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Your Life


Warning: This one’s only fun if you yell it loudly into a mirror.

Good evening. My name is The Death of God & I am here to direct this superstitious fiction called Your Life!

Tonight’s production of Your Life is brought to you by Words. Words offers a sleek, low-cost option for moving feelings, memories, relations and abstractions between one or more skulls. Words! Move Your Skull Today!

Before we begin, I’d like to give a big thank you to Mentality. Mentality has been containing this redacted version of our semi-shared world for a very long time & folks, she’s always done an absolutely stellar job!

Now where were we? Oh yeah: soft men, men whose softness is the waste of seasons, the soft wastes of men who cannot tell the difference between sign & sense. Ugh! How unoriginal these soft men have become!

It’s like being in love with a necroscript – something that enables a progression of spontaneity & originality towards earwax suburbia, scripts of predictable productivity. Yeesh! But what do our listeners think? Let’s take some calls!

Hello, Lorna from Looshigoosh, you’re on the air… I’m sorry I can’t hear you, you’ll have to speak up… Wait, no I think… I think we lost Lorna, sorry Lorna!

Alright, caller, you’re on the air, this is Don from Dumbartle, Don, you’re on the air.

Hi there! As a soft man who’s been using a leadership necroscript for over twenty years, I’d like to report a high level of customer satisfaction! Not only are most of my decisions pretty easy, but I rarely experience unpleasant emotional intensity or misattributed arousal.

Don, wow! That’s incredible. Twenty years you say? Jeepers that’s quite a necroscript! Let’s take another caller here. Aggathea from East Peazea, is that you, can you hear me?

Hi, hey, can you hear me? Wow, The Death of God, just wow! Great to be on the show – long-time listener, first time caller – I just wanna say that out here in Peazea, our necroscripts are all we have left, they’re what our soft men use to wake up & put mystery to bed. How are we supposed to go about living our best truth without a necroscript to standardize the evolving practices of mundane labor? It’s not like my parents ever knew how to carry out the tasks of living without endless anxiety and kvetching. Plus --

Whoah, Aggathea, that sounds like a necroscript for the books! Thanks for calling in, we’re always happy to get calls like that, right here on Your Life.

Look, I may be The Death of God but that doesn’t mean we have to be too inappropriate here, okay? Because what are we really suffering from? It’s our own spiritual congestion that ails us. The necroscript peddlers will tell you otherwise, but that’s just because they’re trying to sell you something. A workout routine, maybe, or some survivalist cockroach jerky.

Last episode we were talking with Dr. Bippity-Bopf about how these days everyone’s born ubiquitous without knowing that ubiquity can also only begin as a habit of disappearance. So at some point growing up you want to feel seen, to feel visible, to feel like the world is showing up for you.

Sadly, we are out of time for today, but here I am: The Death of God and this has been another episode of Your Life. Til’ next time! Thanks to our guests! Thanks to Mentality & the rest of the gang. Goodbye & good luck, you lovely fools!