Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan was born in Chitral on July 16,1901. His Father's name was Abdul Hakeem Khan. He was having two brothers Khan Abdul Rauf Khan and Khan Abdul Hameed Khan (Retired Chief Justice, President and Prime Minsiter of Azad Kashmir). Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan completed his education from England B.Sc. honours (Economics)and BAR AT LAW. After completion of his education he started his practice in Peshawar in 1926. Due to his high awareness of high potential of freedom he joined All India Congress Party. He was good speaker in English, Urdu, Pishto and Hindco language. He become the popular leader of NWFP. He was elected member of All India Legislative Assembly in general election of 1937. He was energatic and hard working leader ,therefore, All India Congress Party elected him as Deputy Parlimany leader in Assembly with Boola gee Disai.

He had close association with Hindu leadership and Congress Party he felt disparity in their ideas against Muslims.In 1945 Shamila conference was held under chairmanship of Viceroy of India Lord Vavel. After this conference Quaid-e-Azam said , "Qayyum Khan you will join Muslim League one day. Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan told he was not able to sleep at that night and he decided to obey the order of Quaid-e-Azam. Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan resigned from Congress Party and joined Muslim League. He announced his decision in Press Conference in September 1945 held at residence of Dr. Abdul Waheed near civil secretariat Lahore.

After his joining, Muslim League started getting stability and more people joined this organization under the green flag. Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan define the way for feedom as the strategic position of NWFP in this region that it should come a part of Muslim State that is PAKISTAN.The financially, educationally, socially and politically the NWFP was far behind the horizon of other provinces. Thus the Congress and Red Shirts headed by Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan got benefit of this human weakness and also attarcted some landlords. In 1946, the election for the NWFP Assembly was held. Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan elected from Peshawar. There were 38 Muslimseats, Congress and Red Shirts won 21 seats and Muslim League got 17 seats, 10 from Hazara and 7 from rest of districts of Province. It was due to define leadership of Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan who left no stone unturned, the crowds of Muslims joined All India Muslim League and they shouted slogan for the PAKISTAN and MUSLIM LEAGUE.

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