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The Disproportionate Reaction of Israel


July 22, 2006


EU: Israeli use of force 'disproportionate'

By Haaretz Staff and News Agencies

 BRUSSELS - The European Union accused Israel yesterday of using "disproportionate" force in response to Wednesday's raid by Hezbollah…
"The European Union is greatly concerned about the disproportionate use of force by Israel in Lebanon in response to attacks by Hezbollah on Israel," said a statement issued by Finland, which holds the EU's rotating presidency
. (http://www.haaretz.co.il/hasen/spages/738395.html )

Israel's invasion of Lebanon is a completely disproportionate response : French President Jacques Chirac (http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/11370.asp )

 St Petersburg, Russia: French President Jacques Chirac on Monday called the Israeli attack in Lebanon "aberrant" and demanded negotiations for a ceasefire. (http://www.gulfnews.com/indepth/israelattacks/Lebanon/10053560.html )

ROME, July 6 (Reuters) - Israel's army is using "disproportionate" force to secure the release of a captured Israeli soldier in Gaza, Italy's foreign minister said on Thursday.

"The use of force in this way is disproportionate," Massimo D'Alema, the leader of the biggest party in Romano Prodi's fledgling centre-left government, told reporters. (http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/ALO676978.htm )


 Bernard Levy has analyzed the absurdity of the statements by European politicians concerning the “proportionality – lack of proportionality” of the Israeli reaction to Hizbollah’s provocations.
However, Bernard Levy was referring to the Reality Principle as ground for his analysis, namely he adduced rational arguments.
Jean-Paul Sartre, another French, this time non-Jewish, and with a capability of observation no less acute than Levy’s, defined anti –Semitism as a passion. Passions, as we know, are resistant to the argumentations adduced by the Reality Principle. They are sensitive only to the Pleasure Principle’s needs.

As I have sustained in my writings, anti-Semitism is the unconscious hatred for one’s father, i.e. the image of the Father. Hatred - no less than love – is intensively charged with libido energies. Henceforth, the substance of anti – Semitism is a passionate hatred for the image of the Father, projected into the Jews, who are perceived as his representatives. The ones who unconsciously hate their own father, usually hate the Jews, too.

As every psychoanalyst knows, a two to five years boy, the formative years in which the unconscious images of the entire life are generated, intensively experiences the fantasy that his father possesses an enormous  disproportionate penis.
The direct observation of the paternal penis, which may well be non – existent at all, will be of no use, because it is the image that counts, and not the real facts. We all bear in our unconscious the unshakable perception that our Father possesses a disproportionate aberrant penis with which he menaces us by castration. In every well conducted psychoanalysis, this factor eventually emerges, no matter how meek our actual father might have been in real life.
As Theodor Reik pointed in his brilliant essay on the shofar : " It is fully in accordance with unconscious mental life that the instrument by which castration is carried out should be the father's penis (in the unconscious fantasies of children an operation on their own penis is also carried out by the paternal genital)" [1]

 As I have sustained in Pinocchio, the nose which grew disproportionately represents the puppet’s erections. The nose is an obvious penis’ symbol. Henceforth, the anti – Semite caricatures depicting the Jews with an enormous disproportionate nose. Namely the Jews, who are the Father’s representatives, display in the middle of the face, where the identity is, a disproportionate nose – penis.
Furthermore, the little boy is terrorized by the image of the Father’s penis, and he dreads it as an instrument of castration, as retaliation for his own Father – castration fantasies. The Father will punish and castrate the son because of the son’s Father - castrating erections. 

When the politicians speak of “Israeli reaction” they obviously unconsciously mean “Israeli erection”. The Jews, who are the vicars of the angry Father, after having been provoked are experiencing a “disproportionate” erection, which is activating the ancestral filial anxiety.

And voilà, the Israeli reaction - erection is “aberrant” and “disproportionate”, like the Father's penis, as by Chirac’s and d’Alema’s words.

A disproportionate nose (Der Sturmer)

We can see from the caricature by the Nazi journal Der Sturmer, that the unconscious fantasy deals with a struggle between the beautiful and proportionate nose (= penis) of the handsome German lad (the Son), and the disproportionate, ugly and ridicolous nose (= penis) of the Jew (the Father). The Nazis indeed represented the rebellious pubertal band of the Brotherhood Horde, in their struggle against the paternal imago.

P.S. Putin's Confirmation

Oct.24, 2006

In the last days we had a beautiful confirmation of the thesis that the Jews are unconsciously perceived as the representatives of a paternal imago with a disproportionate lust - penis. The President of the State of Israel is indeed accused of raping and harassing numerous women, and those alleged accusations immediatly rekindled western fantasy.

 According to published accounts by Agence France-Presse late Wednesday and Kommersant and The Jerusalem Post today, Mr. Putin was heard saying, “Say hello to your president,” to Mr. Olmert, referring to President Moshe Katsav, who could face criminal charges that he raped and assaulted two former employees. Mr. Putin added, “He really surprised us.” The microphone was quickly turned off as reporters were ushered from the room, but the news organizations reported that Mr. Putin went on.

“We did not know he could deal with 10 women,” he said, according to the Post and Agence France-Presse accounts, apparently referring to the complaints by several women that Mr. Katsav harassed them or worse.

Kommersant’s version — citing the remarks in Russian — was cruder. “He turned out to be quite a powerful man,” the paper’s reporter in the official Kremlin pool, Andrei Kolesnikov, quoted Mr. Putin as saying. “He raped 10 women. I never expected it from him. He surprised all of us. We all envy him.”  (http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/19/world/europe/19cnd-putin.html?hp&ex=1161316800&en=511545f100ad49e3&ei=5094&partner=homepage )

... quite a powerful man...We all envy him... Just like the Primal Brotherhood Horde (and little Oedipal children) who envied their powerful Father for his fantasized enormous penis / virility (see: From the Invasion of Lebanon to the Charges of Rape).


[1] "The Shofar" in Ritual:Psychoanalytic Studies, Farrar & Straus, New York 1946, p.262.

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