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 "Three places are worth visiting in Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the French Institute and finally the home of Prof. Sundara shanmuganar"- Dr. Avvai Natarajan ****** "The very mention of Pondichery reminds us only of Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar"- Dr. Va. Suba. Manikam ***** "Sundara Shanmuganar had deep knowledge in Tamil literature. Tireless Worker. Left his distinct stamp in Anthology"- Dr. V.I. Subramaniyan





              This website is about Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar a great Tamil scholar.  Born in Tamilnadu and lived and died in Pondicherry this stalwart in Tamil literature has touched upon almost all genres in Tamil literature and written about every subject on earth, in his 69 books.  Awards and rewards, titles and accolades and bouquets were showered on him and he grandly deserved everything he received (Prof. P. Raja). Conferring upon him the Title of  “Tamil Peravai Chemmal” in 1991 the Madurai Kamaraj University wrote:  “The Madurai Kamaraj University is honouring itself by conferring the Title “Tamil Peravai Chemmal” upon Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar who has done the rarest service in different areas with zeal during the last 50 years to Mother Tamil as sung by Pavendar Bharathidasan”.

            More about this great writer follows:



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                         Sundara Shanmuganar was born in PudhuVandiPalayam near Cuddalore in the South Arcot district of Tamilnadu on 13-7-1922.  His father was Sundaram and mother Annapoorani Ammal.  Christened Shanmugam by his parents he later pre-fixed his name with Sundaram his father’s name.  After a few years of preliminary education at ThiruPathiripuliyur St.Joseph School a turning point occurred in the academic life of Sundara Shanmuganar, that being his joining as a student at the popular Gnaniyar Mutt, ThiruPathiripuliyur that too as a student of The Tamil Ocean Gnaniyar Adigal – V.  This studentship was instrumental for his strong foundation in Tamil language and literature.  On the advice of his Guru he joined at the Vidwan Programme of ThiruVaiyaru Raja’s College. After completion of the programme he joined as lecturer at Sivagnana Balaya Swamigal Tamil College, Mayilam in 1940 at the age of 18.  He married Viruthambigai on 26-05-1944 at Pondicherry.  In 1946 he left Mayilam College owing to ill health and came over to Pondicherry.  1947 was a memorable year in the life of Sundara Shanmuganar.  It was in that year that he started his own publishing house, “Puthuvai Painthamizh Pathippagam” with the patronage of his co-brother Kumaresa Mudaliar and brought out his first book  “Veedum Vilakkum (The Home and the Light)”.  The review for this book was given by none less than eminent Tamil Scholar Dr. A. Chidambaranathan Chettiar, Professor of Tamil of Annamalai University.  The lamp of writing, which was lit in 1947, was continuously burning for 50 years up to 1997.  Sundara Shanmuganar died on 30th October 1997 at Pondicherry.


                       When he came over to Pondicherry he was very much patronized by Thiru Ira. Desigam Pillai, Thiru Va. Subbaiah, Thiru Guha Rajamanickam Pillai and Mettupalayam Ramalingam Naicker.  He remembered them with gratitude throughout his life.  He had literary contacts with almost all Tamil scholars of his time the prominent among them being Pandithamani Kathiresan Chettiar, Thamizh Thendral Thiru Vi. Ka., Mu. Varadarasanar, Muthamizhkkavalar K.A.P.Viswanathan, Avvai DuraiSamy Pandithar, Va. Subha. Manickam, Muthu Shanmugam Pillai, Le. Pa. Karu. Ramanathan Chettiar, Muthu. Rasa kannanar and senior most Pulavar Arumugam Mudaliar.  He had also had close contact with Pavender Bharathidasan and brought out a book titled Bharathidasarodu Pala Aandugal (Many years with Bharathidasan).


                      During 1948 to1958 he was running periodicals entitled “Thirukkural Thelivu” and “Thevittatha Thirukkural” and through them became widely known throughout Tamilnadu.  He served as Tamil Teacher at Petit seminaire high school, Pondicherry from 1949 to 1958.  From 1958 to 1980 he served as Tamil Professor at Government Teachers’ Training Center, Pondicherry.  He started an institution by name “Thiruvalluvar Tamil University” in 1965 and was running courses on Thirukkural and Tamil grammar and gave titles to successful candidates as “Thirukkural Selvar” and “Pavalar” respectively.  Owing to ill health he got voluntary retirement.  But he did not retire from writing books.  As a mark of respect to his talent the founder Vice-Chancellor of Tamil University, Tanjore Dr. V. I. Subramaniam invited him in 1982 as PROFESSOR and Head of Anthology Department of Tamil University which he accepted.  But again due to his ill health he left Tamil University in 1983.  Right from 1946 he was winning in his battle against disease and in 1962 he was identified as a Brain tumor patient.  At last in 1997 on October 31 the disease won over him.  Yes he died on 31st October 1997 at Pondicherry.      He was survived by his son Thiru S. Aravanan and his daughter Tmt. B. Ankayarkanni.


                          As his qualities straightforwardness, truth and cleanliness in private and public life can be mentioned.  He was very popular for his very frank and bold comments against injustice and hypocrisy.  Whatever was the platform, whoever was the person involved he never hesitated to make his mind open.  In the process he earned the displeasure of many which he never minded.  He lived to ThiruNavukkarasar’s “Namarkkum Kudiyallom Namanai Anjom” (We are not citizens of anybody and are not afraid of death).  He never compromised in his principles.  He used to tell he would never die.  Yes, yes it is very much true.  He is not dead. He is living through his books and will live as long as Tamils and Tamil language are living.




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           This lists gives the books written by Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar.  The Tamil names of the books are given in English letters.  Wherever possible English translation of the titles of the books is given.  The years of publication and the subject matter/theme of the books are also given.








Title of the Books

(With English Translation)



Subject Matter/

Theme of the Books



Year(s) of















Aathichoodi Amiztham

(Elixir of Aathichoodi)



Thanithamizh Kilarchi

(Pure Tamil Revolution)





 Short Stories




 Construction of Ammanai Songs emphasizing importance of Pure Tamil







1948, 1998







(Children Songs)





1948, 1951






Pongal Vazhthu Keerthanigal


Pongal Festival Felicitation Songs










Siruvar Seyyutcholai

(Oasis of songs for Children)


Children Songs









Senthamizh Aattruppadai


Songs directing readers to Tamil Language









Anna Narpathu

(Anna Forty)


Songs condoling death of

C.N. Annadurai
















Ambigapathi Kathal Kappiyam

(Ambigapathy Love Epic)



Gauthama Buddhar Kappiyam

(Gauthama Buddha Epic)



Buddhar Ponmozhi Nooru

(100 Golden Words of Buddha)



Miscellaneous Tamil Poems


EPIC detailing the love between Ambigapathy and Amaravathi


Epic on Gauthama Buddha


 Songs dealing with the preaching of Buddha

 Songs & Poems written for several magazines, journals and functions








1986, 1987

































Veedum Vilakkum (Home & Light)

(This was the first book written by Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar)


Vaazhkkai voviyam (Life Drawing)


Vaazhum vazhi (Way to Live)


Thamizhar Kanda Kalvi

(Education as founded by Tamils)


Panakkarar Aagum Vazhi

(Way to become rich)




Inba Vazhvhu (Pleasant Life)


Family Subject


 Social Life

 Collection of Research Articles





 On Marital life of Human beings, animals & Plants as quoted in Tamil literature








 1962, 2003





 1965, 2003















Thamizh Agarathikkalai

(Art of Tamil Lexicography)



Por Muyarchiyil Namathu Pangu

(Our role in War attempt)



Thaithingal (Thai Month)



Kedilakkari Naagarikam

(Kedilam River Civilization)


Research work on Tamil Lexicography – A pioneer work


Written on the eve of India Pakistan War

 Research Work – Astronomy based

 Civilization, Culture, history, geology – of kedilam River Bank.

A masterpiece of research work – pioneer in the field.



 1965, 2001




1972, 2002


1975, 2001











Kedila Valam (Resource of Kedilam)



Ulagu Uyya (For World Salvation)




(Tamil Cauvery)


Deals “with” Kedilam River


World integration – one World Concept

 Geology, Political Science – Highlights the rights of Tamils on Cauvery River


























Karuthuk Kankatchi

(Exhibition of ideas)



Ilakkiyathil Venkata Velavan

(Venkata Velavan in Literature)



Makkal Kuzhu oppandham

(People group agreement)


Iyal Thamizh Inbam

(Literary Tamil Pleasure)



Manathin Thotram

(Evolution of Mind)



Thamizh Angaadi (Tamil Market)




Research articles in number of Journals, Magazines, Souvenirs, etc.




Collection of Research Articles


 Research on Thirupathi Temple – origin of deity there


 Collection of research articles






























Thirukkural based Research Works

























Thevittatha Thirukkural

(Non-monotonous Thirukkural)



Thirukkural Thelivu

(Distillation of Thirukkural)


Valluvar Kanda Manayaram

(Virtues of Married life as founded by Valluvar)


Valluvar Illam

(Valluvar Home)


AazhKadalil Sila Aani Muthukkal

(Some Pearls from Deep Sea)




Published as a periodical carrying research articles on Thirukkural



 Research Work covering 30 Kurals


 Ideal Home life as depicted by Valluvar

 Research Work on Thirukkural





 1948 to 1958


 1948 to 1958


 1957, 2004






Literary Criticism:

On KambaRamayanam



























Sundara Kanda Churangam

(Sundara kandaMine)



Ayodhya Kanda Aazhkadal

(Ayodhya Kanda Deep Sea)


Sundara Kanda Chooravali

(Sundara Kanda Tempest)


Bala kanda Paimpozhil

(Bala kanda Tender Fall)


Kitkinda kanda Thiranaivu

(Kitkinda Kanda Criticism)


Aranya Kanda Aayvu

(Aranya Kanda Research)




Research on Sundara Kandam


Research on Ayodhya Kandam




Reply to the review to Sundara kanda Churangam


Research on Bala Kandam



Research on Kitkinda kandam



Research on Aranya kandam





















On Silapathigaram















Silambo Silambu


Research on Silapathigaram





Science Research Works


























Ulagamum Oyirkalum Undana Varalaru (The history of evolution of world and lives)


Kadavul Vazhipattu Varalaru

(History of Worship of God)


Marunthagi Thappa Mara Ina Peyargal (Medicinal Tree Plant names)


Mara Ina Peyarvaippukkalai

(The art of naming Trees)


Madhavam Purival

(She who does great Thapas)


Vilayum Payir Mulayile Theriyum

(Growing Crop is revealed while it buds)




On the evolution of life




On the evolution of God Worship



Research on Medicinal Trees




Research on the naming of Trees



Research on some Trees



Tells about the childhood of some Great Scientists











1993, 2003






















Ezuthalar Thunaivan

(Aid to Writer)


Thonnoorum Thollayiramum

(90 and 900)


Grammatical hints to writers



Research on the evolution of 90 and 900 in Tamil




























History of Tamil Lexicography



Tamil Latin Paalam

(Bridge between Tamil and Latin)


Thol Dravida Mozhi Kandupidippu

(Discovery of Ancient Dravidian Language)



English Book describing the evolution of Tamil lexicography



Comparative Philology – A pioneer research work


Research work proving Tamil as ancient Dravidian Language – A Pioneer Work





























Thamizh Nool Thoguppukkalai

(The art of anthology of Tamil Book)



Thamizh Nool Thoguppukkalaikalangiam

(Encyclopaedia of Tamil Book Anthology)



Research on anthology in Tamil





monumental Research work on encyclopedia of Tamil book Anthology – A Master piece Pioneer in nature








Commentary to Tamil Poetry Works






























Thirukkural Thelivu

(Distilled Thirukkural)


Naladiyar Nayavurai

(Finer explanation to Naladiyar)



Thirumurugatruppadai Thelivurai

(Clear Explanation to Thirumurugatruppadai)



Iniyavai Narpathu – Iniyavurai

(Sweet explanation to Sweet 40)



Nanneri Nayavurai

(Finer explanation to Nanneri)



Muthumozhikkanji Urai

(Muthumozhikkanji explanation)


Nalvazhi Urai

(Nalvazhi explanation)






Gives explanations to entire Thirukkural


Gives meaning to Poems of Naladiyar



Gives explanation to the Poems of Thirumurugatruppadai


Gives explanation to the Poems of Iniyavai Narpathu



Gives meaning to the Poems of Nanneri



Gives explanation to the Poems of Muthumozhikkanji



Gives meaning to the Poems of Nalvazhi


1966, 2000












 1993, 2003




























Gandhiyin Nagarigam

(Civilization of Gandhi)



Pulisai Gnaniyar Adigal

(Pulisai St. Gnaniyar)



Bharathidasarodu Pala Aandugal

(Many years with Bharathidasan)



Gnaniyar Adigal

(St. Gnaniyar)



Released at the time of Assassination of Gandhiji



An Introduction to St. Gnaniyar




Gives the history of association with Bharathidasan



Deals at length the history of St. Gnaniyar





























Malar Manam

(Marriage of Malar)


Theiveega Thirumanam

(Divine Marriage)



Novel dwells around the marriage of Heroine Malar


Projects the marriage between Hero and Heroine as divine marriage



1961, 2003






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                                    “Veedum Vilakkum” (The Home and the Light) was the first book written by Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar (1947).  In his review for this book Prof. A. Chidambaranathan chettiar had praised the author for his simple and sweet style of language and blessed him to write many more books to serve Tamilnadu.  Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar converted his blessings into reality by writing 68 more books.


                         Felicitating his poetry book “Thani Tamizh Kilarch” (1948) Pavendar Bharathidasan wrote:  “Each and every Tamil should buy a copy of the book and read it daily every hour”. 


                        For another poetry book “Senthamizhatruppadai” (1951) Navalar Somasundara Bharathiar blessed him with the title “Iyarkavi” (Natural Poet).


                        In its review for his book “Valluvar Illam” (Valluvar Home) (1963) DINAMANI wrote (1964):  Number of research articles and explanatory articles have come on Thirukkural but Pulavar Sundara Shanmuganar has taken a distinct route to give feast to knowledge through his explanation and style.  If research talent is not to die in Tamilnadu, Tamils should support this sort of books.


                        Hindu had reviewed his book  “Inba Vazgvu” (Pleasant life) thus on 29-09-1965:  ‘ the style of the work is direct and appealing.  The author deserves praise on his successful treatment of the subject”.  This book is on marital life.


                         In 1970 he published his great book entitled “Tamil Latin Palam” (Bridge between Tamil and Latin) containing 338 pages.  From the review in HINDU (22-10-1970): …….The etymology of the Tamil terms used for the expression of the numbers 9,90,900 etc., has long been a matter of controversy among Tamil scholars.  But Sundara Shanmuganar has found a parallelism in Latin which he discusses in a scholarly way to explain his theory which is quite convincing…”   This was a pioneer work in the field.


                        The book that took him to height of glory was “Tamil Agarathi Kalai” (524 pages).  The first edition of the book came in 1965, the second edition in 1971 and the third edition in 2001.  The research deals with the history and development of Tamil Lexicography.  This book was a pioneering work in this area. 


Some reviews about the book are given below:

                      “This rare book based on research is a new good attempt.  It is believed Tamilnadu should entertain this rare research work and use it in an appropriate manner” – SUDESAMITHIRAN (18-07-1966).

  “ This book is the first of its kind … the author has taken great pains to collect valuable materials for this work and has done a very useful and monumental job of it.  He is to be congratulated on his pioneering efforts”.   -  INDIAN EXPRESS (05-02-1972).

                    “ … This book is an encyclopedia of dictionaries – an encyclopedia of a solitary man’s hard work… The author deserves special appreciation for his style of writing …among those scholars who did research work in Tamil this author has gained a distinct independent status…” - DINAMANI (21-04-1972)

Scholar’s comments about these books:

          Mootharignar Rajaji:  “Your  “Tamil Agarathi Kalai” is a most informative and useful publication.  I congratulate you on this valuable publication”          

           Prof. Ma. Rasamanickanar:  Rare information – New information – extraordinary effort – deep knowledge – very rare attempt – True not a flattery”.

          Scholar Ma. Periasamythooran:  You have written the book after an extensive research.  I greatly appreciate your attempt.

           Professor Mu.  Varadarasanar:  In this book the author has rendered many extensive explanatory notes.  The hard work and research talent are highly appreciable.

           Prof. Ku. Arunasalak Kavundar, Nellai:  In my 30 years of Tamil language oriented life I have never come across a research book like “Tamil Agarathi Kalai”.

           Prof. Tmt. KanagaSundaram, Chennai:  A rare research work about Tamil Language like Sundara shanmuganar’s “Tamil agarathi Kalai’ can never be written.


           Another great work of Professor is “Kedilakkarai Nagarigam” (1975).  This book in 650 printed pages with 51 photographs gives a multidimensional view of the river Kedilam.  This book can be said as the masterpiece of the author.


              Born and brought up on the banks of Kedilam river the author had made an ambitious attempt to bring to light the culture of Kedilam river.  One who reads this book would tell Sundara shanmuganar is a historian, a sociologist, a geologist, a political scientist, an economist and what not. Some excerpts from THE Hindu’s Review about this book (27-07-1976):

              “Like the Mohanjo Daro, Indus valley and other similar civilization, the author has made an ambitious attempt about the culture of Gadilam.  The authors’ devoted study of all the facts mentioned above is commendable”.


            “Tamil Nool Thoguppukkalai” is yet another fine and pioneer work of Sundara shanmuganar (419 pages).  Professor Va. Subha. Manickam thus reviewed the book:  “This book is new to Tamil world – It facilitates development of Tamil – It has the ability to guide research in Tamil”.  This book researches the anthology works in Tamil language.  Since the book researches the art of anthology of Tamil works the book is so titled says the author.  Very much absorbed by this book Dr. Durai. Mohan Arangasamy Professor of Tamil of Thirupathi Venkateswara University writes (23-08-1977):

           “….What a beautiful argument; how sweet the facts are; enriched style; what an admirable best effort; what a scholarship; a grand scope; I admire your majestic and gentle presentation of facts; blessed we are we got you; you an exceptional research scholar should come to our Department – we will do all possible as your servants.” 


              Professor has writern and published two epics in verse – one entitled “Ambigapathy Kaathal Kappiam” and the other one “Gauthama Buddhar Kappiam”.  Excerpts from the review in DINAMANI (30-01-1983) for “Ambigapathy Kaathal Kappiam”:  “…. apt usage of proverbs and Thirukkurals gives finer touch to the style; simple style so everybody can enjoy; the author who has already attained, eternal fame through his  “Agarathi Kalai” has further extended his fame through this book.”


           1987 was celebrated as World Peace Year.  Sundara Shanmuganar celebrated World Peace Year through release of his book “Ulagu Uyya” (For the salvation of world).  In his foreward Sundara Shanmuganar writes – So far I have been writing for the Tamil knowing people – Now I have written for the world.  Excerpts from review in DINAMANI (14-08-1987):  “the multidimensional experience of the author is glittering in each and every page.  This book is a new arrival for Tamil.” 


              The crowning of all his publications was done in the year 1990 when his mega size book containing 824 pages (demy size) was published.  The title of the book is “ Tamil Nool Thoguppuk Kalaikkalanjiam” (Encyclopedia on Tamil Book Anthology).  This book is yet another pioneering contribution made by Sundara Shanmuganar to Tamil language.  In his publisher’s address the publisher of the book Professor S. Meyappan has written thus:  “Professor Sundara Shanmuganar is a research stalwart… earned name and fame through his research book… His books, which are embodiment of writing skill, talentful thinking and scholarship, are not mere ornaments to Tamil language but weapons.  It is a matter of pride for all of us that we live in the age of Sundara Shanmuganar who is a personification of all qualities and talents required for a researcher.  Writing of voluminous books rich in scholarship is child’s play for him.”


            As Prof. P. Raja has pointed out his writings range from short stories to novel, from history to sociology, from Lexicography to economics, from grammar to Linguistics, from Philology to science and from astronomy to geology.  Though most of his books are research works the speciality of them is the simple and humorous style in which they are written which motivates even ordinary public to read them.


           “Pen originates thoughts” is the popular comment made about great writers.  It is 100% true in the case of Sundara Shanmuganar.  Pen really originated his thoughts.  He was not in the habit of first making a rough copy and then taking a fair copy.  Straightway using carbon paper he used to write fair copies.  Most of his popular books were written in the above manner by sitting on a coir cot.  Thus sitting on a coir cot he built his empire of writings.



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    “Three places are worth visiting in Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the French Institute and finally the home of Prof. Sundara shanmuganar”

- Dr. Avvai Natarajan,

Former Vice-Chancellor,

Tamil university,





   “The very mention of Pondichery reminds us only of Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar”

- Dr. Va. Suba. Manikam,

Former Vice-Chancellor,

Madurai Kamaraj University.





    “Sundara Shanmuganar had deep knowledge in Tamil literature. Tireless Worker.  Left his distinct stamp in Anthology”

- Dr. V.I. Subramaniyan

Founder Vice-Chancellor,

Tamil university,





    “Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar was the eldest lion of Pavendar Bharathidasan generation.  He was the first son of their family… I built Pondicherry University with the help of lions like Sundara Shanmuganar.  He was a fire brand”

- Dr. K. Venkatasubramanian

Founder Vice-Chancellor,

Pondicherry Central university.




     “In Pondicherry, Sundara Shanmuganar fosters the enrichment of Tamil Language through his research works”

- Dr. S. Balasubramanian,

Former Vice-Chancellor,

Tamil university,





     “Residing in a corner and without posing about himself Sundara Shanmuganar is doing great service to Tamil Language” – Dr. M.A. Durai Arangasamy at the second World Tamil conference at Chennai in 1968.



     “It is only Sundara Shanmuganar who is doing apt service to Tamil Language at Pondicherry” – Sa. Ganesan, authority in Kamba Ramaynam at 1971 Karikudi Kamban festival.



       Dr. N. Sanjeevy, former professor of Tamil, University of Madras introducing Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar at a function held at Salem honouring Sundara Shanmuganar with the title “Tamil Sandror” remarked, “Sundara Shanmuganar living in a small state Pondicherry is doing great works in Tamil which only Universities can do”.



     “Sundara Shanmuganar is a rebellion right from his early days” was the remark made by Sahitya Academy awardee Prabanjan during the funeral of Sundara Shanmuganar pointing out to the brave attitude and temperament of Sundara Shanmuganar.



                               “Sundara Shanmuganar was the recipient of a number of awards.  These awards are not like the ones received by politicians.  These awards are illustrative memorials of his admiring and dedicated service” – remarked the eminent scholar Dr. N. Subbu Reddiar.




                               “Humble life, gigantic appearance, great heart, rare talent.  He exemplified as a spring of ideas in different areas of Tamil” – was the recollection of Prof. T. Murugarathinam, former Professor of Tamil, Madurai Kamaraj University.




                          “Among the great Tamil Scholars who lived in the later part of the 20th century Sundara Shanmuganar deserved the first position” was the homage made by Dr. S.N. Kandasamy, former Prof. Of Tamil, Tamil University, Tanjore.





   “Great Pulavar Sundara Shanmuganar is a Tamil Ocean.  After one of my Gurus Thiru Ki. Va. Jaganathan, Sundara Shanmuganar equated him as a Tamil Ocean”, was the greatest honour confirmed upon Sundara Shanmuganar by former M.L.C. and great Tamil Professor and Principal Dr. T. Muthu Kannappar, Chennai.  He continues, “It is not an exaggeration that Sundara Shanmuganar’s research views and commentaries on Thirukkural has overtaken the old eleven commentaries of Thirukkural”.




   “Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar was one among the greatest scholars of 20th century.  He reached his peak through his in depth study and hard work.  Study is his life, writing is his breadth.  Broad wisdom, Residence of hard work, Residence of culture, non boasting character, pleasing personality are the features of Sundara Shanmuganar By the death of this great teacher a vacuum had been created which can never be filled by anybody” – this wrote Thiru R. Muthukumarasamy of the leading publisher Saiva Sidhanta Noorpathippu Kazhagam in praise of Sundara Shanmuganar.




                                     “Prof. Sundara shanmuganar’s Physician the world famous neurosurgeon Dr. B. Ramamoorthy recollected: “I came to know about Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar initially as a patient and then as the literary giant.  In spite of various health problems that would have discouraged most people, Sundara Shanmuganar overcome them with determination and continued to enrich Tamilnadu and Tamil Literature by his tireless efforts.  His contribution to the greatness of the Tamil language has been a landmark in the history of our country”.




                   Last but not the least is the three cheers given to Prof. Sundara Shanmuganar by Dr. P. Raja, Professor of English, collegiate service, Government of Pondicherry: “A look at the list of books he has written over a period of 46 years, on a wide variety of subjects, will make anyone wince; the lazy academicians are bound to shy away and the fit for nothing gossip mongers of the academicia are sure to get surprised.  Yes, The list is quite staggering.  He has touched upon almost all genres in Tamil literature and written about every subject on earth in 69 books.  All this despite his poor health”.



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1.       Got the Government of India Price in the year 1965 for his book,  “Panakkarar Aagum Vazhi” (Way to become rich)

2.       Awarded the Government of Tamil Nadu Prize in the year 1969 for the book, “Agarathi Kalai” (Art of Tamil Lexicography)

3.       Received the Government of Tamil Nadu Prize for the English book, “History of Tamil Lexicography” in the year 1973

4.       In the year 1987 received the Pondicherry Government Price for the book, “Gautama Buddhar Kappiam” (Gautama Buddha EPIC)

5.       Honoured with the most prestigious literary award of Tamil Nadu Government viz. “Thiruvalluvar Virudhu” in the year 1991.

6.       Adorned with three prizes for his book  “Tamil Nool Thoguppuk Kalaikalanjiam” (Encyclopedia of Tamil Anthology)

                         I.      Tamilnadu Government Prize in the year 1992

                       II.      Tamil University, Tanjore Prize in the year 1992

                      III.      Chennai M.A.C. Trust Prize in the year 1994.




1.    “Iyarkavi” (Natural Poet) Title given by Navalar Somasundara Bharathiar

2.    “Pudu Padaippuk Kalaignar” (Creative writer) Title given by the Lt. Governor Pondicherry

3.    “Senthamizh Semmal” Title given by Pondicherry Tamil Sangam

4.    “Aaraichi Arignar” (Research scholar) Title given by Gnaniar Mutt, Thirupathiripuliyur

5.    “Tamil Sandror” (Tamil Scholar) Title given by Salem Tamil Sangam and Tamilaga Pulavar Kuzhu founded by K.A.P. Viswanathan

6.    “Tamil Peravai Chemmal” (Fellow of Tamil Peravai) Title given by Madurai Kamarasar university

7.    “Thirukkural Nerithondral” Title given by Government of Tamilnadu

8.    “Tamil Aayvuk Kadal” (Tamil Research Ocean) Title given by Tamilnadu Sengunthar Perumandram

9.    “Senthamizh Kondal” (Title given by SubraDeepak Kavirayar Mandram, Pondicherry

10. “Kuralaya Chelvar’ Title given by Pondicherry Branch of Erode Kuralayam.




1.    “Tamil Agarathi Kalai” was prescribed for Vidwan and M.A. courses of University of Madras and Madurai Kamarasar University and for Pulavar Course of Annamalai University.

2.    “History of Tamil Lexicography” was prescribed for M.A. course of University of Madras

3.    “Vazhum Vazhi” (Way to Live) was prescribed for Pre university course of Annamalai University.

4.    “Tamizhar kanda kalvi” (Education as founded by Tamil) was prescribed for Pre university course of Madurai Kamarasar University and for B.Com. course of Bangalore University.

5.    “Thirumurugatruppadai Thelivurai” (Thirumurugatruppadai commentary) was prescribed for M.A. Programme of Madurai Kamarasar University.

6.    “Gauthama Buddhar Kappiyam” prescribed for M.A. Programme of Tamil University, Tanjore (2004-2005 onwards)



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Contact Information


E-mail address

Email:[email protected]



Office phone

0413 – 2213110


Home address:

No.8, Second cross,

Venkata Nagar

Pondicherry -  605 011





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          To remember Professor Sundara Shanmuganar and his works and to disseminate the contribution made by him to Tamil language and literature to the needy persons a trust has been created in his name on 14-04-1998.  The founder of the Trust is his son Thiru S. ARAVANAN.  The trust is functioning under the able guidance of the following office bearers.

1.      Thiru K. THIRUNEELAKANDAN,  President

2.      Thiru Pulavar V. THIRUVENGADAM, Vice-president

3.      Thiru Sollaivu Selvar S. VELMURUGAN, Secretary

4.      Thiru Pavalar ILAKKIAN, Dy. Secretary and

5.      Thiru A. BALASUNDARAM, Treasurer.


The objectives of the trust are:

        Conducting research on the books of Sundara Shanmuganar, republication of his books, establishment of Sundara Shanmuganar Memorial library, Tamil development and protection activities and rendering possible financial help to the needy people of the society.

         Apart from the above Trust, endowment funds in the name of Professor Sundara Shanmuganar are created in the following Institutions.

1.      Tamil University, Tanjore

2.      Sivagnana Balaya Swamigal Tamil College, Mayilam

3.      Societe Progressiste High school, Pondicherry

4.      Endowment Fund to give prizes to winners of Thirukkural Competition at Government Higher secondary school, Old Vandipalayam, Cuddalore.

5.      Siddhantha Saivaneri Mandram, Thirupathiripuliyur


             As on 14-04-2005 the Trust has conducted 63 literary Programmes and 12 of his books were republished.



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