Neckermann 20130 / Körting 
approx. 1953 in Germany

Case: olive bakelite

Size: (w/h/d) 38 x 25 x 20 cm

Loudspeakers: 1

Antennas: Ferrite and chassis antenna

Frequencies/Bands: LW/MW/SW, FM up to 100 MHz

Power: 110/127/155/220-240 V AC

Tubes/Semicond.: ECC85, ECH 81, EF 89, EABC 80, EL84, EM85 magic fan-shaped eye, EZ80 as rectifier

Originally priced:

Condition: fair, Neckermann plate missing

Comments: sold through the mail order firm "Neckermann", produced by Körting, similar Körting Model 805W Piccolino(see Körting schematics)

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