sara matson’s writing can be found or is forthcoming in Anti-Heroin Chic, FIVE:2:ONE, Burning House Press, A) Glimpse) Of), Poached Hare, OCCULUM Journal, Dream Pop Press, Waxing and Waning, and elsewhere. she lives in Chicago with her rad husband + cats, and tweets as @skeletorwrites.



consuming (hyperboles) +
snakes like
neon invitations
i was the ferral child
clutching urban myths to
my fatty torso
(a blind man tending
pigeons on rooftop)
nocturnal muse //
shielded from city sun
by outstretched thimbles
+  shamed by
blue afternoon
genies masquerading as
(mouthy) serpents
pelting riffs + ominous
melodies while writhing
(exotically)  ////
thru a dirty window
joyride girls in stiff
eyeshadow + fevered
sunday drawl
kick dust into cloud shapes
+ lie  /// with
thumbs pressing
until ruby whispers
guide them back

i bind the letter
to scaly proximal
kissing fingertips
with envelope glue
+ whispering
(a tiny domesticated carnivore)
before it’s filthy
wingtips graze the bleeding
edge of my frenulum


<gin rummy>

smoking children’s
tylenol chewing cigarette
flavored gum in your
mom’s wall to wall carpet
basement bar
hot necked spit crusted
to eyeglass rims
(paralyzing socks on
or off moment)
this was sweet
newspaper love
temptation rich +
inviting splayed nerves
like batteries nudging suits
b/w stuffed bar stools //
against crispy veins
we would trade lovers like
dogeared playing skins
(in a summer parking garage)
broken watermelon streaked across
chins in ribbons of
endless cassette tape

<mortal element>

immortal elegance is longing
immoral elegance is lying
mortal elegance is a godmother sphinx ////
           ghosts and their a n g s t
           deep bone gossip

           + back bearded treasures
abstract consent for the hunt -
a reptilian heart
vague, almighty danger
how subtle //
the windowsill’s
delicate kiss reveals
a history of
cheap ecstasy +
the violent specificity of