David Jeffrey Wright

Public Figure: Kentucky Colonel, Goodwill Ambassador, Global Citizen and Protector of the Indigenous People

This information is about a real living person that has been independently and anonymously compiled with references for the benefit of the subject who works as a public figure and undocumented non-state global citizen in Venezuela since January 2016. He currently serves as the Secretariat (Chief Executive) of Globcal International and is the Executive Director of the Pan-American Foundation. He entered Venezuela under austere conditions and paid officials in order to be able to return to the country with his Venezuelan wife and two children he has there, today he lives unconventionally and oversees a major computer network as its Sysadmin responsible for the representation of over 50 public figures located around the world in missions and posts that are established diplomatically through the organization. This information is from reporter's notes and an interview conducted in November of 2017 in Caracas, Venezuela via Skype.

Background Information

Ambassador Col. David J. Wright (D. Jeffrey Wright and in youth as Jeffrey D. Wright) is a public figure that claims legal international personality as a goodwill ambassador, a Kentucky colonel, an American expatriate, a global citizen, the protector of the indigenous people of the rain forest and is world authority on a variety of legal concepts and topics relative to non-state and non-governmental jurisdiction between individual natural persons with private sector relationships. He revealed in 2014 that through the accumulating particular attributes (credentials) that individuals can exist independently of their state or nation as an expatriate or permanent traveler completely free of national administrative law (essentially to take on sovereignty and diplomatic recognition which he has done), he proved this when he was illegally deported to the United States by the Venezuelan government in May of 2014 based on a xenophobic state policy toward United States citizens who could be identified as a potential threat to the ruling government, following the death of Hugo Chavez.

In 2015 he took up an objective to develop and design his ideal of (a natural sovereign citizen of the earth) into a 'thing' through Globcal International, an organization he helped to establish in 2009 that was launched at the Summit of the Americas where his organization first presented itself to Pan-American leaders including Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez and Felipe Calderon. His current projects and development have captured the attention of over 100,000 people around the world who follow the ambassador's presence in the social media and the website he developed gets approximately 500 new visitors each day.

Wright's Name

He was born as David Jeffrey Wright in Rancrocas Woods, New Jersey, through much of his life he was known as Jeffrey Wright ('Jeffery' also) or Jeffrey D. Wright, because his father's first name was also 'David.' During the course of becoming relatively influential in Greenville, Delaware as a small business owner and environmentalist he noticed the use of first initials frequently in the upper levels of the social ladder so he began using D. Jeffrey instead of Jeffrey D. or just Jeffrey. Finally in 1992 when his father passed away he adopted the use of his birth name as his first name and moved to Kentucky to live in a more wholesome environment with his wife and first son.

Appearance in the News

Wright is most well-known in the United States for his work in the area of environmentalism who promoted the conservation ethic from 1988 until 2001 from his home at the Indian Fort Theater in Berea, Kentucky. There are a great number of newspaper articles (over 100) about him that were published in the United States from 1988-2000, approximately 8 of those articles are available freely online in 2016, additional articles can be located using Lexus-Nexus and print media archives. The first articles appear in Delaware where he started the Endangered Turtle Protection Foundation in 1988 which he established in Greenville, Delaware with a post office box while living in nearby Wilmington. Concurrently while operating the turtle foundation he worked as a contractor installing low voltage communications such as cable television, intercoms and telephones in the Greenville area which is known best for its mansions, fine homes, wealth and colonial ideals of the DuPont, Copeland and Carpenter families among others that first inhabited the region before the revolutionary war.

Wright makes friends very easily and became relatively well-known very the area after living in California much of his life. When he met his first wife, Sophia Williams-Avilez he decided he wanted to live closer to his mother's family in Southern New Jersey and so he moved to the Little Italy section of Wilmington, Delaware where he had uncles, aunts and cousins on his mother's side. In Wilmington he worked with Comcast as an independent contractor and with Anthony Marcozzi as an custom television antenna and satellite television installer.

Biographic Development Info

Ambassador Wright is active as an editor on Wikipedia where he maintains a UserPage as the Problemsmith, it appears that he edits Wikipedia for agendas he is fond of and subjects that he has a particular interest in, he maintains a number of UserPages that he has other authors source from based on references he provides. He does not appear to be the actual editor of the articles that appear about him or his organizations but it does appear that his presence on Wikipedia is a major influence for the writers who have provided entries.

Though Wright appears to be a writer in some instances and is registered on ORCID and Research Gate as an author the only published work he has ever produced in print is the Chelonian Conservationist in 1989-1990 which a single copy can be found at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Wright explained that a fire in 1991 when he lived in Wilmington caused him to lose most of his most appreciated work in progress followed by the subsequent death of his father in 1992 changed his life taking him away from what he recalls as the natural work he was meant to pursue.

In 1992 he had moved to Kentucky as he explained because of the need to live in a more wholesome place for his son and to escape the politics of corporate Delaware. He explained that the reason for being registered and getting authorship credentials is to be prepared for when he releases one of several books he has been working on for a number of years. During the interview he boasted about a manuscript he began in 1990, two books he has not yet published and stated that the creative works he developed as websites in 1994, 1996, and in 2000 that he has published and made money from for Ecology Crossroads, the Kentucky Colonels and Arbor Day all qualify him to bear the title of author which he says is the same as what it means to have authority.

In 1996 was commissioned as the 'Honorable David Wright' to become a Kentucky colonel by Governor Paul Patton after being featured on the front page of the Louisville Courier Journal the largest newspaper in the Commonwealth, his recommendation was made by Judge Ray Corns a Kentucky author and humorist who was a special advisor to the governor. Col Wright was involved in developing a tree distribution program involving 10 million trees over 6 years using the website 'arborday.com' and led to a federal trademark litigation which was well-documented in the national media.

As it appears Col. Wright developed a great amount of professional experience in a short time while living in Wilmington because of the connections he made with people living in Greenville, Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania where he was raised part of his life before moving to California with his parents when he was five years old. Because of his mother's extensive family he was allowed to relocate after spending time in California Universities and quickly through the help of family members was able to find good work and buy a home within a few months.

The colonel claims to hold a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree, but in actuality only has a Bachelor's (BA) degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, he admits that he audited without credit at six different California universities before getting married and moving to the East coast, where he got a certificate in Non-Profit Management at the University of Delaware in 1989, he explained his PhD is based on Honoris causa from an autonomous university in Amazonas, Venezuela which has suspended its operations in light of the political change since Nicolas Maduro has taken over the presidency of Venezuela. He claims that since he lives abroad and was awarded an honorary doctorate by peers that he deserves to be allowed to use the PhD title honorably, especially considering the amount of life experience and private international legal jurisdiction that he possesses in Venezuela as a teacher and leader.

From 2001-2004 he worked on the development of an international foundation building a bridge between his home in Kentucky and Caracas where he was starting a new family, Wright says he left Kentucky because his first wife used an attorney who happened to be a senator to remove custody of his two children from him, he stated it was not worth living there in a state of disgrace in business and family so he abandoned his home on Big Hill Road in Berea to live in his motor home and school bus which he would move back and forth to Florida. The organization as he explained was an effort to create a benevolent program between US corporations in the Caracas Sister Cities program which effectively had the colonel working as a legally recognized ambassador of goodwill for the City of Caracas in the United States, this lasted until the Caracas mayor went into exile to live in Florida. In 2007 the ambassador suspended the operations of the Venezuela foundation and what became a think-tank, Fundacion Panamericana because of the reforms involving foundations and the jurisdiction of the state over foundation assets and donations.

The past 10 years are probably also the most enigmatic years because so much of what David Wright, also known as the Problemsmith is doing has been published online in creative works like websites, blogs and articles he has written to conform an organization developed around cooperative ownership of offshore assets in multiple countries through the reformation of a social media network development initiative he helped start in 2007 with some leading social media protagonists at the time.

What links to Ambassador Col. David J. Wright and D. Jeffrey Wright?

Ambassador Wright states that the social media is a primary key for declaring and stating a purposeful cause among others that are caple of acknowledging your actions. It is a legal record of the activity that a person wants recorded as part of the public or private record.