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When I returned to British Guiana in 1951, the then Principal asked whether I would be willing to supervise the production of the School Magazine. It was in fact a pleasure for me to give my consent and since that time I have been connected with the School Magazine except for the occasions when I may have been on Leave and during the time I acted as Deputy Headmaster (viz. 1963). Now the Editor has asked me to write a foreword for the Magazine. Seeing that I have had the closest connection with this production, it is indeed a greater pleasure for me to do so.Let me therefore at once wish this issue the greatest success - may it not only be a record of the activities of the School during the academic year 1963-64, but also a journal of some literary merit and entertainment.

The past year had its full share of anxieties and troubles. This was a year of stress, strain and "strangulation" The upheaval in the community made itself felt at Queen's, but, we the Staff and Boys carried on as if all was normal. There were changes in several aspects of School life. The whispers of "laudatores temporis acti" will not dampen our spirit. Queen's shall move on to higher spheres - this is the age of 'space' - and we shall not be daunted by unfounded criticisms. Discipline and self-restraint shall be the basis of our work here, and contempt of mediocrity and cant our motto. Let us (both Staff and Boys) resolve that Queen's College shall strengthen the traits which have proved successful in the past and that those characteristics embodied in change for the better, shall be nurtured.

" i libelle pede fausto "



Sitting (L to R):Miss A. Akai, Miss L. Dolphin, Mr. Lall, Mr. Yhap, Mr. Delph, Mr. Hetram (Headmaster), Mr. N.A. Robinson, Mr. Barker (Dep. Headmaster), Mr. Smith, Mr. London, Mr. Moore, Mr. Chunilall, Mr. Thompson,Mrs. Persaud, Mr. Chang-Sang, Mr. Morgan.
Standing (L to R):Messrs Burrowes, Jonas, Issacs, Chinapen, K.N. Robinson, Trotz, Benjamin, Drayton, Yearwood, Lowe, Brotherson, Jackson, Taylor, Eyre.

News of our Boys Past and Present

Our congratulations are extended to the following old boys of Q.C......

Mr. L.F.S. Burnham - Prime Minister.
Dr. C.B. Jagan - Leader of the Opposition.
..And all other Old Boys who are members of the Legislative Assembly.

C.E. Barker - Deputy Headmaster, Queen's College.
S.M.D. Insanally - B.A. Hons (Cantab.) and Bar finals.
O.A. Cummings - Puisne Judge.
A.J. Seymour - F.R.S.A.
C.E. Denbow - Guiana scholarship.
L.A. Wilson - Demba Scholarship.
Clive Thomas - Ph.D. (London), Lecturer in Econ. at U.W.I.
H.R.H. Brewster - Asst. lecturer (Classics) U.W.I.
S. Dabydeen - Lecturer (Politics) Leicester.
K.M.G. Wishart - B.A. (Hons.) U.W.I.
R.B. Dyaljie - B.Sc. (Agric.) U.W.I.
J.P. Croal - B.Sc. (hons.) U.W.I.
A.R. Khan - B.Sc. (Econ.) U.W.I.
K.O. Barrow - M.B., B.S., U.W.I., Gold Medalist 1964
G.O. Rohlehr - B.A (Hons.) U.W.I.; Allen Lane English Essay Prize.
W. Sewchand - B.Sc. U.W.I.
N.P. Chan - B. Sc. (Eng.) U.W.I.
W.A. Lee - B.Sc. Sask.
W.F. Younge - B.Sc. (Mech. Eng.) U.W.I.
Mohamed Khan - M.B., B.S., U.W.I.
G.E. Woo-Ming - M.B., B.S., U.W.I.
H.G. Rohlehr - B. Sc. (Chem.Eng.) Birmingham.
W.G. Green - B.Sc. (Botany) Birmingham.
W. Ho - Scholarship to Israel.
W.L. Lee - M.B., B.S. U.W.I.

.... This list is incomplete. Would Old Boys keep us informed, please.



The honour of sportsman of the year (1963-1964) goes to the versatile Desmond T. Roberts.

Within the last few years of his school career ^Robbie" as he has been popularly called, has been an asset to many of the school's teams. He represented the school in volleyball, of which he was vice-captain in his last year at school; he also represented the school in football and at table-tennis. Last and by no means least he has represented the school in athletics in which sport he reached the summit of his sports career when he convincingly won the Open Championship with victories in the High Jump, Hurdles and 100 yards.

This final achievement was the crowning effort of his athletics career for "Robbie" has for a long time been knocking at the door of this illustrious prize which had however eluded him. But contrary to all expectations he convincingly won the 100 yards and from that time he never looked back.

"Robbie" will also be remembered as one of Nobb's House heroes whenever there was the Tug-of-War event and of course he will long be remembered in the annals of this House not only as a staunch supporter but also as a popular Head of House.

The school wishes him all the best in his future career, athletic or otherwise, and to him we say "Keep it up".

Sports Editor.


On Ground: R. Campbell, A. Morrison.
Sitting: G. Went, A. Fox, Mr. London (sub.), G. Thom, D. Morrison.
Standing; L. Joseph, A. Paul, D. Roberts, F. Liverpool.


Sitting: (L to R): K. Wills, Mr. London (Supervisor), C. Denbow, L. Innis, P. Foo.
Standing (L to R): R. cambridge, G. Rohlehr, B. Moore, C. Jobe, A. Morrison.


Front Row: (L to R): J.Cumberbatch, L. Crawford, K. narain, E. Persico, R. Daniels.
Back Row (L to R): P. Piggott, H. West, R. Dummett, K. Dyer, W. Evans, S. Yhap.


Ground: (L to R): R. Ng-A-Fook, A. Rambha Rose.
Sitting (L to R): R. Jabour, J. Smith, D. Roberts, W. Blair.
Standing:: I. Haynes, R. Viapree, E. Azeez, B. Harriprashad, B. Drepaul, F. Liverpool.


Adams, A. D.
Alexander, L. E.
Ali, M. J.
Adonis, N A.
Alonza, M.
Anamunthodoo, G.
Anderson, R.
Bacchus, M. T.
Barreto M.
harry, W. A.
Beckles, A. N.
Beekie, G. C. I.
Bernard, G. I. D.
Bishop, W. R, R.
Boxhill, L. E.
Bunbury, C. I.
Callender, M.
Carter, K. H.
Chan, M. G.
Chan.Choong, J. W.
Cheong, S. R.
Cheong, T.
Choo-Kang, S. L.
Coelho, D. D.
Cumberbarch, S. E.
De Freitas, K. A.
De Freitas, M. J.
Dick, G.
Dolphin, J. H.
Dookie, E. K.
Edun, B. A.
Etkins. P. B.
Etkins, G. D. R. F.
Evans, G. B.
Fanning, J. B. F.
Fernandes, M.
Fraser, R. F.
Fung-Fook, R.
Ganet, P. C.
Grainger, A.
Grant, T. L.
Greene, H L.
Godfrey, C. E. F.
Hassan, F. M.
Headley, J. C.
Hing, F. A.
Hoyte, D. J.
Hoyte, D. A.
Ishmael. N. A.
Jack, R. J.
Jagdeo, S.
Jaipersaud, R.
James, 0.
Jervis, S. D.
Jones, K. L.
Karimullah, M. A.
Khan, I. K. M.
Kumar, J. D.
Limerick, C. L.
Luck, H. J.
Mangal, M. J.
Mann, L. A.
Marshall. W. E.
Mattai, C. C.
Mattai, K. R.
Mattai, S.
Mendonca, A. F. R. D.
Ming, A.
Moore, D. E.
Narain, G.
Orford, P.
Persaud, C.
Persaud, D.
Persaud, H. R.
Persaud, J. K.
Persaud, K.
Persram, R. S.
Phillips, E. M.
Pieters, D. A.
Prashad, D.
Prashad, L. N.
Prince, G.
Rakumar, L. S.
Ramascindo, G.
Ramotar, P.
Robeiro, J.
Ruhoman, B.
Salamalay, J. N.
Sam, D. A.
Shah, R. S.
Shepherd, C. S.
Shivnaraine, R.
Shultz, R.
Soodoo, G. J.
Sue-A-Quan, J. D.
Sukdeo, M. V.
Sutherland, C. S.
Tait, M. H.
Ten-Pow, R. C.
Thompson, C.
Tiwari, S. N.
Valz, 0. M.
Wallbridge, W. R.
Wharton, R. M.
White, H. S.
Yhap, R. A.
Young-Fong-Kee, L.
Yusuf, F. M.

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