Mackinac Island Tour Redux Spectacular!
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Hiya folks!  Guess what?  Tehuti's got a scanner now!  Boo-yah!!  Thus in lieu of a new-scanner party I thought I'd bring you a lovely selection of yet more Mackinac Island photos, from 1999, the year previous to Mackinac Island tour.  (Jeez, let me grab my thesaurus!!)  Let me say that it was actually SUNNY that year, thus, some of these pictures, while not as clear and as clean as the digital images, are more colorful to look at.  BONUS!!

A few of these photos are from a year even EARLIER than 1999, though I'm not certain what year that was exactly.  Don't worry about mixing them up, I'll note which is which when I get to it.

Enjoy once again!
This baby here is the Haunted Theater I told you so much about!  Whu--um--you mean I forgot to tell you about that?  Drat.  Well, the reason is it's kind of difficult to take good photos inside a little darkened theater of horrors.  At the link to my "Social_Phobe" website, however, you will find a story about a demon called the Ocryx.  Well, this theater here is where I got the idea for the Ocryx.  Following are some (yes, sorrowfully blurry--DAMN 35 MILLIMETER!!) photos of a few of the displays in the Haunted Theater.  (Or, as they use the fancy-schmancy European spelling, "Theatre."  *snort*)
Two of the displays in the Haunted Theater wax museum.  The top is the one dealing with Arch Rock.  In case you can't read the fine print, here you go:

"According to legend Arch Rock is the gateway to the Spirit World.  Souls that pass over the rock acheive (sic) immortality and beautiful bodies.  The souls that remain become horrid joinings of man and beast."

(The accompanying display is some weird monster with human faces growing out of its chest.  Ewwww, icky-poo!)

The second display here is some unfortunate lady named "Angelique":

"Not all monsters front a (?--word uncertain) of repugnance.  Angelique was reknown (sic) for her beauty and ovation (?) performances.  She destroyed competition in nefarious means to acheive (sic) stardom she could have won honestly.  Poetic justice wages horrid vengeance.  See how within."

(Long story short--that's a face only a mother could love.)
The "Ocryx" display.  (Man, I wish these were clearer, you should see the guy!)

"Within, veiw (sic) the mighty OCRYX, winged mythological monster with head of wolf, arms of rat, and tail of serpent.  (Note:  He also has wings and horns.)  It is through his power of conjurance that we are able to veiw (sic) these creatures of the past."

Ocryx has always been one of my favorite displays.  He stands in front of this lectern or something upon which is a spellbook of some sort, and there's this ugly little creature sitting at his feet.  Ah, the stories I used to make up about him...

('Nother note--I have NOT been able to find anything about any "Ocryx" in Native American mythology, thus I believe the Theater people simply made him up.)
The Mitchi Manitou display (also one of my favorites):

"From the now dry basin of Devil's Lake the Evil Manitou has risen by the OCRYX's incantation, and now haunts the corridors of this theatre."

So, that WASN'T a guy in an ape suit who freaked us out that one time!!...
The GeeBee display.  (A runner-up for favorite.)

"In this Island's yesteryear there was reputed to have existed a tribe of giant cannibals.  The Green Gee-Bees, as they were called, prepared and ate their feasts in Devil's Kitchen."

(In the display, the GeeBee (that's the spelling I somehow chose--I've also seen it spelled "Geebis") is holding onto the heart that he just tore out of a man's chest.  Mmm, yummy.   ;) )
Dwightwood Springs, not too far from Arch Rock.  According to the guidebook:

"Nearby is Dwightwood Springs, the most famous of the natural flows of clear, cold water that dot the island.  Named after the son of an old-time summer cottager, this spring originates deep in the bluff, not far from Arch Roch.  Although popular as a place to quench one's thirst in the early days, the
water does not meet today's health standards and is not recommended for drinking."

recommended?  Does that mean still allowed?  Not that I'm, *ahem,* thirsty...
I particularly like this picture.  I could have touched it up a bit to bring the color out a bit more, but, eh...  This of course is a good view of Fort Mackinac, with a nice horse carriage out front.  I used this picture in a "Happy Birthday From Northern Michigan!" card I once sent an out-of-stater...   ;)
NOTE:  All the pictures previous to this one are pre-1999.  Starting here are the pictures from 1999, the year previous to the original "Mackinac Island Tour."  Need I once more say ENJOY??

This is the Mighty Mac, duh.  That water looks nice.  Even from someone who can't swim.  Eegh.
That big long white building is the Grand Hotel.  (This is about as close as you can get to it without having to pay some outlandish fee.  HAR!!)
Father Marquette!!  With a bird on his head!!  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

(Doesn't take much to amuse me, does it?)
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