Project Dunth
dunth (noun) - a word for which there are no rhyming words. Note that dunth rhymes with month, which was a dunth before dunth became a word. Therefore, dunth 'undunthes' month.

Examples of dunths: orange, purple, turquoise.

Origin: The word 'dunth' was invented on one long road trip from Coral Springs FL to Tallahassee FL by two teenagers, Jon (me) and Shuai. The word dunth was chosen to represent this meaning because dunth 'undunthes' month.

Purpose: This Project originated in order to spread use of the word 'dunth' enough so that it becomes an official english word.

What you can do to help: If you support Project Dunth, please send this website to all your friends and enemies. Additionally, spread word of 'dunth' in everyday conversation whenever you hear a dunth used. If you really support our cause, please email and request that they add dunth to their dictionary.
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