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Headmistress: Wendel Roberts
Deputy Headmistress: Clare Blake
Senior Masters & Mistresses: Chandarkale Bhoj; N. Nandkeshore; Gem Rohlehr; Desiree Anderson (ag.)

Masters & Mistresses

Eworth Abrams
Ziaud Ali
Myrna Archer
Myrna Archer
Senetta Bancroft
Ayanna Bernard
Patrick Bernard
Michael Bobb
Collette Britton
Helena Caesar
Delroy Cameron
Fiona Carter
Priya Chandra
Simone Cromarthy-Roberts
Gavin Daziel
Sharon Duncan
Volda Elliot
Lisa Field-Ridley
Dhani Ganesh
Tulsi Ganesh
Frances George
Dollex Gibbons
Priya Gobin
Psyche Goliah-Thierens
Deborah Hamilton
Yvonne Harris
Marise Heywood
Violet Holder
Frank Jordan
Dalchand Lakhan
Isabel Leacock
Samuel Lee
Jason Linton
Michelle Lowe
Clewin MacPherson
Leon Mc Donald
Delisa Mc Ewan
Courtney Mc Koy
Frank Maloney
Juliet Mattis
Zahora Mohamed
Jennifer Osborne
Dennis Patterson
Osmond Patterson
Koowar Persaud
Camille Pyle
Naiomi Ramdhanie
Darshanand Ramlall
Lindon Rigby
Jacqueline Sealey
Khemraj Seepersaud
Elizabeth Simpson
Marzum Sinclair
Lindon Smith
Shonell Smith
Eslyn Vgilance
Huldah Walcott
Sharon Wilson
Robin Woolford

Cheryl Laing
Arlene Cox
Simone Emmanuel
Emiliana Miller
Shondel Peters
Denise Summerson
Lyndon Welch
Bibi Shavana Alli
Dawn Edwards
Keith Maloney
Shanta Sarjue
Grounds & Sanitation
Inshan Alli
Rasheed Alli
Vernetta Barker
Joycelyn Burgess
Jean Davis
Rhonda London
Iris Nelson
Gladys Samuels
Natalie Slowe

Head Prefectcccccc
Lennox Caleb
Deputy Head Prefect
Shellon Henry
Senior Prefects
Indira Bhoj
Youlanda Hendricks
Marc Mc Arthur


Kwesi Adams
Camille Archer
Steven Backreedy
Mariam Baksh
Serena Bender
Vishal Bhagwandin
Ayodele Collins
Veronica Edwards
Afeena Gafoor
Althia Goodluck
Pamela Gordon
Sharon Henry
Candace Jagarnauth
Antalov Jagnandan
Vanita Jaipaul
Karishma Jeeboo
Belinda Layne
Marvin Lee
Zelda Luke
Haps Madeleke
Roger Nurse
Christopher Orilall
Drexel Payne
Reshma Persaud
Satyendra Persaud
Keisa Pierre
Kaaleshwar Ramcharran
Jainarine Ramkumar
Tricia Robinson
Nandita Sawh
Oneka Scott
Winsome Scott
Duoaud Shah
Ryan Shea
Rabindra Shivnaraine
Fiona Smith
Jill Sullivan
Derise Williams


The following is a report on the major activities of the Queen's College Bible Club for the year 1999.

With Club elections looming on the horizon, prospective members were drafted into the planning of the Bible Club's first activity for the year 1999. This was the Gospel Praise and Love Fiesta `99, a concert which was held at the National Cultural Centre. The proceeds from this venture were to be used to feed street children. The event was a success and thus set the tone for Club activities for the rest of the year.

At the end of the August Term of the 1998/1999 academic year, a new Bible Club Committee was elected. The members were - Marvin Lee (President), Shellon Henry (Vice-President), Ayodele Collins (Reporting and Corresponding Secretary), Sharon Henry (Assistant Secretary), Camille Archer (Treasurer) and Kwesi Adams (Bible Study Co-ordinator).

At the beginning of the 1999/2000 academic year. the Queen's College Bible Club made plans to fulfil the original purpose of the concert (Gospel Praise and Love Fiesta `99) held earlier in the year, which was to feed the street children. This was duly done on the l9th December, 1999 with the aid of Committee members, Club members and some teachers. Meanwhile, Club meetings continued to be held regularly in the Physics laboratories.

Thus ended the activities of the Queen's College Bible Club for the year 1999.

God Bless Our School.

Marin Lee


The Library Club was formed with the view of allowing students the opportunity to actively participate in the functioning of the library. It is headed by a Library Committee, whose objectives are to provide books and facilities that are up to date and to create an atmosphere conducive to learning and studying, thereby enhancing the library services and mirroring the aim of the school's Librarian, Ms. Cheryl Laing, which was to improve the library conditions so as to promote better study habits among students. The Committee also aids the Librarian in the day-to-day running of the library.

The outgoing Library Committee came to office in March 1999. It was comprised of 18 members whose main goal was to improve library facilities with the hope of creating the ideal environment for learning and studying. One of the Committee's first actions was to reinstate the Library Club as an active group. The Library Club has approximately 60 members who meet every Tuesday to discuss fundraising ventures or to engage in recreational activities.

Although circumstances beyond control caused delays in the implementation of certain plans to further their goal, the Library Committee persevered and was able to hold a few fundraisers in aid of the library. As the library was in drastic need of updated textbooks, the Committee's main focus was to obtain these valuable texts. Using funds garnered from their `Cake and Ice-cream Sale' and a `Lucky Dip' game, the Committee purchased a Law text and also an Accounting textbook. In addition, stationery was obtained for the library.

Moreover, due to the influence of the President of the Parent Teachers Association, Ms. Juliet Holder-Alleyne, and other bodies, three electric fans were acquired for the library. The Denbow family, old boys who attended the school, donated a Copystar desktop photocopying machine that has been an invaluable addition to the library facilities.

However, in spite of these developments, more effort is required to advance the library facilities even further. The lack of updated textbooks has always been a sore point in previous years, a trend that continues to this day. Shelves have also been erected in the library but these quickly became a curse to everyone concerned with the library, as the shelves have remained unpainted and unoccupied due to the lack of updated books and texts. Another problem faced by the Librarian and her Committee is the fact that students repeatedly damage and deface textbooks by tearing out pages. The Librarian and the Library Committee have tried to remedy the situation by placing "outposts" throughout the Library, but all to no avail; the practice continues. In addition, the Library must be allowed to keep up with the changing times and technological advancements that prevail. This can only be done, however, with the aid of the school's administration, and so far, nothing has been done in this area.

As a new Library Committee prepares to pick up the reins of the outgoing one, hope is everlasting that they will be able to fulfill their objectives and to make their school library better than ever whilst working in harmony and forming friendships that will last lifetimes. They have shown themselves to be an enthusiastic bunch and hopefully, much can be done to further the progress of the library and hence, the school. Good Luck!

Heartfelt thanks and gratitude are extended to those who played a role in the donations that the library has acquired this past year and in supporting the Committee. To Senior Mistress, Ms. Gem Rohlehr, your support has been invaluable. Finally, to our librarian, Ms. Laing, your encouragement through all adversities will never be forgotten; you have been a guiding light throughout this past year.

Jill Sullivan


Chess has been a tradition Cfor decades at Queen's College, a school well known to steal the spotlight at almost every chess arena. But this tradition seemed as though it was at the end of an era after the Queen's College fire of November 1997. The fire consumed most of the school's chess materials - chessboards, trophies, books - and apparently even the chess spirit. It wasn't until two years later that the word chess was seriously mentioned again, when three Sixth Form students, financially supported by the Queen's College Board of Governors, found a way to restore Queen's College to its glory days. On November 15, 1999, it was official; the Chess Club was reborn under the leadership of President Roger Nurse, Secretary Candace Jagarnauth, and Treasurer Abdool Sattaur.

Membership grew rapidly, with an initial twenty (20) members. Within a few weeks, the club had grown to forty-five (45) members. With the fifteen (15) chess sets that were provided using the funds donated by the School Board, play had commenced on that Monday afternoon - November 15 - and continued every afternoon thence. With the growing strength of the club and the growing competitive spirit, a tournament date was set for April 2000.

With the resurrection of the Chess Club, appointment of new leadership and the setting of a tournament date, the activities of the Chess Club for the year 1999 concluded.

On behalf of the Chess Club, I wish to thank Mr. Alli, Mr. Sylvester, Mr. DeAbreu, Ms. Rohlehr and Mr. Maloney for the support they extended to us. Thank you very much. Long lives the Queen's College Chess Club!!!

Roger Nurse


Our Longest Serving Teacher

On October 15, 1999, Queen's College's longest serving teacher, Mr. Frank Maloney, was honoured for his 31 years of dedicated service to the school at the Teachers' Appreciation Day observances.

It was thus decided that we would delve beneath the surface of this dedicated individual, who has served his profession for 51 years, an achievement that many would he envious of.

He was born in New Amsterdam, Berbice and attended the Cumber Methodist School and Berbice High School, the latter being where he taught at for some 19 years. Mr. Maloney, who has a love of sports, fondly recalls his days as a youngster attending the Berbice High School, when he played first class cricket and was captain of his school's cricket team.

At 71 years of age, Mr. Maloney enjoys reading, and in his spare time, he prefers to look at boxing, athletics and football on television.

In 1968, Mr. Maloney commenced his teaching career at Queen's College. Today, he teaches primarily French and holds the position of Games Master.

  • Who is your role model?
    My brother, William F. Maloney, who was a soldier, an athlete and a teacher.

  • What led you to choose a teaching career in French?

    I've always liked French. When I was younger, I used to look at products [with labels] written in English and French. I learnt a few words and I developed a liking for the subject.

  • What are your qualifications as a French professor?
    Well, I've done Junior and Senior Cambridge. G.C.E. A-Levels and I attended the University of Guyana.

  • Did you only teach French in your earlier days?
    No, I also taught History, Geography, and English.

  • Why did you decide to teach French only?
    There was a greater need for a French teacher and so I decided to concentrate on that.

  • Which year level do you enjoy teaching the most?
    The First formers because they are eager and willing to learn. They are like plastic; you can mould them. They see learning a new language as a challenge.

  • What led you to become so involved in games?
    I like games. I want to see young people do well not only academically, but also in games and sports.

  • What are some of your suggestions for the improvement of games and sports in Q.C.?
    First of all, we need to acquire the facilities. We need the consent and support of parents; proper budgeting of time by the students. and also time must be allocated for games as w-ell as studies.

  • What, in your opinion, has contributed to the drastic decline in discipline at Q.C.?
    The teenager is becoming more aware of the things he can do. Where the student was timid or afraid before, now, he looks at himself differently. He now feels he has power. Television and other forms of the media influence him, and these things are leading him the wrong way.

  • Do you see Q.C improving its standards in the years to come, and what to you think is necessary for Q.C. to return to its former glory?
    They have got to pay teachers better in order to attract the right people. Also, a more comprehensive programme should be implemented and we need to keep abreast with new technological improvements. We need to improve discipline. Teachers have got to be respected and they have got to take their rightful places. We need to get rid of the destructive elements.

  • What were your worst and best experiences as a teacher?
    Worst - when Q.C. was burnt. I couldn't bring myself to believe a student would do a thing like that. Rewarding experiences - hearing of the very good results in CXC and GCE Examinations.

  • Have you ever thought of venturing out and expanding your teaching horizons and why have you been so dedicated to Q.C.?
    No, I've grown to love this school.

  • If you had the chance to go back in time, would you still choose teach1ng as your life's profession?
    I just might, you know. Dealing with young people and knowing that you have got a part in moulding their thinking and helping them to become what they want to be is very important and very rewarding.

  • What are your final comments?
    I believe teachers should uphold their dignity and demand respect but be sure that that respect is earned. Be impartial in your dealings with students. Students should take this opportunity given to them to gain an education.

    Teaching calls for a special breed of persons and Mr. Maloney is most assuredly one of those committed and dedicated individuals. On behalf of the entire Student Body, we wish to pay tribute to you for all that you have done in furthering the progress of the school and in shaping our lives. You and your words of wisdom will be cherished and never forgotten.

Thank You Sir!!!

Camille Archer
Jill Sullivan

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