The Detours
...and how it all began
Roger Daltrey had just been expelled from grammar school for unsociable behavior, and with his free time, started a band. They played mostly jazz, as was fit for their build.
  Daltrey played lead guitar and trombone. He recruited Colin Dawson for lead vocals, Reg Bowen for rhythm guitar, and Harry Wilson to play drums. One day, Daltrey spotted one John Entwistle strolling along down the street, bass in hand. Daltrey recruited Entwistle right then and there. John played trumpet as well, making his doubling his contributions, until he introduced his school mate, Pete Townshend into the group, making it triple. Townshend would play rhythm guitar, plus he had a van and a real amp. This bumped Bowen from the mix, but c'mon, a real amp here people! (Just kidding).
    The next change in the lineup was the addition of Doug Sandom, at the leaving of Wilson. After many gigs in various pubs and what not, the Detours lineup changed once again when Dawson was replaced by Gabby Connolly.
   One night, while the Detours played in support of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, the Detours saw a different type of group format; guitar, bass, drums, and lead vocals, a raw form, and Daltrey liked it. Inspired, Daltrey ousted Connolly and assumed the role of lead singer. This forced Pete to assume both the lead and rhythm parts for guitar. The lineup now featured Daltrey on vocals, Townshend on guitar, Entwistle on bass, and Sandom on drums.
    The final change to the Detours lineup came when a young Keith Moon challenged Sandom's ability. He got up on the drum kit and literally smashed it to pieces. The rest is history.
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