SIEMENS 53 WL "Herr im Frack" 
1935-37 in GermanySiemens 53 WL

Case: black bakelite cabinet with 2 doors, art deco style

Size: (w/h/d) 37 x 46 x 33 cm, 14 kg

Loudspeakers: 1


Frequencies/Bands:  MW, LW, pick-up connector; 2 circuits TRF + 1 blocking circuit tunable to the local transmitters frequency

Power: 110/150/220/240 V AC

Tubes/Semicond.: RENS 1294, RENS 1284, RES 964, RGN 1064

Originally priced: 248 RM

Condition: very good, playing with a piece of wire as antenna after I changed all caps (by filling the old glass tubes with new capacitors and sealing the original glass/pertinax tubes with tar) I'm still looking for the backside cardboard and good knobs without cracks. The procedure of restoring these nasty capacitors see another one of my projects: Restoration of Volksempfänger

Comments: nickname "Herr im Frack" means "gentleman in tails"

WEGA Volksempfänger DKE DUX Radio 
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