CCLP2 Level High Scores

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CCLP2 easiest bolds Sorted from easiest to hardest to get bold.
Overall high scores
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1. A Fleeting Memory
2. Naomi's Bug Collection
3. Bea's Den
4. Force World
5. Suction Ride
6. Fixing the Toggle Switch
7. Slightly Mad
8. Use the Fish
9. Maze of One Way
10. Who Needs a Flipper?
11. Deconstruction
12. Mazed In
13. The Serial Port
14. The Parallel Port
15. Debug File
16. Paw-Print Isle
17. Double Trouble
18. Elemental
19. A Sample of Things to Come
20. Ranger Denmark
21. Block Away!
22. How Goes?
23. Traps I
24. Sudden Death
25. Race for the Chips
26. Work Fast
27. Frozen Floors
28. Madness I
29. Fire Trap (or Fire and Water)
30. Chase Race
31. Well of Wishes
32. Tele-Portion
33. The Big Button Quest
34. Cypher II
35. Mirror
36. Spy
37. The Mystery of the Seven Chips
38. Mads' Rush I
39. Yike-O-Matic
40. Traps II
41. Ladder Needs a Wash
42. Hmmm!
43. Ray of Light
44. Fun House Rink
45. Breaking the Rules
46. Hurry Up, Chip!
47. Tele-Rooms
48. And Then There Were... Four?
49. Just a Minute!!
50. Smorgasbord
51. The Lake in Winter
52. Oracle I
53. Security Breach
54. Killer Rooms
55. Dangers of Fire and Beasts
56. Planet of the Teeth
57. Quad-Boot
58. Reversi
59. Lot of Danger
60. Internal Clock
61. Icy Moat
62. Chips on the Blocks
63. Jungle
64. Loop Holes
65. Beware of the Teeth!
66. Hobgoblins and Chimera
67. The One Sensible Chip
68. Madness II
69. So Many Chips!
70. Killer Spiral
71. Mads' Rush II
72. Checkerboard I
73. Bumble Boy
74. Chip Search
75. BuggyWall
76. Fireflies (or Fire Bugs)
77. Madd Maze
78. The Search for the Exit
79. Cra-zy
80. Frost Swirl
81. Just Enough
82. The Block Stops Here
83. Warehouse I
84. Crypts of Aganorak
85. Follow the Glacier Brick Road
86. Creative One-Ways
87. The Walker Machine
88. Don't Get Lost
89. The Ghetto Defender
90. Marjolaine's Maze
91. Tutti-Frutti
92. Abandoned Mines
93. Exit Chip
94. Checkerboard II
95. Learn
96. Glider and Fire
97. Roller Coaster
98. Loop
99. One-Block Sokoban
100. Torch
101. Hard as Rock
102. Chip's Fight
103. Island Hopping
104. Pyramid
105. Yet Another Puzzle
106. Bounce
107. Joyride I
108. Tricks
109. Blocked Trap
110. It's a Kind of Magic
111. Monster Factory
112. After the Rainstorm
113. Oorto Geld II
114. Joyride II
115. Counter Clockwise
116. Turn Turn Turn
117. CircleMaze
118. High Security
119. Teeth
120. Frost Rings
121. Flame Boy
122. Warehouse II
123. BlockSlide
124. Paramecia
125. Blocks 'n Bombs
126. Dodge!
127. Escape from Chipkatraz
128. Fantasy Island
129. Miscellaneous
130. Frozen Birdbath
131. Time Bomb
132. Captured
133. Block Maze
134. Microcosm
135. Zartacla
136. Switch Hit
137. Iron Mysticus
138. Patrolled
139. Frostbite
140. Keep Trying
141. Oracle II
142. Chomper Romp
143. Trapped
144. Wormwood
145. Gauntlet
146. Run-a-Muck
147. Cloner's Maze
148. Neptune
149. Key Color A Fleeting Memory Naomi's Bug Collection Bea's Den Force World Suction Ride Fixing the Toggle Switch Slightly Mad Use the Fish Maze of One Way Who Needs a Flipper? Deconstruction Mazed In The Serial Port The Parallel Port Debug File Paw-Print Isle Double Trouble Elemental A Sample of Things to Come Ranger Denmark Block Away! How Goes? Traps I Sudden Death Race for the Chips Work Fast Frozen Floors Madness I Fire and Water Chase Race Well of Wishes Tele-Portion The Big Button Quest Cypher II Mirror Spy The Mystery of the Seven Chips Mads' Rush I Yike-O-Matic Traps II Ladder Needs a Wash Hmmm Ray of Light Fun House Rink Breaking the Rules Hurry Up, Chip! Tele-Rooms And Then There Were... Four? Just a Minute!! Smorgasbord The Lake in Winter Oracle I Security Breach Killer Rooms Dangers of Fire and Beasts Planet of the Teeth Quad-Boot Reversi Lot of Danger Internal Clock Icy Moat Chips on the Blocks Jungle Loop Holes Beware of the Teeth Hobgoblins and Chimera The One Sensible Chip Madness II So Many Chips Killer Spiral Mads' Rush II Checkerboard I Bumble Boy Chip Search BuggyWall Fire Bugs Madd Maze The Search for the Exit Cra-zy Frost Swirl Just Enough The Block Stops Here Warehouse I Crypts of Aganorak Follow the Glacier Brick Road Creative One-Ways The Walker Machine Don't Get Lost The Ghetto Defender Marjolaine's Maze Tutti-Frutti Abandoned Mines Exit Chip Checkerboard II Learn Glider and Fire Roller Coaster Loop One-Block Sokoban Torch Hard as Rock Chip's Fight Island Hopping Pyramid Yet Another Puzzle Bounce Joyride I Tricks Blocked Trap It's a Kind of Magic Monster Factory After the Rainstorm Oorto Geld II Joyride II Counter Clockwise Turn Turn Turn CircleMaze High Security Teeth Frost Rings Flame Boy Warehouse II BlockSlide Paramecia Blocks 'n' Bombs Dodge! Escape from Chipkatraz Fantasy Island Miscellaneous Frozen Birdbath Time Bomb Captured Block Maze Microcosm Zartacla Switch Hit Iron Mysticus Patrolled Frostbite Keep Trying Oracle II Chomper Romp Trapped Wormwood Gauntlet Run-a-Muck Cloner's Maze Neptune Key Color CC1
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