"Scholar 2001"
computer program
for estimationg and monitoring of schoolboys health level on method "Scholar"
(OS Windows)

Computer program "Scholar 2001" is the part of method "Scholar" (Ukrainian patent 97125477,  22.11.1998).

Advantages of "Scholar" method:

  • mimimum quantity of necessary equipment (scales, auxanometer, phonendoscope and  tonometer, dry-air lung-tester, stop-watch, tape-measure, two bricks 55x5 centimeters);
  • big experience of practical application (beginning from 1994, there had been tested more then 300000 of Ukrainian schoolboys);
  • there is permission on method application from Ukrainian Health Protection Ministry and Ukrainian Education Ministry;
  • high qualification of the method authors (V.A.Shapovalova, MD; V.F.Alexandrov, Main coach of Ukrainian national team on track and field).
  • Content of the "Scholar" method:

    Informational-diagnostic and health recovery  Scholar method constists of two parts: diagnostic and  health recovery.
    Diagnostic part permits to subdivide schoolboys (age from 6 to 18) on five groups corresponding to their physical health level (reserve).
    Health recovery part consists of 105 health recovery programs (for 3 age groups, 5 health levels, 7 time periods). There are 64 moving games in the method also.

    Diagnostic may be "medical" or "physical".
    There are 11 input parameters in medical testing: growth, weight, arterial pressure, vital lungs capacitance, etc.
    There are 5 input parameters in physical testing: tightening on horizontal bar, standing broad jump, etc.
    There are 2 output parameters: healt level and code of health recovery program.

    At the beginning of school year schoolboys are undergoing to medical testing. A physical training teacher use test results (healt level and code of health recovery program) for differentiating of childrens physical loading in accordance with their sex, age, health level and season. At the end of the health recovery program there may be carried out the physical testing, which results are the base for decision making on content of further exercises. It is desirable to carry out the final testing at the end of school year. It's results are the base for forming of healt recovery process on summer period.

    The reductive scheme of "Scholar" technology is shown on pic.1.


    Interface of the computer program "Scholar 2001":
    Interface consists of the set of screen forms, wich are connected by means of control and information channels.

    Structure chart of the interface is shown on pic.2.


    If you want know how looks some screen forms, please click on form's name:

    To download on your computer the detailed description (in Russian) of the "Scholar 2001" possibilities, please click here.

    About authors:

    Computer program "Scholar 2001" author:
    Prodeus Arkadiy Nickolaevich, Ph.D,
    senior lecturer of the Electronic Faculty of the Ukrainian National Technique University (KPI)
    Kiev, Poveda avenue 37, phone: 441-1517
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Method "Scholar" authors (Ukrainian patent 97125477, 22.11.1998):

    1. Shapovalova Valentina Andreevna, MD
    sport medicine and therapeutic physical training department manager of the Ukrainian Medical University,
    Kiev, Lunacharskogo 5, phone 517-7226

    2. Alexandrov Valeriy Fedorovich, Honoured Coach,
    Main coach of Ukrainian national team on track and field

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