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The Spirits' shape and language
An article written by
NINA PETRE in collaboration with the astral entity named IBRAHIM

Spirits are sparks from the Supreme Divinity light. GOD is one and the same for all beings on Earth. I mean any forms of life on this stormy planet: people, animals, insects, plants, relief forms and many others. All that exists in the terrestrial nature has a soul, and each soul belongs to a spirit. There is no spirit without soul, nor soul without the spark of life which is the spirit. 

What many people think about spirits is totally confusing. Some people find difficult to comprehend that, once the person is buried in the ground or drowned in the sea or burned to the ashes, he will never be reborn or become the same person again. After passing away in the after-life it is only the spirit that remains alive. It passes beyond the border of the physical death along with its soul. The past man disappears forever while the spirit remains alive in the after-world of divine sparks of light, energy and intelligence.



No one besides the Supreme Divinity that created it can see the spirit in its wholeness.

There are mortals who can perceive the luminescent effluvium of spiritís energy. As the spirit is extremely small, it is practically invisible to human eye and mind. The luminescent emanation has a large extent, but different to each spirit which inhabits the space we live in, the terrestrial atmosphere and the infinite Cosmos. The well-balanced, energetically healthy spirits have a spherical-shaped aura.

Above there are High-class Spirits, with a perfect spherical aura.

Most of the spherical spirits do not have to reincarnate in humans any more. They have many celestial duties and activities to fulfill, working without cease for everything to develop perfectly in the world of spirits which govern the Universe.

Unlike these, some spirits are in a bad energetic and moral condition; hence their emission has not a definite geometrical shape or even a not regular shape at all. Modern cameras can record various spirit shapes. When the luminescent sphere is incomplete or shows holes, breaks, breaches it means the spirit is in a great suffer. It may have been attacked by hostile energies or it may be still at a lower level of evolution. Until the completion of the perfect spherical shape it will continue to fight against the energetic enemies and struggle against its own incapacity to develop itself quicker as it aspires. Any high-grade spirit may sometimes be in dangerous situations when being attacked by inferior energies which are everywhere in the terrestrial and cosmic space. Any developing spirit has the duty to endeavor rise in rank for getting closer to the Supreme Light spread by the Holy Father.

Above there are spirits with a punched or uncompleted aura.

Luminescent geometrical shapes have been often recorded by cameras all over the world: spheres, hexagons, rhombuses, triangles. These are the auras of entities not fully evolved yet, which will continue to reincarnate, according to their intentions. Watch the images below:


Persons who can see with mindís eyes beyond the common three dimensions may sometimes perceive strange whitish or colored forms. These are low-class, energetically and morally unbalanced spirits. They are assiduously and permanently striving for the spiritual advancement and approaching to the World of Godís Angels. They will undoubtedly be compelled to repeatedly incarnate in many troubled earthly lives. Below there are two such samples:


Notice: All the photographs shown here are brought to us by our siteís readers. Copyright Nina Petre.



Very little and confusing has been written on spirit language. People must learn that spirits have a specific language of their own, totally different from the language of any speaking being. It is a vibratory language which can not be heard or understood by any being on Earth. Clairaudient mediums can only hear the translation of spirit language in the common language they use. This is an automatic translation kindly offered by hard-working interpreter spirits. Nothing is left to happen by chance between spirits and men, not even the communication by telepathy. If a human being can, thanks to a divine gift, mentally communicate with intelligences from spirit world he receives the messages in a language he knows and according to his background. If, by way of exception, man receives unintelligible messages, an aspect of his telepathy does not work properly or the interpreter spirits simply do not wish to help him.

There are many things to say about the main differences between spirit language and human language. I can understand that people who have lost their dearest persons through death are now whole-heartedly wishing to find them again in the same old well-known form. This is impossible, as I mentioned above, therefore poor mortals stick to anybody and anything that might give them hope to meet the dead. Many people around the world ask mediums bring them closer the beloved ones who now inhabit the spirit world. The uncomforted mortals anxiously search for the familiar words in the messages brought to them by mediums. How happy they are those who recognize the speech of the departed in the mediumís words! What a consolation and hope for a meeting in the after-life! Still, what to do when they do not recognize the dearest personís words? Their disappointment is profound. I have something more to add for these. Once they reach the realm in which no corporeal body exists, the spirits forget almost everything they used to know as humans. The shock of death is huge especially to those who died rapidly and violently. I mean crimes, suicides, accidents. These are obsessed for a long time by the tragedy in which they have lost their lives, and often forget who they were on Earth. They need a longer period to recollect their spiritual memory than in case of natural death. Those who died of old-age and had enough time to approach after-life manners recover their memory most quickly.

The last thing I would like to mention when speaking of mortals who apply for a beloved spirit call is that selfish, ordinary intentions do not fit in the relations with the invisible realm. The noblest reasons to communicate are soul and spiritual matters. It is absurd to ask the spirits for technical details, e.g. the passwords of electronic devices. Demanding for finding hidden jewels or documents of all kind is also unworthy to be considered. In conclusion, people who wish to communicate with the spirit world are asked not to exaggerate in their expectations. They may be given spiritual and moral counsels, such golden words impossible to get from elsewhere. Selfishness, mean material interests are far away from the invisible beings. They only have intelligence and soul. They are not interested in money, riches, high positions, wild competition and itch to revenge, hate, envy and hypocrisy at all.

Mortals who strive to take away these selfish dangerous feelings from their hearts will definitely have fewer reasons to repent when they will reach Godís World.

Nina Petre
17th of April, 2008