Stagecraft At The Temple


Our guru cyclones in –

Pantomime dame falsies,

Snazzy banana ear-rings.

We’re alert or lie-abed,

By calibre, disembarrassed souls.

Headway is fundamentally a pose.

























Money Pouch Banter


Our guru clucks

To his market-stall Rolex.

Flashbacks are virulences

That dodge time-bending.

Yore-fun’s pictures

Shuffle themselves to omnipotence,

Archetyping tarots

For dewy lives.





















































Dropping Through Cracks


Our guru live wires

That rat-shaped bulb,

Frazzling celestial dodgems.

Proceedings are whip-handed.

Jam sesh: The Grateful Dead v Us.

Orphaned by destination,

Wheels flop-gripped.

Sunup is ticketless.


























The Emptying


Turmeric holdovers on Miss Piggy t-shirt.

Fresh rap about every simper’s alpha –

Our guru’s on dictum.

We yum with postures of schisms;

Tomorrow we’ll be hustled for moolah.











 Soapless Journeys


A 3-splits mirror,

Furfur is this turnout’s replica.

Unclasping ingrates purse,

The secret heart, libido.  In memory,

Our guru dunked at hallowing waters.

Though time herself mislays the pure.