Join the Brigades By Rubino Del Sur








“Say now Shibboleth: and he said Siboleth, for he could not frame it right.” Judges. 12.6


They raise their heads on caucus stalks,

those fgov aliens made of pot,

Seven ballots take the crown

that time warp bands Reptile around.


The best kept dragon sulphurity

Of insects fracked July. 

Rub with garlic to purify. 

Oh Wal-Mart! Ohio,

Pittsburgh lament

the brazen sea that culled our House!

That people sprayed to Oz.

Akron was drawn to afterlife

And Cleveland beat its breast.


There goes Shaker Heights into the sea!


Top priests wrote convention blurbs

that let the future out.

Driven by Chicago's Stress

pyramids and mounds

 a 9self formulated id broke skin. 


New York, Darjeeling, east LA,

buried sin to place the blame,

Japan went to the sun with the D.C. mayor.


Marduke at the Capitol

and Merkel shot a round.

Fish, fowl and beast creep to the stars,

and Nineveh’s remnants of Egypt

bowled the aisle.


Graft Maple, Oak and iron then

to ten million men with brains,

Kedar, Edom, Bobal bloom.

Reptilians just stayed home.


A deeper frack of Cleveland

when aliens hit it long.


Want transcendence?

Scabbers scrape your knees.


Transcendent corps,

transcendent gofernments,

no wonder Thought Goats praise.

No wonder Ezekiel had passengers hold their nose.


Caligula practiced global scale.

Everybody smoked the Schumann Rez,

Soaked in brandy, sliced to rounds,

dried in sugar, nominations lunge

down the hermetic Tree.


Do you want knowledge, do you want power?

IED to fairy tale.


Akron and Gaza would not dry out.

Manhattan not drive out doubt,

L.A. worshipped the stars.

The convention was a Security Event

necessary to save the president. 


Transcendent terrorists

rolled their lungs.

Or roll your own.


Mountain myths

made reservations argue this,

that shock and awe on homeland north

would wake the merchant stars.


Global captives shook 

transcendence burst.


No enemy wants to eat a fig,

that grey dawn chains

with concrete trains,

the honorable men of No-Cleveland bought and sold.

Dissenting reptiles sang this song:


Concrete pop

space-garde Weiner

schnitzel mas!

infra mutants



If this seems conspired with higher intelliars, techniques of consciousness, nucleotides, galactic organs, and mystery plates where Secret Service founded  blood rites to amaze, then


Join the Brigades!