Schaub Camping II 
Schaub Camping II
sold Feb. 1955 in Germany

Case: dark olive bakelite

Size: (w/h/d)

Loudspeakers: 1

Antennas: 2 rods , ferrite

Frequencies/Bands: LW/MW/SW/FM 87-100 MHz

Power: 117/155/220 V AC or batteries or 6V auto battery with optional vibrator (not equipped)

Tubes/Semicond.: 8 tubes: DC90, DK96, 3 * DF96, DAF96, 2 * DL96,

Originally priced: about 380 DM

Condition: excellent

Comments: special durable battery for grid bias, Dauerbatterie für Gittervorspannung. Piet Hoen owns a very similar set which was sold under the brand name of LORENZ. The company SCHAUB was akquired 1942 by LORENZ but continued selling their products under both brands until about 1957. From about 1957 they sold under "SCHAUB-LORENZ". Manual / Schaltplan

Grundig Reisesuper 1949 Schaub Amigo II 
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