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Fix blurred textures on OpenGL based games running on low end Intel graphic chipsets

If you have a low end Intel graphics chipset you'll find that some games like Medal Of Honor Allied Assault/Spearhead/Breakthrough or Call of Duty: World at War (or any other OpenGL (maybe, I'm not sure)) will bring blurred, or soften textures.

This happens because low end chipsets hasn't good OpenGL support and seems that don't support Mipmaps calculations, so the result is bring blur to textures.

To fix this you'll need to edit the config file of the game and add the following line:

seta r_texturemode "GL_LINEAR"

or, but not recommended..., because it will bring very crispy textures

seta r_texturemode "GL_NEAREST"

Or you can input them directly in the game console.

Note that some games may require the quotes for the value of the parameter, and some not. You'll know by inspecting other values in the config file.