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"The world is once more at peace. The shadow of tyranny has been lifted from the face of the earth, and we look forward to the return of normal conditions".

Just ten years ago this year an editor of the Queen's College Magazine wrote these words in his editorial. At that time his words were appropriate enough — the Nazi state and its allies had been destroyed and people everywhere once more breathed the air of freedom.

Ten years later, we find that there has been a steady deterioration in the world situation. We live under the shadow of the Hydrogen Bomb, and millions be under not merely the shadow but the substance of tyranny. The world, nominally at peace, is in reality divided into two worlds at war — East against West — a war not so much of the sword as of the soul. We who are now entering upon adult life are helpless observers, caught up in a whirlpool of circumstance at whose vortex lies perhaps the destruction of the human race.

Let us hope that when, ten years hence, an editor of this magazine sits down to write his editorial, he will be able to report that what his predecessor of twenty years had written has at last come true—that "the shadow of tyranny has been lifted from the face of the earth."

The Magazine, for various good reasons, has various changes this year. It has been reduced in size — this is because of an urgent need for economy as we still owe the publishers a large sum for the last magazine. The date of publication has been moved backward — this is in. order that the magazine may include a survey of the whole of the preceding year. Both these changes — in size and in date of publication — are permanent. Owing to the reduction in size it has been impossible to include howlers and other humorous matter. The magazine is above everything else a yearly record of the school; other matter has therefore to give place to such records — such as house notes, athletic results and the prize-list. We hope that by next year, when there will be no need for such stringent economy, we will return to the fuller and more varied magazine of the past.

- Adrian Rodway


Once again we are on the threshold of another year and as we cast a retrospective glance at the year just past we see that it has been one in which we can find much to be proud of - new additions to the laurels of the past.

During the year we welcomed eight new masters - Messrs. W. W. Anderson, P. D. Dyal, L. M. Hirsch, B. J. Moore and J. R. Ramsammy, at the beginning of the Autumn term, and Messrs. W. A. Mohabir, A. P. Abrams, and H. I. Humphrey, during the Summer term. Spanish was introduced as a subject with Mr. Keates in charge.

. On Speech Day, our Governor, Sir Patrick Renison paid us his first visit. In use for the first time were the new curtains and stage equipment. The Head of Woolley House was presented with the shield for winning the first year's work competition.

Brig. Hall, C-in-C. of the B.W.I. forces visited the school and after an inspection of the Cadet Corps, declared that it was second to none in the B.W.I. The Corps is now more closely integrated with the B.G. Volunteer Force.

The school acquired a small printing press this year. Boys who are learning to operate it are making satisfactory progress. Both the Science and the Art Exhibitions held this year were very successful. The former tended to overshadow the latter in presentation.

The first major conflagration occurred this year and wrought damage to the tune of $16,000.00. It occurred at one of the new houses occupied by Mr. Digby who had moved into those quarters about two weeks before. Unfortunately the Queen's College Fire Fighters did not have an opportunity of going into action as the fire occurred at night.

Members of the school made three major outings this vear. The first was a tour to Trinidad by 24 boys and 5 masters to play Cricket Football and Athletics against Queen's Royal College and Naparima High School. The teams did well, .winning two football matches, drawing one and losing one; and winning the Cricket Match. On account of the unexpected discontinuation of the tour the second cricket snatch and the Athletic Meeting were not held. Other educational visits which were scheduled had to be cancelled. The second outing was made to Atkinson Field by a group of Sixth Form Science Students. The boys did practical Biology in the field under Messrs. Irwin and Ramsammy. The third outing was made by the Fifth Modern who, throught the courtesy of the Demerara Bauxite Company, saw British Guiana's primary Mining Industry in operation.

In the field of sports Q.C. won both the Jacob and Dias Inter-Collegiate Cups. At our Annual Athletic Meet, Moulder House won the Championship and Standard Points Shields. Individual Champions were R. B. Fields - Open; T. E. Mathews and D. 0. Niles - Under 17, I-I. A. Chesney - Under 15 and E. I. J. Fields - Under 13. Moulder House also won the Table Tennis Shield. Football and Cricket were won by Austin and Percival Houses respectively. An athletic team competed against Bookers in the First Inter-Club Match locally. We lost but a later combination between ourselves and Saint Stanislaus College defeated a team from Bookers.

The Middle and Junior School Scholarships were awarded to R. M. S. Khan and P. E. Jupp respectively. Other Government Scholarship winners this year were V. E. A. Chin (Agriculture), R. N. S. V. Misir (Geology), A. P. Abrams (Engineering), S. A. Moonsammy (Chemistry) C. A. Ridley (Engineering and U.C.W.I. Open Scholarship), D. L. W. King (Arts Exhibition to U.C.W.I.), and B. B. Hope (Bookers Administrative Cadetship).

The Summer term saw the birth of a New Club - the Q.C. Educational Tour Club. Its aims and objects are to provide a healthy and educational diversion for the Senior boys during holiday periods. The Science Society continued to be the foremost organisation of its kind in the School, while the Literary and Debating Society after a shaky start caught itself quickly and returned to its normal activity.

At the end of the Summer Term we bade farewell to Messrs. Irwin, Hirsch, Boland, Eyre, Narayan, Abrams, King and Richmond. Mr. Irwin spent 4 years with us and has rendered invaluable assistance to the Staff and School. Mr. Richmond has been appointed an Assistant District Commissioner, our best wishes go with them and to those Masters who left to further their studiesi, some of whom will return to their former posts.

The year closed with many of our boys participating with success in the Colony's biannual Music Festival. Congratulations to pianist Andrew Terrill who won the Cup for the Best Open Instrumental Soloist.

Those were the varied an dinteresting activities which characterised another year. It is with pride that we draw the curtains on its final scene. We may justly add these achievements to the illustrious history handed down to us by our predecessors and hope that our successors will strive to reach even greater heights than those which have already been attained.

Head of School.




Mr. V.J. Sanger-Davies, T.D., M.A. (Cantab)

Deputy Principal:
Mr. H.A.M. Beckles, M.A. (Oxon.) O.B.E.

Senior Master:
Mr. N.E. Cameron, M.A. (Lond.)


Messrs C.I. Draton; J.N. Chung; C.E. Barker, B.Sc. (Lond.); J.J. Niles, B.A. (Lond.); Chunilall, B.A.(Lond.); C.A. Yansen; S.R.R. Alsopp, B.A.(hons.) London; D. Hetram, M.A. (Dunelm); H.R. Persaud, B.A. (London); C.P. Yhap, B.A. (Oxon); L.W. Keates, B.A. (Birm.); H.S. Irwain, M.E.R.S. (Wash.); T.B.E Richmond; C.E.M. Boland, B.Sc. (London); J.A. D'Oliviera, M.A. (Birmingham); H.W. London, B.A. (London); R.D. Rock, B.A. (Dunelm); R.A. Lee, B.Sc. (London); E.R. Burrowes, M.B.E.; L.M. Herst, D.Sc. (Wayne); R.J. Moore, B.A. (Lond.); E.L. Archer; B.A. Eyre, B.A. (Lond.); G.H. Narayan, B.A. (Lond.); R.M. Jonas; S.A. King; I.H. Dial, B.A. (Lond.); S.E. Wilson, B.A. (Lond.).

Temporary Master:
Mr. E.O. Plgrim, M.B.E., B.Sc. (Hons. Lond)

Preparatory Form Mistriss:
Miss L. deW. Dolphin, G.R.S.M.

Miss D. Wan-Ping


Left to Right, standing: Bacchus, D.W.; Lee, A.R.A; Young-Kong, L.K.; Trotz, U.D.; Haynes, R.L.; Fung, R.E.; Baker, G.M.; Persaud, B.R.G.; Sue-Ho, W.M.; Sharples, M.J.
SittingRayman, D.B.; Ridley, C.A.; Foo, R.D.; Khan, M.M.R.; Hope, B.B. (Head of School); Mr. V.J. Sanger-Davies (Principal); Moonsammy, S.A. (Deputy Head of School); Rodway, N.A.; Mitchell, G.H.; Sue-A-Quan, E.A.; McKenzie, H.I.
Absent: Fields, R.B.; Majeed, A.; Spence, C.S.


Standing, Left to Right: Ramprashad, F; Mitchell, G.H.; McWatt, D.A.; Bacchus, D.W.; Nicholson, J.A.; Niles, D.O.; Joseph,G.
SittingKhan, R.M.S.; Smith, B.I.; Fung; R.E.; Rayman, D.B.; Lawrence, F.A.(Capt.)


Standing, Left to Right: Smith, A.R.; Bacchus, D.W.(captain); Franker, N.C.; Baker, G.M.; McDonald, D.A.
Kneeling: Niles, D.O.; Downer, A.V.; Reid, A.McG.; Young-Kong, L.K.; Smith, B.I.
Sitting: Fung, R.E.



Alexander, J. D.; Applewhaite, L. M.; Armstrong, B. A.; Arthur, Michael; Bacchus, S. M. H.; Bijaikumar; Boodram, M. A.; Bourne, G. B.; Bowling, R. A. P.; Brewster, W. E. H.; Bryan, F. A. M.; Burrell, A. J.; Butchey, M. R. S.; Cheeks, R. E.; Chin, V. I.; Choo-Kang, H. Y.; Chung, D. A.; Clarice, J. P.; Conway, L. Craig, A. E. Cromarty, N. R. Daljit, K. Daniels, R. E. A.; Doobay, B. S. N.; Douglas, E. B.; Evans, W. G.; Fletcher, I. M.; Francis, T.; Fraser, P. D.; Ganpatsingh, E. G. D.; Georges, M. R.; Gibbs, L. R.; Gonsalves, J. T.; Gonsalves, N. R.; Granger, D. A.; Griffith, 0. L.; Hamilton, M. C.; Harding, M. E. A.; Haynes, I. K. Heasman, J. F.; Hemerding, H. G.; Hubbard, C. W.; Hugh, C. C.; Ishmael, H. J. A ; Jardim, P. D.; Johnson, A. A.; Khan, N. A. I.; Kong, M. B.; Latchana, M. C.A.; London, C. W.; MacInnes, P. N.; Mayers, J. B; McDoom, S. M.; Martin, A.; Medas, R. D.; Mercurius, W. G. K.; Miranda, I. W.; Misir, A. V.; Narayan, Y.; Oudkerk, E. G.; Paul, R. 0. M.; Paul, R. A.; Pearce, M. J.; Piggott, J. A, Pollard, 0.; Pyne, A.; Niamatali, S.; Rahaman, M. I. H.; Ramcharran, S. C.; Ramnauth, C.; Ramsammy, D; Ramsammy, H.; Robertson, I. E.; Robinson, J. L.; Sahoy, R. R.; Sanford, S. E. A.; Sargison, R. W.; Saul, K. W. K.; Seegobin, D. C.; Shearer, S. Y.; Shivgulam, N.; Simon, L. M.; Singh, J.; Singh, J. G.; Storey, M. E.; Stuart, D. G.; Stuart, W. L. McG.; Taharally, R. F.; Tang, M. R.; Ting- a-Kee, R. S. A.; Wilson, L. A.; Woollev, J. L.; Young-Kong, N. I., Yow, F. L.



ALLEN, L. R. S. 1948-1956 ; 1948-Govt. County Scholar; 195.3-G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1956-G.C.E. Advanced Level.

BACCHUS, D. W. 1948-1956 ; 1953--G.C.E. Ordinary Level; Cadet; School Prefect. Football colours; Capt. Football.

BIRBALSINGH, F. M. 1949-56 ; 1949-Govt. County Scholar; 1954 - G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1956-G.C.E. Advanced Level (Exempt. from Inter-B.A.).

CUMMINGS, S. E. 1948-56 ; 1948-Govt. County Scholar; 1953 - G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1953-Q.C. Senior Scholar; 1955-G.C.E, Advanced Level; Editor of the Magazine; Head of "G" House.

DOWNER, A. V. 1953-56 ; 1954-G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1956-G.C.E. Advanced Level.

FOO, R. P. 1953-56 ; 1954-G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1955-School Prefect; Cadet.

HO-A-YUN, J. E, F. 1948-56 ; 1948—Centenary Exhibition; 1953- G.C.E. Ordinary Level.

HOPE, B. B. 1947-56 ; 1953-G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1953-School Prefect; 1955-Head of School; Cpl. Cadet. Corps.; 1949-Under 13 - Champion; 1953-Athletic Colours, appointed Athletics Captain.

JOHN, 0. S. 1953-1956 ; 1953-G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1956 - G.C.E. Advanced Level.

KHAN, M: M. R. 1948-56 ; 1948-Govt. County Scholar; 1953-G.C;E. Ordinary Level; School Prefect; Head of Nobbs House; 195^-G.C.E. Advanced Level.

LORD, Denis Anthony. 1946-56 ; 1954-G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1956 -- G.C.E. Advanced Level; Cadet.

McKENZIE, H. I. 1947-56 ; 1949-Queen's College Junior Scholarship; 1953 - G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1955-G.C.E. Advanced Level, (exemption from Inter-B.A.); School Prefect; Head of "K" House; 1956 —Guiana Scholar.

MAJEED, A. 1947-56 ; 1952-G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1952-Q.C. Senior Scholar; 1955 - G.C.E. Advanced Level; 1956 - Advanced Level, with Distinction in Applied Maths.; School Prefect; Deputy Head of Weston House,

MOONSAWMY, S. A. 1953-56 ; 1953-G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1955- G.C.E. Advanced Level; Deputy Head Prefect.

RAMSAHOYE, J. W. 1948-56 ; 1953 - G.C.E. Ordinary Level; Cadet.

RAYMAN, D. B. 1945-56 ; 1951-Middle School Exhibition; 1953 - G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1955 - School Prefect; G..C.E. Advanced Level.

RIDLEY, C. A. 1945-56 ; 1949-Q.C. Junior Exhibitioner; 1952-Q.C Middle School Exhibitioner; 1953 - G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1955 - G.C.E. Advanced Level (exempt, from Inter-B.Sc. and Eng.); School Prefect; Head of "B" House; Sgt. Cadet Corps; 1956 - Runner-up Guiana Scholarship.

SAHAI, A. A. 1948-56 ; 1948 - Blair Scholar; 1953 - Q.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1956 - Govt. Nominee to Caribbean Farm Institute.

SHARPLES, M. J. 1946 - 56 ; 1953 - G.C.E. Ordinary Level; School Prefect; Deputy Head of "B" House; 1956 - G.C.E. Advanced Level.

SPENCE, C. S. 1947 - 56 ; 1949-Junior Drawing Prize; 1952-G.C.E. Ordinary Level; 1955-G.C.E. Advanced Level; School Prefect; Head of "A" House; 1956 - Advanced Level with Distinction in Applied Maths.

TROTZ, U. O'D. 1953-1956 ; 1953 - Govt. School Art Scholar; School Prefect; Deputy Head of Nobbs House; 1956 - G.C.E-Advanced Level.

YOUNG-KONG, L. K. 1949-56 ; 1949-Govt. County Scholar; 1954 - G.C.E. Ordinary Level; School Prefect; C.S.M. Cadet Corps; 1956 - G.C.E. Advanced; U.C.W.I. Bursary.


Abbensetts, M. J.;Adams, R. I.; Adamson, J. M.; Archer, W. E.; Banks, A. P.; Brereton, H. A. R.; Brewster, K. I.; Bryant/H. S.; Burrowes, M. A.; Collymore, C. V.; Cossou, N. F. M.; Cullen, L. J.; Da Sent, A. A.; Findlay; J. B. C.; Gajraj, R. B.; Gordon, L. E.^m, D .M.; Jupp, P. E.; Leila, L. M.; Luard, V. W.; McDonald, D. A.; McCowan, C. H.; Macaulay, C. P.; Martins, G. P; Mundall, R. S. J.; Ngui-Kong-Sue, C; Osborn, P. W.; Pecht, H. J.; Rayman, G. M.; Rayman, M. K.; Sankar, Z.; M. A.; Sardmha,JL F.; Somaroo, B. H.; Sukhai, A. P.; Watkins A B.; Yong, M. V.

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