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 Make Box Packaging with PT Putra Nugraha Sentosa  

Box Packaging – PT Putra Nugraha Sentosa is a company engaged in commercial packaging and printing with high-speed machines.

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This is a technique of packaging goods with the help of special tools or packaging. For packaging problems, of course you are very familiar with this. In which packaging, as we know, can help stored objects become more durable and last longer. This type of product box packaging has different functions and forms.

This packaging is a storage system that is packaged so that it is ready to be transported, distributed, stored, sold, and used. For the function of the packaging itself, for example, is to reduce damage to existing products. In addition, packaging can prevent and protect the products in it. With this packaging or packaging, it can make it easier for a business or a product to go somewhere in a practical and easy way.

For example, packaged food that requires airtight packaging conditions. This is because fungi and bacteria do not enter the food and damage the food. It is true that these airtight packaging can be made with the aforementioned aids by means of a vacuum or a press.