Isaiah 52.15

oiV ouk anhggelh peri autou, 
oyontai, kai oi ouk akhkoasi, sunhsousi

New Testament - Romans 15.21

alla kaqwV gegraptai: 
oiV ouk anhggelh peri autou 
oyontai kai oi ouk akhkoasin sunhsousin


for they to whom no report was brought concerning him, shall see; and they who have not heard, shall consider

New Testament

but, as it is written, They shall see, to whom no tidings of him came, And they who have not heard shall understand 

Masoretic Text

for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they understand

Comments:  Brenton and the ASV appear to differ, but the underlying Greek is identical.  The MT does not mention “him,” the object of the prophecy.

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