The various permutations of my website and other web projects I've been involved in (some serious, some for fun) have expectedly struck a nerve with White Supremacist and Afrocentrist factions. One particularly obsessed detractor, who goes by the name of Anon (or White Racialist) on different message boards, has gone to great lengths to create an inverse of my website that purports to be
refuting it and discrediting me. So, I thought I would return the favor by addressing some of his false claims and slander, and speculating about his background and motives. Presented as random thoughts and replies, this page is offered as a public service to the uninitiated and unsuspecting web surfer. But mostly, I've done it for my own satisfaction, since Anon's rants are worth little more than a good laugh, as you'll quickly come to realize.

The Website

  • "Refuting" Racial Myths (RRM) is located at <http://www.white-history.com/refuting_rm>, a revisionist website hosted by the even less informed, less credible Nordicist "historian" Arthur Kemp, whose own rants are affiliated with the neo-Nazi site Stormfront, and linked to on its Kids Page no less. (See what I mean about a good laugh?) Kemp thinks that the Egyptians were Nordic and that Mediterraneans are extinct. Some of his other embarrassing blunders have been exposed and catalogued here, here and here. Ironically, besides Nordicists like Kemp, RRM's biggest fans over the years have been Afrocentrists and multiracialists, who have trouble telling it apart from their own propaganda.
  • RRM consistently relies on the revisionist writings of Ludwig Woltmann and his successor Hans Guenther, a discredited early-20th century Nordicist whose works helped define the Nazis' official theory of race. Anon also cites Guenther's modern derivative, Karl Earlson, who believes in Nordic Arabs and Nordic Mongols, among other absurdities. Much harder to spot are the neo-Nazi journals referenced on RRM, which have deceptively legitimate names like Mankind Quarterly and The Journal of Indo-European Studies. Amusingly, Anon even cites the Afrocentrist author Frank Snowden on one occasion (echoing Kemp), further establishing the connection between that movement and Nordicism.
  • If anything about the site can be seen as dangerous, it would have to be its seamless integration of real scientific research among all of the Nordicist material, which gives it a false appearance of legitimacy intended to fool unsophisticated readers. But notice that the studies are all the same ones used here, only distorted by the author to fit his pro-Nordic, anti-Southern European agenda. And like Kemp, Anon also clings to outdated genetic data based on sickle cell and blood group frequencies, since the more contemporary mtDNA, Y-chromosome and autosomal data don't provide him with the evidence he needs. In short, it's impossible for a layman to tell what on RRM is genuine, up-to-date research and what is outdated and/or disreputable garbage. Of course, that's the whole point.
  • In attacking my information, Anon tilts at straw men because he's addressing an old, outdated version of my website whose information has since been updated. In essence, he's patting himself on the back for answering claims that I no longer make. When he rants that Bob Costas is only half Greek, he's talking to himself. No one else knows or cares what he's going on about, but it's easier for him than addressing the real information. His other big angle is attributing to me the claim that Southern Europeans are racially pure, and acting like all he's doing is refuting that claim. But anyone who's seen my site (even the old one) knows that this is patently false and just another straw man of his. He loves to set 'em up and knock 'em down.
  • The website's "biographical" section is a hilarious, and somewhat creepy, collection of misinformation and ad hominem attacks directed at yours truly (which I address and mock in the following sections). Anon has broken down my web activities over the years, taken things I've mentioned in passing during that time, and pieced them together to construct a life history and psychological profile for me. It's hard to believe the page was written with a straight face, or by someone of sound mind. I can't vouch for the latter, but it was definitely created with serious intent.

The Author
  • Anon himself is an American Nordicist of Germanic descent from somewhere in the southern or midwestern U.S. That's about all I know or care to know about him biographically. His primary racial concerns are Asian ancestry in Swedes, Alpine and Dinaric types in Germany, the Mediterranean element of Britain, the Amerindian and Negroid ancestry present in so many American "whites," and Jews who look like Europeans (and vice versa). Other hobbies include seeking self-esteem through claims that Western Civilization is the product of Nordics, much like your typical garden-variety Afrocentrist does with Negroids for his own deflated self-esteem.
  • Anon is always in a bad mood. He gets no enjoyment out of life. He's bitter, angry, frustrated and powerless. He hates everybody, and everybody hates him. He denigrates all celebrities, even his "Nordish" brethren like Bill Gates and Britney Spears. (Clearly, he envies their success and hates women for not giving him the time of day). The only people he ever praises are historical figures who were—or who he believes were—Nordic. Since they're all male and dead, he has no reason to envy their achievements or feel threatened by them in any way. But none of this should come as much of a surprise, as research indicates that right-wingers are cantankerous and irrational by nature. And since White Supremacists are right of right, we can imagine that Anon's psychological problems run even deeper.
  • Prior to writing this page, I hadn't thought about Anon in well over a year, but he apparently thinks about me constantly. Not only that, but he seems to have read every word I've ever written and taken extensive notes on both my arguments and what he thinks are my personal details. If I ever see someone peering at me through binoculars or rifling through my trash, I'll know immediately who it is. (See the research cited above on the correlation between compulsive personalities and right-wing ideology.)
  • I'm not the only object of his obsessive behavior. Recently, he produced an old photo of a Jewish teenage boy from one of the message boards he frequents. Apparently, he had downloaded the image when it was first posted, and saved it on his hard drive for years. I shudder to think what other photos he has stored on his computer and what he does with them in his spare time.
  • For those "Pan-Aryanists" and even "Nordish Preservationists" who may feel persuaded to jump on the Anon bandwagon, note that he has on numerous occasions referred to Southern Europeans, Russians and Finns as "mongrels"; he considers many Irish people to be "trash"; and I even recall him making mention once of "Alpine trash" in reference to the masses of France. I believe that his views on race are best exemplified by this American White Power band. Have a look around their site to get a sense of what Anon's all about. I wonder if his benefactor Kemp—who fancies himself a Pan-Aryanist—would approve of such things.

A Few Replies

Website Content
  • ANON WRITES: <<< Mediterraneanism, not Nordicism, is a twin of Afrocentrism. Afrocentrists and Medocentrists seek self-esteem in the "glorious past" of "their" peoples and blame their present degraded state on the exploitative white man or destructive Nordic barbarians. >>> This is possibly the funniest thing Anon's ever said, and it attests to his declining mental state. It's truly the product of a delusional mind. "Mediterraneanism" or "Medocentrism" (which is it?) doesn't even exist. It's a label concocted by Anon himself that he uses to dodge that pesky thing called scholarship, which shows that Middle Eastern cultures were created by Mediterraneans and Armenoids; Southern European cultures by a mix of Mediterraneans, Alpines and Dinarics, with some Central European Nordics (different from the depigmented ones of modern Scandinavia); and that Nordics proper were essentially confined to Northern Europe the entire time, and didn't lead culture-bearing expeditions to Egypt, India and China (three places where Afrocentrists also claim ancient Negroids migrated and brought "civilization"). Read some articles from History of the White Race followed by some from Global African Presence (noting the similarities), and then try to find a comparable "Mediterraneanist" text that isn't an obvious parody. It can't be done, unless you consider mainstream historical records to be "Medocentric." Anon is too funny...and also a bit sad. (If you're interested in the subject, here's an in-depth critique of Nordicism from the 1920s. As you can see, it didn't take long for real scholarship to bury this silly doctrine.)
  • ANON WRITES: <<< "Racial Reality" continues to promote the "Hamito-Semitic britons" myth, despite RM's having been made aware of contradictory evidence. Instead of correcting his errors, RM shored up his "evidence" for Hamito-Semitic influence in Britain by adding to his page "Cambro-Britannic Hebraisms", the discovery of which he attributes to one Charles Edwards in 1675. >>> I no longer maintain that there's a Hamito-Semitic influence in Britain, so Anon can call off his dogs. In fact, the more evidence I see, the more I reject claims that any Europeans have significant recent admixture. The stated purpose of my page on Britain is to show that Celts have "racial elements that...link them to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin." This is a fact. The elements in question are primarily Iberian in origin, and to a lesser extent Neolithic and Bronze Age. Those Hebraisms, which were already present on my old site, are there mainly to throw in the face of Jew-phobic Kempians who frequently rely on such anecdotal evidence to attack Southern Europeans. The language similarities are, after all, legitimate evidence of a link between ancient Celts and the Eastern Mediterranean, though the exact nature of this link remains the subject of speculation. Anon has always dwelled on my "obsession" with Britain. Yet out of 25 pages on my site, only 1 is devoted specifically to British populations (2 counting the page on Anglo-Americans). His site however, which he claims was intended to correct my British page, contains 15 additional pages revealing his very real obsession with Southern Europeans and other non-British populations, in which he invariably draws the conclusion that they're racially mixed and culturally backward, despite "having been made aware of contradictory evidence." Some cases in point . . .
  • ANON WRITES: <<< The authors do claim "gene flow [across the Mediterranean] was more the exception than the rule for a substantial period of time." ... Of course, the authors are in no position to quantify how long this "substantial period of time" has been. 1000 years? 2000? 10000? >>> The authors say: "...the results of our spatial autocorrelation analysis are consistent with previous evidence, interpreted as supporting a major Neolithic population replacement," but "[t]he possibility exists that the observed genetic differences between the northern and southern coasts may date back to an even earlier period." As they suggest, these results agree with those of every other study conducted on Southern Europeans, including this one, this one and this one, as well as these two maps. No study has ever postulated that Arabs or Berbers or Moors or Semites have contributed significantly to the Southern European gene pool, yet that remains Anon's main thesis. But it's all dishonest manipulation and wishful thinking on his part.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< A recent study on mtDNA also confirms the presence of Negroid ancestry on Sicily: "Two haplogroups not common in Europe are present: haplogroup M, separated from Eastern Africa to Western Asia and Eurasia about 50,000 years ago (Quintana-Murci et al. 1999) has been found in Sciacca (8%), Castellammare (3%) and Ragusa (2%)".... >>> Haplogroup M is not evidence of "Negroid ancestry" and Anon knows it. It's a proto-Asian marker that's present at low frequencies in the Middle East, North Africa and Ethiopia, but absent in sub-Saharan Africa (it's represented by blue wedges on this map). And since M is accompanied by fewer African L sequences in Italy, and none at all in Greece, we can rule out recent transmission from Ethiopians. That leaves Neolithic or even Paleolithic Caucasoids. (Note also that its total frequency amounts to only ~1% admixture in Sicily and ~0.4% in Greece.) Thus, Anon has deliberately lied to trick his dumb White Power readers into thinking that Sicilians and Greeks have more black admixture than they do (they actually have less than Englishmen). He also lies about Y-chromosome haplogroup 26, claiming it to be "Mongoloid" when it in fact predates the split between Mongoloid and Caucasoid lineages, being ancestral to both. It's obvious that he's getting desperate, clinging to anything and everything he finds. And who can blame him? Without a "bi-racial" Southern Europe, his Kempian, race-centered theory of history crumbles.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< Some people have objected that gene flow between Sardinians and other Italians may be lmiited. This is irrelevant for my purposes. The Sardinians are Italians. If the Sardinians have black ancestry, then one can't claim "Italians don't have black ancestry". >>> Well, if one's purpose is to prove that masses of black slaves from Rome were pushed down into Southern Italy and Sicily by invading Germans where they produced a bi-racial population, then it kind of is relevant. The fact is that most of Italy's minute black DNA is in Sardinia, and Sardinians aren't an ideal population for study. Their isolation causes genetic drift which can wreak havoc on gene frequencies. Geneticists have already run into problems when studying Sardinian populations, as seen in this recent correction of an earlier paper.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< Southern Italians are shorter and darker than northern Italians, with smaller and more dolichocephalic heads. >>> Yeah, and Southern Germans are shorter and darker than Northern Germans, with smaller and more brachycephalic heads. Anon's point? I don't think even he knows anymore, since Southern Italians' short stature and meso- to brachycephalic heads clearly differentiate them from North Africans, while the implication that Northern Italians are even less dolichocephalic completely rules out their being Nordic. Oops.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< "...Naples and southern Italy were not part of what we think of as Renasissance Italy." >>> Naples, as well as Palermo, was much more involved in the Renaissance than any part of that most Nordic of places, Scandinavia, as shown in this map depicting centers of artistic and humanist activities during the period. It's funny how Nordics were able to bring civilization to the four corners of the earth, but could never quite manage it at home.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< Marconi "was born on 25 April in Bologna, Italy, second son of a wealthy Italian landowner and an Irish mother." Not only was Marconi not southern Italian, he was half Irish. >>> Who ever said that Marconi was Southern Italian? Anon must be hearing voices again. No one is denying that the North of Italy has been more productive than the South, just as England has been more productive than Ireland, Germany more than Sweden, Western Europe more than Eastern Europe, and so on. But what on earth does that have to do with anything?
  • ANON WRITES: <<< Southern Italy is poorer [and] more rural...than northern Italy. >>> Okay. And according to Anon's own maps, Wales, Cornwall, most of Ireland and large segments of Scotland and England are just as poor, while all of Ireland, a third of Austria and a third of Finland are just as rural. Maybe he should've looked at that a little more carefully, as well as researched the similar disparities in per-capita income between urban and rural whites in the U.S. (For a rational discussion of Italian economic disparities, see this paper which indicates, among other things, that GDP and employment figures for the South have been underestimated. Also, see the quotes posted below it on the recent growth of the Southern Italian economy.)
  • ANON WRITES: <<< "Illiteracy in Sicily reached extremes of 70.89% in the demographic census of 1901, of 56.97% the next decade, as compared to a national average that reached, respectively, 48.49% and 37.43%" >>> Right, and it declined rapidly thereafter, until it was only 16% in 1961 (same source) and 6% in 1981. Today it's probably barely 2%. But Anon fails to mention all that. He also fails to note that "A recently published International Literacy Survey concluded that almost 25% of the Northern Ireland adult population have some literacy or numeracy problems." (One in four NI adults 'illiterate', BBC News, 2001), and that "What is not so well known is that a disproportionate number of America's functional illiterates, black and white, live in the South, where their economic situation is deteriorating rapidly." (Mississippi: Literate at Last, The Atlantic, 1990).
  • ANON WRITES: <<< More examples of RM's incompetence ... Cato the Elder: RM demonstrates his prowess as a historian ... RM incorrectly labels a bust of Cato the Younger as Cato the Elder. >>> Search for "Cato the Elder" on Google Images, and the bust that I picture comes up. Search for "Cato the Younger" and it doesn't. Upon further research, I've noticed that while this site identifies it as a portrait of the Elder, this one considers it to be of the Younger. Evidently, there's some confusion, even among those in the know. I'm still not sure which is which, but if I'm wrong, that's what's known as an honest mistake. I wonder if Anon will dare scorn Kemp's "incompetence" and "prowess as a historian" for mistakenly citing Napoleon's birthplace as Sardinia in previous editions of his book, not to mention for his more numerous dishonest mistakes.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< When Coon says "the well-known sculptures of Caesar, Augustus, and others [are] not reliable from the standpoint of accurate measurement", he means it! He does not mean for a clown like RM to cite the previous sentence, and then immediately go on to eyeball some photos of sculptures and claim they show prominent Romans "were predominantly brachycephalic". >>> Immediately after which the clown Anon goes on to draw eyeballed comparisons between sculptures of Ancient Romans and photographs of Scandinavians, claiming that these show prominent Romans were predominantly Nordic. Nice work. (Note also that the inability to get an "accurate measurement" doesn't preclude rudimentary classification based on large numbers of what are still ultra-realistic busts, as Coon himself notes in the rest of that sentence—which Anon has omitted—when he says the sculptures "indicate that a mesocephalic to brachycephalic head form was admired.")
  • ANON WRITES: <<< The claim that blondism "was introduced by Alpines" is both irrelevant and essentially wrong. ... Blondism was indeed "introduced" into Italy by Nordics [as] Coon acknowledges.... >>> Nope. Anon deliberately ignores this passage from Coon about the source of blondism in Southern Italians: "The high ratio of reddish shades in the hair and of mixed eyes reflects the strong Alpine strain in this population, as does the large minority of non-brunet skin colors and the presence of freckling." This strongly supports the passage he attempts to write off, which states that "Blondism is everywhere [in Italy] correlated with a relatively high cephalic index." A handful of Nordics are obviously not responsible for light pigmentation in Italy, especially since they were largely of the Keltic Iron Age variety, which wasn't particularly blond (or Nordic for that matter).
  • ANON WRITES: <<< Above: Four notable Italians of Germanic descent. Left-to-right: (1) Leonardo da Vinci. (2) ...Torquato Tasso.... (3) Galileo Galilei (4) Pope Innocent III.... Below: Sicilian actor Enrico Loverso - contrast with the Germanic Italians shown above. >>> This is really Arthur Kemp-level "evidence." Four carefully selected photos of four carefully selected individuals (one of whom—Tassois in fact Southern Italian). Why didn't Anon use photos of Dante, Michelangelo, Raphael, Boccaccio, Savonarola, Lorenzo de Medici, Ariosto, or the famous self-portrait of da Vinci? I guess they weren't "Germanic" enough to prove his "point." (And why would they be? The Nordicist attribution of Renaissance achievement to German blood assimilated by Northern Italians is contradicted by genetic evidence.) Contemporary Northern Italian achievers too—like Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Luigi Barzini, Michelangelo Antonioni, Federico Fellini, Marcello Mastroianni, Enzo Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini and Silvio Berlusconi—are much closer in phenotype and pigmentation to the dark Enrico LoVerso than they are to Germans or Nordics.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< According to Guenther, "a transitory Etruscan ruling class of Nordic race" may once have existed. Guenther points out that Nordic features and fair hair are sometimes seen in Etruscan paintings. >>> This is as good an example as any to expose Guenther for the charlatan that he was. A recent mtDNA study has attributed an Eastern Mediterranean origin to the Etruscan upper classes, confirming the findings of most legitimate anthropologists. This idea of a blond ruling class/physical ideal in every society is Guenther's mantra, but it's totally without foundation. For example, we know that the Romans idealized dark women, and that even the old Germanic nobility was predominantly dark-haired. (Note that Guenther's is the primary work on which Anon's website is based, and on which the other websites that he quotes from—Earlson's and Kemp's—are also based.)
  • ANON WRITES: <<< The Etruscan contribution to Rome RM forgot to mention: sexual deviancy. "The city of Pompeii was founded by the Etruscans ... all variations of sexuality were openly and blatantly pursued. Here, homosexuality, group orgies and even pedophilia were widely accepted as normal behaviour." >>> First, try to claim the Etruscans were Nordic. When that fails, accuse them of being degenerates. Lame. Not only does their sexual behavior have no bearing on their many cultural contributions to Rome, but it was probably learned from Northern barbarians who have a very long tradition of deviant activity. Diodorus Siculus said of the Celts: "The men are much keener on their own sex...[which] isn't looked down upon, or regarded as in any way disgraceful."; Prokopios said of the Germans: "And they have intercourse contrary to the ends of divine law, even with men....", while Ammianus Marcellinus noted that they "are so sunk in gross sensuality that among them boys couple with men in a union of unnatural lust, and waste the flower of their youth in the polluted embraces of their lovers."; and Ibn Fadhlan wrote of the Vikings: "They may have intercourse with their maiden while their comrades look on. At times, a crowd of them come together to do such things."
  • ANON WRITES: <<< Socrates, son of a sculptor and a midwife, was not an aristocrat. The fact that his physical type was scorned by the aristocracy suggests that aristocrats were not Alpines, certainly not unmixed Alpines. >>> Dienekes Pontikos has already written a comprehensive article setting the record straight on Ancient Greeks, but I found it amusing that Anon rejects Socrates as a "lower class Alpine" in order to establish the aristocracy as Nordic. I would have thought for sure that he'd come up with a way to claim him for Northern Europe. After all, as Alfred North Whitehead says: "The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato." Plato, of course, having been a pupil of Socrates whose dialogues are expressions of the Socratic philosophy and rhetorical method (and he was also an Alpine type). Thank you to Anon for inadvertently revealing which subrace was truly important to Greek civilization.

Personal Attacks
  • ANON WRITES: <<< RM launches his first website, "Aryan Myth" ... Clearly, RM harbors a great deal of animus toward Northern Europeans and those descended from Northern Europe. >>> I think Anon's got that backwards. He's the one who conveys palpable hatred and resentment toward various racial and ethnic groups. The reality is that the only Northern European assholes I've encountered have been on the internet over the last few years. They're called Nordicists and they're a vicious bunch of insecure liars and thieves. I came across websites where they were meddling in Southern European history and making false and slanderous accusations, all the while painting a rosy picture of themselves. So, I decided to give them a taste of their own medicine using what little information I had at the time. It started out as a joke really, but as I read more of their comments and learned more about genetics and anthropology, the site I'd created gradually evolved into something more serious, discussing different Southern European groups and addressing similar claims made by Afrocentrists and multiracialists. Today, it's a rather large collection of scientific information that's no longer directed at the white and black extremist factions who inspired it. It's meant for middle-of-the-road, intelligent yet uninformed web surfers who might be swayed by the superficially convincing pseudo-histories of the extremists were my information not available instead. In other words, it's for normal people. They're my target audience and the motivation behind what I do.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< RM targetted not those who specifically had anything negative to say about Itailians, but merely those who were interested in their northern European ancestry. Thus, RM spammed the guestbooks of Thyring's Nordic Page and the Society for Nordish Physical Anthropology. >>> The biggest offenders had no guestbooks of their own, so I had to post the link to my site wherever I could, even if the location was only marginally related. It's as simple as that, but it profits Anon to present it as "symptomatic of a pathological hatred of Nordics" blah, blah, blah. The SNPA is actually a useful site, if only for its transcription of Coon's Races of Europe. The other site, I haven't visited since. It's just pictures of Northern European celebrities, I think.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< Any suggestion that northern Europeans are distinct from southern Italians or worthy of being preserved will draw RM's hatred. >>> On the contrary, I've always sought to emphasize the distinctions between Caucasoid subgroups while supporting the unity of the Caucasoid race. And I don't care to begrudge any group its right to self-preservation. However, I won't stand idly by as Mediterranean Britons are Nordicized (or Egyptians similarly Negrified) by racist ideologies. Nor will I accept distinctions suggesting that Northern Europeans are pure and the ideal of beauty while Southern Europeans are "bi-racial" and "ugly muds."
  • ANON WRITES: <<< [RM]...must have always been aware that he was out of place. Outside some northeastern cities, southern Italians are everywhere in America a small minority. RM lives in California, an area not exactly known for its large southern Italian contingent. >>> Let's see, was it my ethnically diverse circle of friends at school who made me feel out of place? How about all of the girls from different backgrounds chasing after me? Maybe it was that effeminate, liberal blond guy that I spoke to once for a total of five minutes. Just shows you how clueless Anon is about the modern world outside of his hick village. If ever I felt "out of place" growing up, it was due to the increasing numbers of non-Europeans.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< A story posted in RM's guestbook by a fellow Italian may shed some light on the RM mentality: "...I grew up in upstate NY and there was almost no Italians in that area. ... My family was disliked by almost everyone. I was only 7 years old and I was given the name "Nigger", because they all beleived that Italians were mixed with blacks. As I grew up I tried very hard to identify myself to these people as being white. It did not work I was never really accepted as white and even some girls wouldn't date me because they thought I had to be at least a mulatto. People used to hang nooses in my locker and beat me as often as they could. Instead of hating these people I tried to make them accept me. They eventually let me into there little society, but I was just someone they could pick on. ..." >>> Of course, this never happened to me, nor did it happen to anyone I knew, nor has it ever happened to any Italian anywhere (at least not since the days when even the Irish were compared to Africans). Nordic and black morons upset over the information I present about their groups constantly spam my guestbook with fake entries. This is no doubt one of them. For all I know, Anon entered it himself with the plan of later using it to slander me on his website. I wouldn't put anything past him. The tone of the piece definitely seems more "vengeful Nordicist" than "angry Afrocentrist." Either way, using an anonymous guestbook entry as "psychological evidence" is irresponsible and stupid—so basically, par for the course for Anon.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< RM is a consumer of large amounts of hardcore pornography. >>> This is just a weak ad hominem attack that shows how little Anon has in his arsenal. I've made reference to interracial porn on a couple of occasions, precisely because it's such a sore spot for White Nationalists. I actually got the idea after seeing a thread at a WN forum where members were cringing at photos of blond women having sex with black men. But apart from that, I know as much (or as little, rather) about porn as is referenced in the mainstream media. I'm familiar with the "celebrity" porn stars, as I'm sure everyone else is, but that's the extent of my involvement. Anon's the one who can't stop talking about me and pornography. This preoccupation seems to run rampant in the WN community. Makes you wonder what else he's got stored on that computer of his.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< RM is obsessed with hollywood movies [and] considers Adam Carolla to be very "talented". >>> Translation: I go to the movies like everyone else in the world, and I find a TV personality that many Americans my age worship mildly entertaining. This is Anon's best attempt at a character assassination. I think it's supposed to prove that nothing I say on any subject can be credible, and maybe even that I need to be fitted for a straight jacket and locked in a padded cell. His desperation and instability are leading him in some very strange directions.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< March 2004: This site is now back online after having been deleted by Geocities, apparently after someone coincidentally complained to Yahoo! at approximately the time RM moved and renamed his site "Racial Reality". >>> In addition to being stupid, dishonest, bad-tempered and compulsive, Anon is also paranoid and suffers from delusions of grandeur. He thinks that everyone is out to get him, and that his piece of shit site is worthy of a plot to shut it down. I'll say it here for the last time: I had nothing to do with Anon's site being pulled from Geocities (my own site was pulled  shortly before, which is what inspired me to move and revamp it). I've never viewed RRM as anything more than a joke, and I never will. It's hardly worth refuting, let alone sabotaging.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< Later in 2003, RM joined the Skadi.net forum. The Skadi forum was founded by Northern Europeans, and many members are interested in Nordish preservation, so, naturally, RM felt the need to flame them. I believe RM's original account was banned within days, so he re-registered as "Medhammer", unsubtly ripping off an American poster who goes by "Nordhammer". >>> Skadi bills itself as a forum for "European Cultural, Racial and Spiritual Preservation" and it includes sub-forums devoted to Southern and Eastern Europeans. The reason I started posting there was to correct misinformation that was being disseminated about Italians and Greeks. And some of the Northern European moderators have actually praised my contributions, as well as those of other Southern European posters, for being a refreshing change of pace from the typical Nordic bashing of Meds and Slavs. As to the username: Nordhammer is a mental deficient incapable of following the simplest line of reasoning, whose Nordicism and obsession with Southern Europeans rival Anon's. He deserves to be ridiculed, and it has to be done in unsubtle ways otherwise he won't get it.
  • ANON WRITES: <<< Most recently, RM has created a new site, "March of the Giants", in which he calls for "Medish People of the World" to "Unite" and expresses his desire to see the genocide of Northern Europeans. Some would like to think the site is a clever parody; but RM clearly invested a good deal of time in it and, as his posts at Skadi show, takes it all too seriously.  >>> It's a play on "Workers of the World Unite." Get it? Apparently not. There are two ways to interpret Anon's reaction to that website: 1) HE HONESTLY THINKS IT'S SERIOUS BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THE NAZI MIND WORKS: Since the parody isn't significantly more absurd than its targets, and in Anon's mind genocide is a reasonable solution to ethnic differences that most people entertain at some point, he's incapable of seeing anything dealing with these issues as less than 100% serious. 2) HE KNOWS IT'S A PARODY BUT THE SATIRE HITS A LITTLE TOO CLOSE TO HOME: Its blend of valid research and twisted interpretations, and the way that it's taken on a life of its own in discussions, exposes his own website—as well as those of his mentors, Kemp and McCulloch—as fraudulent garbage. So he proclaims it to be some sort of "anti-Nordic hate propaganda" in order to disarm it and avoid its devastating implications. With Anon one can't be entirely sure which scenario is applicable. But either way, his indignation is misplaced and hypocritical. It's okay for anti-Mediterranean screeds like March of the Titans to be written and taken seriously, but god forbid there should be something anti-Nordic(ist) floating around cyberspace.

I could go on endlessly, picking apart Anon's website sentence by sentence, as he's poorly attempted to do with mine. But that would involve reading the whole thing, not just the highlighted passages. And it simply isn't worth the effort. I've already wasted too much time on it, and I'm sure you've seen more than enough to get the idea.

Further Reading
Refuting Racial Myths I: Older comments about Anon's original website, including some of his many follies.

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