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    Yesterday it was a path shaded by trees and carpeted with wild
grass. Today it is an institution abundant with the instrumentalities of mental and power
reflecting the association of great minds. A place where one can find the magic of
soothing comfort...

    Free from the roaring of car-engines amidst traffic, free from pollution which clouds
the air and other reminders of strenuous city life. The most captivating aspect of the
land is the beauty of Mt. Makiling standing calm and serene. The touch of the leaves
in the brush of the wind. Add the loving, warm, restless, questing anh hopeful nature
of people that will charm every by-passers.

     It is not so much the grandeur of these sights capture everyone's hearts, the deep
realization that within this place the university lives: university that cradled the 148
pioneer graduates into the realization of their dreams.

    June 10, 1989 marks the history of PUP, it is the date when Hon. Leopoldo M.
Laurel,Jr.,Municipal Mayor of Sto. Tomas figurated the dreams of establishing a
branch in the town by sending a letter of interest and appreciation to Dr. Nemesio E.
Prudente, President of PUP. Dr. Dante G. Guevarra initiated the proposal. A deed of
donation for a one hectare municipal land was done through Resolution Np. 89-18
following the groundbreaking rites on the 28th of January 1991.

     The first office of the director of PUP Sto. Tomas was located at the Sto. Tomas
municipal building and later transferred to the one-story building that also housed the
first batch of students, the Lions Club Building.

    In SY 1992-1993, the branch accepted the first batch of students with a total
number of 292. The courses offered during the year are: Bachelor in Business
Education Administration, Bachelor in Accountancy, Bachelor in Computer Data
Processing Management, Bachelor in Office Administration and Bachelor in Electronic
and Communication Engineering.

    The University offered not only a challenge during those years but a branch of
strong members who enjoy the bounties of academic freedom but is aware of their
perpetual toil and responsibilities set upon their shoulder towards the students.

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