The Games
Date File Size
November 2005 GBA Rogue. Port of the classic adventure game. 48 kb
Sept 2005 Elite AGB Latest GBA remake of the space trading game. 48 kb
28 May 2005 The Lords Of Midnight d-pad friendly remake of Mike Singleton's strategy classic. 48 kb
22 Feb 2004 Doomdark's Revenge. Sequel to The Lords of Midnight. 54 kb
14 Feb 2004 Castle Master Freescape (tm) adventure game 100 kb
14 Feb 2004 Elite: The New Kind - GBA port of Christian Pinder's reverse engineered code. ~300 kb
31 Aug 2003 Chaos - The Battle Of Wizards Accurate recreation of the speccy classic 100 kb
31 Aug 2003 Chaos - The Battle Of Wizards Windows port of the above - requires SDL.dll 100 kb
20 Nov 2002 Cyclone - Rescue people and supplies in bad weather 90 kb
Source code
Sept 2005 Elite AGB
Lib SXMP (simple XM player) is required.
48 kb
22 Feb 2004 The Lords Of Midnight ~127kb
22 Feb 2004 Doomdark's Revenge ~127kb
31 Aug 2003 Chaos source code Almost platform-independent source code. Uses libSDL. Version is newer than the Windows binary and includes several minor additions. ~610kb
23 May 2003 GBA library. Required to recompile Chaos, The Lords Of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge. Collection of header files and hardware definitions. The older version can be found here. 64kb
22 Jan 2003 Elite The New Kind GBA source based on Christian Pinder's code. ~400 kb
November 2005 GBA Rogue. Source of the port of the classic adventure game. Includes hacked together curses implementation. 48 kb

All games have been tested on real hardware using a Flash Advance 256Mb and also on the Visualboy Advance emulator.

Elite The New Kind GBA. Music and sound effects provided by Krawall.

Source code is all in C. Compiled with Devkit Advance or Devkit Arm.

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