
Inside the bakelite lid this connection scheme made of aluminum worked as shielding. The revolver switching the tuning coils and fine tuning capacitor are vivible inside (top view).

connecting scheme

Produced: 1931/32 in Germany

Case: completely shielded metal case, lid and bottom brown bakelite inside metal plated

Size: (w/h/d)

Loudspeakers: external high impedance loudspeaker, recommanded is "ARCOPHON 4z" or headphones

Antennas: connectors for long and short

Frequencies/Bands: 13,9 - 50 m SW / 200 - 550 m MW

Power: 2 anode batteries + filament battery

Tubes: RE 084, RE 034, RES 164d

Originally priced: RM 240,- + set of Telefunken tubes RM 35,- + Loudspeaker ARCOPHON 4z RM 32,-

Condition: good

Comments: T32 is a special long distance SW tuned radio frequency receiver, T32A is a variant including additionally MW,

all mechanics/tuning gear in watchmakers quality brass, riveted brass parts on circuit board like a todays printed boards

NEXTbeside ARCOPHON 4z also possible to operate with T32: Philips loudspeaker 
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