Queen's College
1967 -1968

Material provided by H. Gordon Watson



Another academic year has gone by and it is time for another Magazine to be issued. May this issue be one of the best.

This year Queen's College has had remarkably encouraging results both at the Advanced and Ordinary Level exams. These results will be hard to beat but I hope the present boys at school will accept the challenge and show that if they cannot do better they can at least do just as well. Good luck to them all.

Every year this school produces a Magazine which, as it were, records both the successes and the failures of the past academic year. The format, the articles, the reports, the photographs etc. all go to show the excellence of the production. It is the duty of the Magazine committee to produce a better and more interesting magazine, I hope that the present issue will show how industrious the present committee has been.

At Queen’s we aim at excellence. If we fall short of the highest excellence then we must try to remedy our shortcomings. Never should we be satisfied with mediocrity. An institution like Queen’s cannot tolerate mediocrity,

Temptanda via est, qua me- quoque possin Tollere humo victorque virum volitare per ora: “I must assay a path, whereby I may raise me from earth and flit conqueror through the mouth of men,

D. Hetram (Headmaster).


STANDING: L-R Messrs C.H.A. Denbow, S.M.D. Insanally, J.R. Rickford, C.W. Yearwood, C.A. Yansen, P. Mangal, R. Jonas, N.A. Robinson, S. Gajraj, G.A. Sankies, C.O. Perry, A. Majeed
SITTING: L-R XXXXXXXXX Messrs B.A. Chinapen, J. Gopaul, R. Ramdhanie, R. Sahai, C.N. Agard, L. Rai, D. Roach, C.G. Glasgow, A. Persico, C. Sue-Wah-Sing, M.M. Drepaul.
FRONT ROW: L - R Mr. C.I. Trotz, Miss I. Loncke, Miss I.R. King, Mr. C.E. Barker (Deputy Head-Master), Mr. C. Yhap, Miss A. Akai, Miss L. Dolphin, Mr. M.T. Lowe
ABSENT: Mrs. A. Swami, Mr. N.K. Robinson, Mr. D. Locke, Mr> E.W. London, Mr. G. Gumbs.


STANDING: L - R G.H. Johnson, L. Holder, K.A. Aaron, S. Griffith, M.H. Gajraj, C.V. Seecharran, L. Harewood, N. Khan, C.A. Rayman, C. Rambarrat, K. Bahadar, G. Doodnauth (Samaroo), R.O. Bradshaw, R. Lall.
SITTING: L - R XXXXXXX S. Imhran, R. Kunar, S.A. McIntosh (Head Boy), C.E. Barker (Deputy), D.M. Bernard, C. Messiah, A. Chan, H.G. Watson.


STANDING L-R: K. Crosbie, R.M. Kirton, J. Barker, J. Carmichael, D. Hales.
SITTING L-R:W.O.V. Nedd, D.N. Paraboo, Mr. Ramdhanje (Supervisor), T. Bostwick.
ABSENT:L.P.E. Blenmann.


STANDING L-R: K. Crosbie, D. Paraboo, L.A.R. Grant, S.A. McIntosh, M. DaCosta.
SITTING L-R:D. Wallace, D. Dewar, L.C. Clark, Mr.M.M. Drepaul(Supervisor), D.K. Cheddie, W.O. Boxhill, D. Sinclair, M. Robertson.


Mr. C. E. Barker

The Staff and students of Queen’s College are sorry to lose the service of one of their beloved old-timers.

Mr. Cecil E. Barker was associated with this school for the past forty-three years. During his stay he was Commanding Officer of the Q.C. Cadet Corps, himself being a captain of no mean merit, and also house-master of Moulder House. He was appointed Deputy Headmaster of the School in 1964, and at one time was acting Headmaster. He has been teaching Chemistry at his alma mater from his early youth, and then went to London University where he completed his B.Sc degree in the subject.

The Staff and boys of Queen’s College wish to thank Mr. Barker for the invaluable services loaned to them over the years, and they sincerely hope that he will enjoy his days of retirement in the best of health and happiness.

R. R. KUNAR 1961-1968
1961-62 Entry into Q.C. on a Government County Scholarship. Form prize winner.
1962-63 Form prize winner
1963-64 Form prize winner
1964-65 Form prize winner
1965-66 G.C.E. "O" Level
1967-68 ------- G.C.E. "A" Level - 3 subjects. Distinctions in Physics, Pure Maths and Applied Maths. School Prefect. Deputy Head of Nobbs House. Vice Captain (house) in cricket.

S.A. Mc INTOSH 1960 -68
1960-61 ------- Entry into Q.C. on a Civil Service Asociation Scholarship. Form prize winner (2C). played Intermediate Football - Under 15.
1964-65Played in School's XI (Football). House Vice-captain. Athletics. G.C.E. "O" Level -- 6 subjects.
1965-66G.C.E. "O" Level -- 3 subjects. School Volley-ball. capt. L'Cprl. cadet Corps. House Football and Table Tennis Capt.
1966-67School football Capt. Sports Editor Lictor. Snr. Corporal cadet Corps.
1967-68 G.C.E. "A" level - 3 subjects. Awarded football colours. President of Student's Association. Chairman of Student's Counsel. Head Boy of School. Head of House. promoted to SErgeant Q.C. Cadet Corps. Demba Scholar.

R.O. BRADSHAW 1961 - 1968
1961-62 -------Entry into Queen's College ona British Guiana Teacher's Association Scholarship. Form Prize Winner.
1962-63Form Football Capt. Form Prize Winner.
1963-64Patsel leader, Q.C. Scout Corps movement. Form prize winner (3 Classical).
1964-65Form Representative of Students' Council. Form Prize Winner (4A). G.C.E. "O" Level - 1 subject.
1965-66Form Representative of Students' Council. G.C.E. "O" Level Distinction in Latin. Won the Wills prize for Latin.
1966-67Vice President of Classics Society.
1967-68School Prefect. Head of Durban House. Recording Secretary of Students' Council. G.C.E. "A" Level - 3 subjects.

K.A. AARON 1965 - 1968
1965-66 -------Entry into Queen's College from Central High. Form Prize Winner in 5RB. Cricket Captain of Q.C. Wight Cup Team.
1966-67Corporal in Q.C. Cadet Corps. promoted later to Sargeant of the Corps. Vice-Capt. of Q.C. Northcote Cup Team. represented Guyana School Boys' Team in International Series. House Vice-Capt. of cricket.
1967-68Represented Guyana Colts against M.C.C. Company. Sargeant major of Q.C. Cadet Corps. Deputy Head of House. School prefect. House Prefect. G.C.E. "A" Level - 3 subjects. gained distinctions in Pure Maths and physics. captained Guyana Under-21 Team in Quadriangular Series.

H.G. WATSON 1961 - 1968
1961-62Government County Scholar. entry into Queen's College. Form Prize Winner.
1962-63Form Prize Winner.
1963-64Form Prize winner. patrol leader of Q.C. Scout Movement.
1965-66G.C.E. "O" Level - 1 subject. Private Cadet Corps of Queen's College.
1966-67 Features Editor of Queen's College Lictor. Corporal of Q.C. Cadet Corps. G.C.E. "O" Level - 6 subjects.
1967-68-------G.C.E. "A" Level - 3 subjects. Sargeant of Q.C. Cadet Corps. Sargeant Major of Q.C. Cadet Corps. Cadet Officer Q.C. Cadet Corps. deputy Head of House. School Prefect.

R. F. LUNCHEON 1960 - 1968
1960-61Police Scholarship. Entry into Queen's College.
1962-63Form Prize Winner of L4G.
1963-64G.C.E. "O" Level - 1 subject. Form Prize Winner of U4G.
1966-67--Represented School in Hockey. Called to trials to represent Guyana against a visiting team.
1967-68Given School colours for performance in Hockey. G.C.E. "A" Level - 3 subjects.

G. H. JOHNSON 1961 - 1968
1961-62 Government County Scholar; Entry into Queen's College.
1963-64Represented the School in the Intermediate F.A. Cup.
1964-65Runner-up Under-15 Athletic competition.
1965-66Represented combined Colleges against Trinidad. G.C.E. "O" Level - 1 subject.
1966-67------- G.C.E. "O" Level - 8 subjects; "O" Level Prize Winner. Represented School in Senior Division Football. Vice Captain of Football; Treasurer of Classics Society.
1967-68School Prefect. Head of Nobbs House. G.C.E. "A" Level - 3 subjects.

R. O. CAMPBELL 1961 - 1968
1961-62Entry into Queen's College.
1963-64Represented School in Intermediate F.A. Cup. Form Prize Winner in L4C.
1964-65Champion Under-15 Atheletics Competition. Junior School Champion of T. Tennis.
1965-66G.C.E. "O" Level - 1 subject; Form Prize winner.
1966-67----G.C.E. "O" Level - 7 subjects. Distinctions in French and Spanish; Represented School in Senior Division Football.
1967-68 House Prefect; G.C.E. "A" level - 3 subjects.

D.M.A. BERNARD 1960 - 1968
1960-61Government County Scholar - Entry into Queen's College.
1962-63Form Prize Winner.
1963-64Form Prize Winner; Vice-President of Junior Debating Society. G.C.E. "O" Level - 1 subject.
1964-65Form Prize Winner; G.C.E. "O" Level - 6 subjects.
1965-66G.C.E. "O" Level - 1 subject; Represented School in Patrick Dargan Debating Competition.
1966-67G.C.E. "A" Level - 3 subjects; Vice-President of Historical Society; Secretary of Literary and Debating Society; School Prefect.
1967-68-------Deputy Head of School; Vice-President of Christian Fellowship Society; G.C.E. "A" Level - 3 subjects. Gained distinctions in History and Geography.

L. K. HOLDER 1961 - 1968
1961-62 Entry into Queen's College. Form Prize Winner.
1962-63Form Prize Winner.
1963-64Junior School Prize winner. Secty. of Bee-Keeping Society; Under 16 Football Capt.
1964-65G.C.E. "O" Level 2 subjects. Distinction in Art; President of Bee-keeping Society.
1965-66G.C.E. "O" Level 6 subjects; President of Bee-keeping Society; Secty. of Hockey.
1966-67President of Bee-keeping Society; Committee member of Dramatic Society; Vice-Captain of Hockey.
1967-68------School Prefect; Head of Pilgrim House; Head of Stage Staff; Vice Captain of Hockey; G.C.E. "A" Level 3 subjects. gained distinction in Applied Maths.

Claude R. Mitchell, an old boy of Queen's College, and who now resides in Montreal, Canada, had the singular distinction of winning the 1919 Guiana Scholarship. Through the advice of Sir Wilfred Collett the then Governor of British Guiana, he entered McGill University to study Agriculture, and in 1924, he graduated with a First Class Honours, majoring in Chemistry. He later entered the I.C.T.A. which was just established in Trinidad.

Mr. Mitchell has worked extensively in various services in canada, and though aretired person now, still partakes actively in much consultative work. He remembers his Alma Mater, and frequently welcomes news of the Q.C. Old Boys Association. Best of luck to you Mr. Mitchell.


Blackman, K.O.
DeFreitas, L.F.
Dookhan, L.
Gooray, D.
Griffith, St.C.
Heywood, L.E.
Savicharran, C.S.
Ali, M.S.
Bacchus, S.A.
Bahadur, K.
Baird, L.C.
Belle, S.L.
Chow-Wah, L.
Grant, L.A.R.
Hassan, M.
Khan, N.
Lorrimer, O.R.
Maloney, R.W.
Persaud, T.
Rayman, C.A.S.
Amin, K.A.
Chan, A.W.
Dookwah, H.D.
Gajraj, M.H.
Gobin, W.W.
Haynes, M.A.
Imrhan, S.N.
Luncheon, R.
Lye, J.A.
Massiah, E.B.
Milner, J.A.
Mootoo, K.I.H.
Nasir, A.S.
Persaud, D.R.
Persaud, N.
Rambarat, C.
Ramjohn, M.A.
Rampaul, A.P.
Samaroo, G.D.
Sawh, N.S.
Sharma, H.
Singh, A.
Soloman, E.D.
Ward, B.H.
Yasin, A.M.

News of Our Boys Past and Present

The Magazine Executive and the School congratulate the following Old Boys of Queen’s College who have distinguished themselves in various 'ways during the past year (1967-1969)

Mr. S. A. McINTOSH On winning a Demba Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering.
Mr. J.BARKER On winning a Demba Scholarship in Mining Engineering.
Mr. R.A.L. FLETCHER On winning a Demba Scholarship in Mining Engineering
Mr. DENNIS Y. BARRONOn gaining his B.A. degree in Zoology from Wesleyan Universtity in Connecticut.
Mr. CARL WARRENOn gaining his B. Sc. degree in Economics from McMaster University.
Dr. BASIL PERSAUDWho has been successful in his post graduate studies at the Post Graduate Medical School (London)
Mr. JOHN RICKFORDWho has been awarded a U. S. Scholarship to study for his B.A. degree at the University of California , majoring in English language and English Literature.
Mr. M.K.G.WISHARTWho has completed his course for the M.A. degree in Latin American Spanish from London University.
Mr. S. SINGHWho has been awarded a U.G. Scholarshipto major in Chemistry at the University of McMaster.
Mr. LLOYD KUNAR Who is now completing studies in the pursuit of his Ph. D. degree in Physics at Toronto University, Canada.
Mr. CHARLES E. DENBOW Who has gained a first Class B.Sc. {Hons.) degree in Physiology frorn London University.
Mr. NEVILLE K. ROBINSON Who has been awarded the P.G.C.E. degree from London University.
Mr. BENJAMIN KUMAR Who has been successful in his M, B. B. S, exams at the U.W.I.
Mr. K. A, AARON For his inspiring leadership which resulted in victory for the Guyana Under six Cricketers in the recently concluded Quadrangular Series.
Mr. C. R. BROWNE Who led the Guyana Under 19 Soccer Youths against their Surinaam counterparts for the Burnham. Trophy.
Mr. E.I. FIELDS Who has gained the M. Sc. degree from Case Western Reserve University (Chemistry) in the Ubited States, and who is now a member of Queen's Staff.
Mr. W.A. WILSON Who has been successful in his M. B. B. S. exams at U.W.I.
Mr. H. RAMPERSAUD Who has also completed his M.B.B.S. from the U.W.l.
Mr. H.S. BIRKETT Who has gained the M.B.B.S. from the U.W.I.
Mr. GORDON ROHLEHR Who has successfully completed his Ph. D. degree in English from the university of Birmingham and who has been appointed a lecturer in the same subject at the U.W.I.
Mr. WALTER RODNEY Who has brilliantly gained the Ph. D. in History from London University and is now a lecturer in History at the U.W.I.
K.M.G. WISHART Who has gained the M.A. from London University.
W.I. PERTAUB Who was successful is his exams at Leeds University ; he got B. A. First Class Honors.
A.A. CHESNEY--------------------- Who had obtained the M.Sc. in Agriculture from U.W.I.


Adams, P. A.
Ali, K. I.
Allicock, E.
Andersen, E. V,
Alphonso, B- A.
Azeezadeen, M.
Babb. F. C.
Bacchus, M. A.
Bahadur, G. A.
Banarsee, T, E. R.
Barker, D. J.
Barrow, C. A.
Bayney, R. M.
Beck, J. O.
Bennons. C. O.
Boodhoo, B. R.
Bostwick, R. E. F.
Bradshaw, P. B.
Brathwaite, W. P. G.
Brijbassi, M. J.
Bullen, C. W.
Carryl, C. E. A.
Chan-Sue, D.
Charles, C. F. A. A
Chesney. A. E.
Chung, R. A.
Cole, A. B.
Corsbie, L. I.
Cozier, G. A.
Cummings, R. O.
De Abreu, J. P.
Dookhoo. R.
Dratyton, P. F.
Duncan, A.
Dyal, V. D.
Edwards, C. R.
Ford, E. M.
Franklin, N. J.
Fraser, D. W.
Gherow, N. V.
Gill. D. G.
Gonsalves, N. P.
Goorbarry, A. L.
Greene, J. M.
Griffith, K. C.
Gurpersaud, D.
Hafiz, I.
Haniff, S. G.
Harman, R. A.
Harper, R. H.
Harris, W. I.
Hing, K. A.
Holder, G, O.
Homenauth, V.P.
Hoosein, L.
Huntley, J.F.C.
Ifill, R.O.
Jack, C.K.
Jackman, D.
Jamal, I.A.
James, H.H.
Jawahir, R.D.
Jeeboo, R.C.K.
Johnson, W.W.
Jones, I.
Jones, N.R.
Karimullah, M.A.
Kersten, PJ.
Kersting, P.B.
Khan, A.
Khan, M.R.
Khan, Y.C.
Kim, Y.C.
Kong, R.A.O.
Lai, R.
Lochan, R.D.
London, O.M.
Lowe, M.H.
Lowe, L.
McAllister, H.E.
McPherson, L.E.
Mackinnon, A.D.
Makhanlall, A.N.
Masih-Das, K.R.
Masih-Das, W.M.
Mathurin, C.K.
Meertins, G.H.
Mohamed, F.M.
Moses, L.E.
Motilall, B.
Munroe, D.G.
Narain, P.L.
Naraine, A.P.
Naraine, R.
Nelson, T.J.
Netram, M.
Noel, R.A.
Norton, H.E.
Pairaudeau, P.W.
Panday, K.C.
Patterson, P.A.
Peroune, M.A.
Persaud, J.
Persaud, K.V.
Plooard, D.G.C.M.
Potter, R.C.C.
Premsukh, L.
Raheem, R.A.
Raghunandan, R.
Rai, Royston, V.
Rai, Rudyard, V.
Rajroop, I.J.
Ralph, C. M.I.
Ramgopal, M. M.
Ramharack, R.
Ramnarain, G.S.
Ramprasad, L.R.
Ramsay, C.M.
Rawana, E. P.
Revnolds, B. G.
Ritchie, M. P.
Rodrigues, G.P.A.
Rupnarain, R.P.
Samad, M.F.
Sankar, G.L.
Sankara, S.
Savory, N.A.
Sawh, D.Y.D.
Sawh, V. K.
Sealey, W.M.
Sears, E.A.
Shibabuddeen, M.S.
Shameem, M. S.
Singh, A.P.
Singh, P. D. A.
Singh, S.
Singh, T.
Sivlall, V.
Smith. N. A. G.
Stephens, P.G.W.
Subrian, K.
Sukdeo, L.
Surujballi, O.P.
Taylor, S. F.
Tiwari, K. T.
Tiwari. R.R.
Thomas, A. R.
TuIsie, K. P.
Venner, E. J. D. A.
Venner. F. G. A.
Venner K. J. M.V.
Wali Mohamad. K.
Westmaas, D.K.S.
Whyte, L. K.
Williams. O.
Yasin, M. F. A.
Yeung. P.
Zainul. M. A.

Boys of Q.C. seen receiving the 'sumptuous' treat which the P.M. promised us after completing the frncing of our grounds



Training for the Christmas Term did not start until the middle of October and. the accent was placed on Drill because of the annual Armistice Day Parade which was soon approaching. The cadets were put to march in a strategic position during this parade since they had just returned from a training camp a few months before and were then Proficiency [Part 1) cadets. Only one platoon had marched and it was led by second Lt L. Robinson.

One hundred and twenty-five recruits were taken in during this term. These new lads were very enthusiastic about the Corps and joined with the expectation of going to a training camp at the end of the school year. However, the number of recruits bad to be cut down tremendously after a certain time and those remaining were chosen on the basis of height, age and discipline. Both cadets and recruits were trained by a G.D.F. Sergeant and Corporals.

The Easter Term, as usual, was an important one for the Corps. There were no special functions to attend, and most of the cadets were studying for their G.C.E. examinations which were to start within a few months. During the Summer Term the Corps received weekly training schedules from R.S.M. Pilgrim of the G. D. F. who came every afternoon to see progress made. The R. S. M. also appointed Sgt. King and three Corporals from the G. D. F. as instructors so the Corps. Earlier two promotions were made: C.S.M. Watson, H. G. to Cadet Officer; Sgt. Aaron, K. to C.S.M.

The highlight of this term, however, was the Independence Anniversary Parade- The Cadets, clad in full military gear including webbing and rifles, were led by Cadet Officer Hugh G. Watson through the streets of Georgetown. The Governor-General look the salute in this parade of all the military units in the country and this was the first time since the "revival" of the Corps that the cadets marched such an exhaustible distance with rifles and webbing. Though a G. D. F. Private fainted after the parade, there were no casualties within the Corps. This was very commendable.

Later in this term, the recruits, having finished their basic drills, were measured for uniforms, in preparation for the training camp which started on 26th August 1968. Thirty recruits were sent to camp along with thirty-five cadets.

Promotions for the camp were as follows:—
To SERGEANTS — Cpls. J. Carmichael, and S. A. McIntosh.
To CORPORALS — L. Cpls. Hugh, and Boxhill.
To LANCE CORPORALS: Cdts. C. P. Watson, and R. Kirton, Gerrard.

Looking around the school, it can easily be seen that the Corps is one of the most efficient organisations in Queen's College, and after the departure of the current N. C. O's, it is hoped that it will continue to be among the most efficient. This, however, is expected since the general interest of the School and of certain G. D. F. members is very much centred on the Corps.

Best of luck to all Cadets in the future.


Sportsman of the Year

4.45, 4.46, 4,47, 4 - 47.5, He's done it!He's has broken the school’s mile record set in 1964 and held by D. A. Chung of Austin House. This victory probably more than anything clinched the 1967-68 Sportsman of the year award for Donald Rodney of Cunningham House. Though only sixteen years old, Rodney was already the holder of 3 school records: 440 yds Under 13, High Jump under 13, Under 15. At the last House Athletic Meet, Donald added two more to his total. The Under Seventeen 880 yds, and the mile. His time for the 880 yds was 2.08. 5 secs, clipping 2.1 secs. of the old record held by J. T. Thom set in 1962.

Rodney entered Queen's College in 1963, and in his first attempt at the House Athletic Meeting he gained maximum points in ail of the events open to him in the Under 13 division, breaking the division's High Jump Record which has since been equalled by Walcott of Weston. House. He began specializing in the longer distances, and his performances in these events to date are ample reward for his interest, ability and determination. Rodney has come a long way, and can yet go further la his Athletic career. So with the knowledge that the boys of Queen's are behind him all the way, we hope that he will set his sights on the greater things before him. On behalf of the community of Queen's College. I take this opportunity to congratulate Donald Rodney on his achievement of the 1967-6S Sportsman of the Year Award.

Seen breaking the long standing mile record 4min. 50secs. with a time of 4min. 47.5 sees.

Open Champ A.R. Morrison receives his prize from the Hon. Neville Bissember, with the Principal in the background.


STANDING L-R: T.J. Morris, L. Baird, F. Massiah, W.O. Boxhill, M. London, D. Dewar, S. Jervis, D. Hales.
D. De Freitas, K.A. Aaron, Mr. E.W. London (Capt.), D. Cheddie, B.C.G. Jckman.


BACK L - R: C.R. Browne, H. McDavid, M. Monsanto, L.A.R. Grand, L. Greene, R. Campbell, A.S. McIntosh (Capt.), Mr. C.O. Perry (Supervisor).
M. London, C. Messiah, A. Fields, A. Monsanto, E. Phillips.


A. McIntosh, L. Shuffler (Coach), A.I. DaSilva, L.A.R. Grant, D. Sinclair, R. Lorrimer.
KNEELING: L-RW. Holder, C. Singh, S. Richmond, P. Ramsammy, D. Husbands.

L - R : Roy R. Kunar, K. Bahadur, S.A. McIntosh, Leyland A.R. Grant, H. Gordon Watson, Keith A. Aaron, Nizam Khan.

L - R : Roy R. Kunar, K. Bahadur, Keith A. Aaron, St. Clair Griffith, S.A. McIntosh, H. Gordon Watson, Nizam Khan, Leyland A.R. Grant, C.A.S. Rayman.


L-R: Colin Watson, H. Gordon Watson.

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