The modern 32-bit application (Delphi as programming language)
designed for using in Windows'9x,Me,2000,NT,XP

Possibilities of the ESID-3:

Program ESID-3 interface structure:

Program ESID-3 interface main window:

The form of other interface windows:

Upon the development of the ESID-3 many requests of practical iridologists were token into account. This  requests were accumulated  during 5-years exploitation period. So ESID-3 is the modern interface plus thoroughly worked technology of the qualitative iridologist's conclusion fast forming.

The joint using of the ESID-3 program and electronic iridologist's atlas facilitates the work of  semiskilled iridologists and permits them to reach surch quality of diagnostics, which is close to maximal.

To download the demo-version of the ESID-3 click here.
Note: Please set "English (United States)" in Regional Settings of your computer in order to look English fonts in the ESID-3 demo-version interface windows

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